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  • Africa 18

    You were lucky to get that close. We could only see one in a tree over 200 metres away!
    • 2 Oct 2018 7:55AM
  • Under the stars

    Thanks for your comments. I did think seriously about taking the Sigma lens and adaptor with me but found it really useful for low light photos as well as taking shots from a moving vehicle. I too some in good light at F8 @ 1/5000 sec which I could never do with any of my standard lenses.
    • 29 Sep 2018 5:55PM
  • Late Supermoon

    Probably best. That's what I did and followed her to Brazil a week later with it in my hand. Too late to take it back!
    • 8 Dec 2017 11:49AM
  • Sunrise Serenity

    Lovely view and comp. I bet you were glad you didn't go up this weekend!
    • 6 Dec 2015 7:54PM
  • Rio sunset

    Should have said this was taken from the top of Sugarloaf (at 5:25 not 8:25 as I forgot to change the time on the camera Smile )
    • 26 Nov 2015 12:46PM
  • Beach

    With a bikini bottom like that it could only be Brazil!
    • 30 Jan 2013 9:26AM
  • Stag

    When I see one, it is always looking at someone else!
    • 17 Jan 2013 4:36PM
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