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Open to comments, of all kind. Your clicks dont interest me, but your comments do, thanks for looking.
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  • Hanoi by fazzer

    deserves more votes. Love it!
    • 14 Aug 2010 1:36PM
  • Gunang Bromo by Ridefastcarveha

    Quote:Love the perspective - particularly on the figures.

    Thanks Moria,
    I was unhappy with the contrast on this upload. After this upload I re-touched the photo by boasting the lights (a lot) some shadows and darks down to add to the contrast.
    Maybe should have desaturated the sky a little more..
    • 14 Aug 2010 1:30PM
  • Paranoia by Scaramanga

    great eye detial
    • 14 Aug 2010 12:23PM
  • Daisy by THE_HIGHLANDER96

    striking image, nice work
    • 13 Aug 2010 11:28AM
  • FEEL LIKE HAVEN... by clicknimagine

    Excellent work - meta data appreciated also.
    • 13 Aug 2010 11:25AM
  • he is drawing Rachel...hehe by raeraelinlin

    loving it - noticed that Lucie also had a similar picture. Did you do it too?
    • 6 Jun 2010 7:11AM
  • I Talk To The Trees,But They Don´t Listen To Me by jarendell

    nice post processing effect, i like it. Maybe the right is a tad over exposed, but i think it works well just the same.
    • 25 Mar 2010 7:19AM
  • Pleasure, mono by rontear

    great expression, looks like he is very relaxed!
    • 25 Mar 2010 7:16AM
  • kimono by raeraelinlin

    Nice shot! Where are you in that pic? I want to say i recognise those Rocks for Henqin!
    • 25 Mar 2010 7:10AM
  • What are you doing ,Lucie? by raeraelinlin

    I love the use of angles in this picture. How are you Rachel? Haven't spoke in ages!
    • 25 Mar 2010 7:09AM
  • On papa's back by raeraelinlin

    Love this picture, great expression.
    could i suggest a slightly tighter crop from the left?
    I find the pink a little distracting, and the woman on the left would work well to balance out the composition.

    Great image though!
    • 25 Jan 2010 6:07AM
  • Rachel and her camera by raeraelinlin

    Quote:Hi Rachel, nice camera, have you got a boyfreind ? lol.

    Will you marry me Rachel?

    Ha, oh how i miss the beautiful sea of Zhuhai.
    I'm still upset that i didn't swim there Sad
    • 25 Jan 2010 5:48AM
  • Leaping Tiger Gorge by MalcolmS

    walked the high road the other day, fantastic scenery.
    Didn't manage to walk the low road, so i failed to see the river from this view point. Was gutted.
    Great picture, well done.
    • 25 Jan 2010 5:26AM
  • The bridge by ajtorres

    I love the angles of this photo the most. Very sharp.
    Wide angle perspective works great in this too.
    • 25 Jan 2010 5:19AM
  • Australian Mud Wasp by boydmace

    I have the old 90mm SP and i know how close you have to get.
    This is a very brave photo!
    Great macro,
    • 25 Jan 2010 5:11AM
  • DUCK by TyChee

    fantastic green reflection, very unique!
    • 25 Jan 2010 4:20AM
  • BT BIF by Enmark

    great timing.
    nasty landing!
    • 12 Jan 2010 3:05PM
  • Mebacha by JimEdmondson

    great processing on this one, an excellent conversion. Where in Africa is this taken?
    • 12 Jan 2010 3:02PM
  • Discussion by Ridefastcarveha

    actually, when i look at this i feel that it is a shame that they're not looking at each other. thanks for the comments though, appreciated.
    • 12 Jan 2010 2:51PM
  • Safe haven by JohnRShort

    agreed, great timing.
    • 12 Jan 2010 8:30AM
  • Practicing panning. by Eviscera


    can't believe no one has made this connection yet. shame on you
    • 8 Jan 2010 5:50AM
  • Cubist St Paul's by DRicherby

    hugely original, a great idea.
    • 8 Jan 2010 4:46AM
  • Out with the Old! by DiegoDesigns

    hey, is this sticklepath in barnstaple?
    well spotted, didnt think there was too much photographic scenery in 'barny'.
    • 2 Jan 2010 4:47PM
  • Circular Quay, Sydney OZ by Baronred

    great foreground, love the turquoise colours.
    almost a shame that the ship is in the way, blocking the view of the bridge, but that is beyond your control!
    Lovely stuff.
    Im going to landing in Sydney in (exactly) a months time.
    Is there anywhere you recommend going for photography/or general things to do (bars)?
    Thanks, Rob
    • 2 Jan 2010 5:57AM
  • SUPER HELL by Diana

    a blast from the past!!
    cracking shot
    • 2 Jan 2010 5:53AM
  • La féminité @ II by caotiquemind

    this is great! i think the grain really adds to the effect.
    • 29 Dec 2009 9:24AM
  • Rock with a view by Briwooly

    great processing, tech spec greatly appreciated!
    • 29 Dec 2009 8:23AM
  • brooks hmplant honda by blackfocus

    amazingly sharp
    • 28 Dec 2009 2:11PM
  • winter lake by lesphotos

    wonderfully manipulated, looks like a perfect winter wonderland!
    • 28 Dec 2009 12:29PM
  • After the storm by AlanF

    dramatic mono conversion, well done.
    • 28 Dec 2009 12:18PM