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I look at your pics and vote - or not - before knowing whose they are.

The scary pic is a self portrait of me waiting for wildlife.
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  • Magic Experience.........PART 4.....29/5/11

    Got another SAGA on the go as well....this time a Green Woodpecker.It's at an urban reserve ....spare/common land between a variety of mansions to council flats. It's a newish place and so far there's not a lot there but someone did say at last year...


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  • Magic Experience.........PART 3.....28/5/11

    Update... Gave him a days rest from my ugly mug but went yesterday and used a Stealth Camo Cloth draped over me and my kit with a hole cut out for the lens. It's the 1st time I have used this and my technique needs refining.It was only loosely atta...

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  • Magic Experience.........PART 2.....25/5/11

    Thanks for looking at my Saga....... 2 views of the Stream in yesterdays sun.The waterfall is all of 6 inches high...the biggest in the West Midlands........ Went back today and placed MY perch.It's at a 45 degree angle coming out of the water ...


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  • Magic experience.......PART 1 ..25/4/11

    Hi...Unless I win big time on the lottery and am forced to let you all know how many cars I have bought each week this will be a record of various photo projects I am following. I started this in a thread on another site and initially had some feedb...


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