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Hello everyone,
I like to turn most of my photos into ART...it's what I like anyway.
I'm experimenting quite a lot with lenses & techniques...basically having FUN with photography.
Hopefully you'll notice there is quite a variety of photos & art here...not always to every ones tastes... but hey that's what art is!

If you click on the blue dot next to my initials RLF you'll get to my personal siteWink
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  • Breaking my heart

    I think Iím about to lose my best pal tonight ... TED

    6 Mar 2018 9:52PM | Read


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  • Tribute

    The Etihad Stadium on Tuesday evening (third of January 2018) Treated my Son-in-Law and grandson to the Watford game.:D Upon getting out of the car I ventured through a puddle which was the size of Lake Michigan and spent the next 6 hours in frozen ...

    4 Jan 2018 10:21AM | Read


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  • Labour pains!

    It will be a long night for my wife and I. Our youngest daughter has just gone into labour:D Grandchild number 5 is the best Christmas present ever.:)

    21 Dec 2017 8:35PM | Read


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  • Sour milk.

    Reporter 1 : Someone threw milk over Mourinho in the tunnel. Reporter 2 : How dairy!

    12 Dec 2017 9:26PM | Read


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    I do all my processing in RGB and 8 bit depth because all filters are available to me in these two modes. When my neighbour mentioned that I should be printing in the CMYK mode because it used less ink I switch my recent upload (Black and White) to ...

    29 Jan 2017 9:20AM | Read


    Views : 248

  • Nikon should be ashamed.

    Just purchased a Nikon D 500 body. They didn't include the tiny plastic clip that covers and protects the hot shoe. It's an extra! £1400 and they are so tight / mean about a half inch square bit of black plastic. I still can't believe it

    25 Jan 2017 11:05PM | Read


    Views : 205

  • Staffy crossed with an American Pitbull

    An extremely viscous and possibly illegal dog attacked TED this afternoon. The dog flew across a car park and went straight for TED'S throat. TED is a very gentle docile dog but managed the magical transformation to Grizzly Bear as the dog leapt for ...

    20 Apr 2016 11:34PM | Read


    Views : 427

  • Black Ink Printer

    Hello everyone. Is there such a thing as a fairly cheap Black Ink Printer. I only want it to print out a book I'm writing. I don't need or want coloured inks for this task. Could anybody help with my fruitless search? Thank you:D

    24 Feb 2016 1:44PM | Read


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  • Numb

    The day started brilliantly. I woke at 3 a.m. and wrote a few pages of my comedy book. At 11 a.m. the postman delivered a single letter which has completely devastated my world. Today has been the worst of my life.

    27 May 2015 6:12PM | Read


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  • Photo Show

    Well I stuck to my guns and boycotted the Photo Show at the NEC this year. I'll continue to boycott the show until they decide to offer free parking as they do with other shows.:( My wife was pleased as I wouldn't be tempted;)

    24 Mar 2015 12:23PM | Read


    Views : 598

  • Hemi Fisheye plugin for Mac

    Hello everyone. I tried loading this plugin but it says it doesn't support Power PCs....? Does anybody know of decent software to de-fisheye photos please?;)

    7 Mar 2015 11:14AM | Read


    Views : 386

  • Money Back Offers !

    Can anyone out there please explain why companies offer £60 Cash Back? I've been considering a Sony A 6000 or even a Sony A7R, both with money back. I pay, say, £300 now and then write to Sony to get my £60 back..........What is all this about? Wh...

    30 Dec 2014 1:15PM | Read


    Views : 422

  • It's the thought that counts.....

    .....RIGHT ! Apparently not. I just asked my wife, as I was popping out to shop, if she wanted anything Christmasy from B&Q.:$ I have a feeling I ought to have said Harrods in place of B&Q:P Happy Christmas to everyone of you. Rob;)

    10 Dec 2014 11:19AM | Read


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  • Happy

    I'm very happy:D Manchester City are the Champions;) Also pleased that my new Mongolian Bow arrived from China. Unfortunately I managed to severely pull my groin muscles in trying to string the damn thing Makes me wonder how the Mongols did it!...

    12 May 2014 9:32AM | Read


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  • If I was a rich man.

    The good news :D...I just got 2 cheques in the post and my wife got one too! The bad news :(...each of the 3 cheques was for.....wait for it............... 8 pence;)

    9 May 2014 4:12PM | Read


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