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A quick view of riprap007's recent activity.

  • Inferred @ David Austin Roses.

    delightful use of IR
    • 19 Jun 2010 6:44PM
  • Meet the neighbours

    I found you this wonderful cemetery, full of literary wonders Smile
    • 27 Apr 2010 11:49AM
  • V I S I O N S

    the simplification and stronger lines of two attracts more
    • 16 Apr 2010 1:23AM
  • falling feathers

    Clementia Hawarden in particular, hugely important and largely written out in the way that Jocelyn Bell Burnell has been written out of physics, or Rosalind Franklin out of biology and still it persists.
    • 12 Apr 2010 11:22PM
  • all the worlds a stage

    ...and one man in his time plays many parts
    • 24 Mar 2010 10:47PM
  • Human Rights

    great to see your photo journalism, 1 and 4 I like a lot. 1 for keeping the litter bin in, and grass, not cloning it out, but keeping it real; it is also rather poetic, the placement with the Police hovering directly above... Smile
    • 13 Mar 2010 11:06PM
  • *3

    Quote:Absolutely the best one of the three so reminds me of a Kraftwerk album cover...this is superb! LOVE this processing...
    • 13 Mar 2010 1:17AM
  • No tomatoes LOL

    always a pleasure to view
    • Posted on POOCHIE's profile
    • 1 Mar 2010 2:35PM
  • ahh a fellow South Warwickshire tog Smile good to see familiar sights taken in yours (and Sandra's) own way Smile
    • Posted on paulb20's profile
    • 24 Feb 2010 5:56PM
  • great to see such a keen eye that delights in the quirks, in moments of beauty, in depths of restrained emotions... so many pass life by in their search for the spectacle, where as you document the journeys.
  • been a great pleasure to browse through your PF; for me there has been such an improvement in your compositions and technique during the last 18 months, thanks.
  • your fame is only gonna increase; on dark nights the brightest stars are the most visible Smile
    • Posted on Diana's profile
    • 4 Nov 2009 12:08AM
  • reminds me a bit of Joakim Strömholm work, but what is apparent is I'll soon be saying, 'that reminds me of Joanne Stowell's work'.
    distinctive and memorable
  • if I ever feel bereft of empathetic and humanistic photography, here or anywhere else, I reach for a Bresson book, a McCullin book or browse your website/PF, that done my appetite is sated until the next visit Smile
  • 'Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have curbed & governd their Passions, or have No Passions, but because they have Cultivated their Understandings. The Treasures of Heaven are not Negations of Passion, but Realities of Intellect from which All the Passions Emanate Uncurbed in their Eternal Glory.'
    William Blake
    A Vision of the Last Judgment

    looks like your are kin! Smile
  • allerbeste Qualität ihr ist Förderer der schönen Künste

    OK, my languages are as ropey as my photography, but you'll gett the idea Smile
  • particularly like the mono work; you show a singular unswayable vision, not following the vageries of 'fashionable' photography - all too rare and therefore although the work may not be to a majority taste, it's apeal will be far stronger to those to whom it attracts.