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A quick view of riggwelter's recent activity.

  • Time's up.
    • 31 May 2010 9:02PM

  • Welcome Casper! ♥

    Congratulation Smile
    • 9 Apr 2010 12:57AM

    Excellent shot, shows the scale of the destruction of our countryside for power stations. (If it is 15 miles from the nearest road then how the heck did the truck get there)?
    • 10 Feb 2010 11:27PM
  • pearl harbour

    The horizon could do with being a bit more level and the top left corner is a little over-saturated.

    As much as I like the lead in lines, I think there is too much foreground and not enough emphasis on the subject.


    Wear you Poppy with pride, braver men than me fought and died for our freedom and are still doing so.
    • 4 Nov 2009 3:42AM
  • Approach at Dusk

    Nice lead in lines (are you left handed)?

    I have tried a few from the same pier but always got camera shake from the fishermen walking along the planks.
    • 8 May 2009 1:15AM
  • Ennerdale Dawn

    My personal view is that out of the recent Ennerdale photo's in your portfolio, this is the best composition. The others looked a little cluttered.

    I don't know if you used a polariser or not but it could have helped if you didn't.

    Different light could have made it better but there is nothing you could have done about that.

    I think with this kind of shot, the make or break is the light on the day, the rest you seem to have mastered.
    • 8 May 2009 1:11AM
  • Blencathra

    Found it,

    Great shot
    • 3 Mar 2009 12:04AM
  • A wonderful collection.