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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Inner Beauty

    Thank you for your comment and vote
    • 24 Sep 2015 1:44PM
  • Waiting for the "Flying Fish"

    Thank you
    • 19 Sep 2015 8:20PM
  • Fancy Hair Do

    Many thanks for the votes
    • 2 May 2015 12:51PM
  • World looks different somehow

    Thank you Trev, The mating pair, male and female have only been back on the lake a couple of months. They have been preening and getting rid of down, then oiling their feathers. They are both very tame and you can get within a couple of feet of them. So I was able to get close up and take several photos of them doing all kinds of contortions Smile

    • 29 Dec 2014 6:17PM
  • View from Mount Triglav Slovenia

    Many thanks for looking and commenting Best wishes. rikewoo
    • 18 Jan 2014 5:26PM
  • Lena 2

    Lovely photo of a beautiful young lady. Good lighting with the right hand darkness giving emphasis to her lovely profile.

    Good work.
    • 14 Dec 2010 7:44PM
  • The Remembering High The Memory

    Very evocative. Beautiful colours and serenity. One small criticism, on the large version, it looks as if you have slightly over sharpened, as there are jaggies in the forefront water.
    • 8 May 2010 7:12PM
  • Prepare for landing

    Many thanks for the clicks and comments. Much appreciated.

    • 10 Mar 2010 12:08PM
  • Where's my seed?

    Many thanks for the ticks and comments. Much appreciated.

    • 8 Feb 2010 11:06PM
  • Event Earth - 2012

    A lot going for the Maya prophecy of 21st. Dec. 2012 and the change that will/might occur in mankind. Not just the end of the world but more a change in thinking and the beginning of a new cycle/age.
    Good manipulation of images.
    • 27 Oct 2009 9:26PM
  • Kingfisher Concentration

    First class photo. Well done and good composition.
    • 27 Oct 2009 9:21PM
  • You know the look

    This is much better. Good composition, clean dark colours. Nice sharp in the dark areas for detail. Good work.
    • 11 Sep 2009 10:27PM
  • That look 2

    Again, a good photo but appears to be slightly out of focus.

    • 11 Sep 2009 10:25PM
  • ebb b b.

    Horizon is out of true. What are you trying to show? Not sure as there is nothing to identify with?
    • 11 Aug 2009 9:36PM
  • Early morning BEFORE BREAKFAST

    Gives the feeling of an early morning, nice and cool but with a hot day to follow. Well done, good photo, nice tones and DoF.
    • 17 Jun 2009 10:31PM
  • Red arrows 2

    Excellent action shot, good work.
    • 17 Jun 2009 10:24PM
  • Home comforts!

    Many thanks for the votes and comments. Linda, Cleo just loves to be warm, she usually yells out loud and Burmese have a very strident call, before she leaps onto the bed and then climbs into the crook of my arm to get warm. Normally round 5.30am, not the best of wake up calls Smile.
    • 17 Jun 2009 9:30PM
  • Standing

    Excellent depiction of one of our heritage monuments. The gradations of colour from the bottom to the top add impact. Very good sky, with its definition of clear sky and formed clouds.
    Good work.
    • 17 Jun 2009 9:01PM
  • Nantlle lake.

    Lovely landscape. Especially like the split in colour between the reflections in the lake and varying darker colours of the foreground.

    Are the colours natural or have you adjusted them at all?

    • 17 Jun 2009 3:44PM
  • HDR Girls

    Witchery look at your own efforts, very poor digital manipulation of digital art before you comment on others PHOTOS.

    At least Darren has given us a photo to comment on.

    Darren, a good go at HDR, I would have reduced the purple at the bottom right a bit as it throws the rest of the photo out a bit, by overpowering it a little.
    • 16 Jun 2009 10:46PM
  • BBB___ aka Blue Bell Blurr

    Makes a lovely abstract.

    • 26 Apr 2009 12:31PM
  • 'Cat on a cool stone path'

    Lovely study of a beautiful little cat. Know just what you mean about taking what you can get with posing Smile
    • 26 Apr 2009 12:29PM
  • Bluebells

    Many thanks everyone for the clicks and comments. Much appreciated.
    • 22 Apr 2009 12:20PM
  • A quiet corner in Cambridge

    Nicely depicted piece of classical architecture.

    • 19 Apr 2009 6:10PM
  • Chillon Castle, Montreaux

    Many thanks for the click and comments Anne, much appreciated.

    • 19 Apr 2009 6:08PM
  • Great Tit

    Very nice image. Good work.
    • 22 Mar 2009 6:19PM
  • Flowering Currant

    Good composition and highlighting to draw the eye in. Well doen.
    • 22 Mar 2009 6:18PM
  • Now Follow Me Boys!

    Had a similar occurrence on our local lake. Three Drakes onto one poor defenceless little female. Looked as if they were going to drown her, but she managed to break away safely. Saw her today with the one she has chosen. Looking forward to lots of ducklings in the next week or so.
    • 22 Mar 2009 6:16PM
  • Camellia glory

    Many thanks all, for the clicks and comments. Much appreciated.

    • 22 Mar 2009 6:10PM
  • Singing Robin

    Nice and sharp with a good DoF. Well done, keep going, you will enjoy photography, at least it gets you out into hte big wide world. Smile
    • 21 Mar 2009 7:46PM