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Ta for taking the time to look at my stuff, hope you liked it.
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  • A chance of winning

    Ok togs, I know some of you ride to and might not know of this prize so here goes, what have you got to lose. You gotta be in it for a chance to win it. Steve

    23 Jul 2014 10:22AM | Read


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  • Been a while

    Well what has changed, ive moved house, divorce saw to that, but im in a nice little place and happy enough for now. I'm learning to ride a motorcycle, something I have wanted to do for years but never have, had 3 lessons to date and have already bo...

    27 Apr 2013 7:08PM | Read


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  • Empty

    Time has passed quite quickly since my last blog entry, too quickly at times. I never got the chance to see my uncle after his first op, my fault cos i didnt make the effort like I should have, he passed away a few weeks ago now and it still only se...

    14 Nov 2010 7:27PM | Read


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  • Change of view

    I had my folio deleted a little while ago, and as I am adding to my new one, I have noticed I am putting up far more seascapes that I used to. I do live quite near the coast so its not a big supprise you might think. But I dont see myself as a coas...

    26 May 2010 7:58AM | Read


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  • Smell burning

    I am looking forward to my annual archaeological dig starting monday 17. This dig reignited my interest in metal detecting a couple of years ago and from then I have found quite few nice bit, including a Saxon burial not far from my home, adding mor...

    14 May 2010 10:24AM | Read


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  • Decent images

    Well I went out for a sunset shoot and produced what I think are my best images for about 8 months to a year. The tide and sunset coincided and i was determined to get out and shoot it, I headed for Saltwick bay, not somwhere I was a massive fan of ...

    12 May 2010 10:37PM | Read


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  • Total recall

    I had reason to recall an event from my childhood yesterday, I have no recolection of this event only my mums account of what happened. I wont go into detail here, but wonder what else my mind is preventing me from remembering. The event was trauma...

    7 May 2010 12:48PM | Read


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  • Getting there

    Well I finally completed a few things in the house that have been outstanding for a couple of years. I allways found it hard to part with the cash for something that didnt either feed me or entertain me in some way, like putting gas in the tank to g...

    4 May 2010 7:34AM | Read


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  • The dark side

    Had a trip to that dark side yesterday, have felt on a high for a few days and the crash was hard to see coming. I am over it now but so tired, I wont give in till later then have a good sleep I think. Im off from tonite till Tuesday with a couple ...

    29 Apr 2010 3:05PM | Read


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  • work and weather

    Well the weather has been kind of late, but dare I say we need a little rain as my lawns at work will soon go yellow without it. I love this time of year when the buds break on the trees and the county takes on a whole host of green hues. A couple ...

    28 Apr 2010 3:41PM | Read


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  • keeping on

    Well I have cheered up a fair bit, thanks to a chance meeting of 2 similar minds. I am honoured to be as much a helper as I am to be helped so I will go on as I have and get on with it and on with life. I cannot say how much I appreciate the help a...

    27 Apr 2010 12:48PM | Read


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  • Running on empty

    Do you ever have those days where you sit down at the end and wonder what the heck did I do today, everything is a jumble and your mind races so you cant think clearly. I felt like that the day the divorce papers landed on my doormat, but I look ba...

    23 Apr 2010 11:46AM | Read


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  • Better

    The weather is starting to take a turn for the better, bulbs coming through and grass starting to grow well, this means my days are getting better, with plenty to do and time to contemplate my ( our ) next photo trip. I was thinking of a camera upgr...

    9 Apr 2010 3:48PM | Read


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  • Sick to death of it

    Snow that is, being a gardener I want to get on with work. Getting out a fair bit to take photo's latley too, having met a few people through epz I now call friends, we get out when our shifts, work and families allow. Aim for 2010 is to get a pann...

    7 Jan 2010 1:16PM | Read


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