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A quick view of robadsy's recent activity.

  • If I Fly by sugarbird

    full of blissful abandon... great spirit in this shot jill.

    lots of strength in the image with the tones and composition too.

    oh, and youre never too old :o)

    well done, love it! ads :o)
    • 26 Feb 2007 10:20AM
  • No mean City by Achtungbaby

    hmmm love the urban feel of this, complimented wonderfully by the harsh tones of your development process.

    i have recently gotten an old (well 1994) nikon F70, and this sort of style is something i definitely want to explore.

    do you only use ilford delta 400 film for your black and white stuff?

    well done, ads :o)

    edit: ive just noticed that this is a repost of a prior upload.

    personally i like the original. i like that the image is not straight, and i like that you can see the edge of the frame from the scan.

    for me, those sorts of elements contribute to the style of the shot. it gives a bit of edge i think.

    i feel inspired!! thanks, ads :o)
    • 20 Jan 2007 7:40AM
  • New Lens - comments please by whipspeed

    heya sarah,

    looks sharp enough to me, i refer to the top of si's left arm and the elbow area of his right as points of clarity.

    the large version isnt much bigger, but looks just as good.

    as far as colors go, i think thats really subjective, as well as dependant on the monitor you are running.

    that said, if you are used to all your gear (monitor, camera body, etc..) and the new piece of kit doesn't measure up, go back and question it, surely you're entitled to at least ask the question?

    i imagine it wasn't cheap glass (what with that L and those other letters that follow), so i'd follow it up.

    how about you take a shot of that chanel gold keyboard of yours with this lens, i can judge the color from that :o)

    hee hee, take care, ads :o)

    p.s., nice shot by the way! click!

    p.p.s., i remember in the days pre the 20D when i may have said "have you heard of a brand called nikon?..." lol :o)) sorry couldnt resist!

    p.p.p.s.,will look at your site in a bit, i have to get some sleep...zzzzzzzzzzz
    • 14 Jan 2007 8:06PM
  • Best mate by rmriph

    hi there bob, welcome to ePz!

    you've certainly got a good looking subject to work with there mate, what a gorgeous dog :o)

    ok, light first. this flash is way too harsh, and it has over exposed a substantail area on the dogs face which robs the detail of the features of your furry friend.

    i assume the on board flash is the only option for this camera, so in this situation, i would suggest putting something over the flash to diffuse the light a bit.

    to diffuse is to soften, or even out the light to make for a more pleasant image, particularly if people or animals are involved, and particularly if it is indoors with mostly artificial light.

    you might use a tissue, toilet paper, some scrap polypropeline sheet or a handkerchief to diffuse the light. on an old camera i had, i used to slide my finger over half of the flash, just so i could control the light better. there isnt much science in that, its just guess work!


    bear in mind that when you stick anything near the flash it, paper in particular, can potentially catch fire as all flashes work at very high temperatures.

    well, next is the surrounds. for this image, you want all of the attention to be on your beautiful dog, so watch out for elements of the background that will be distracting.

    this includes where the wall changes material (the vertical line from wood to plaster), and also would include (whilst not strictly background) the bed that the dog is on.

    i like the perspective from where you captured this, getting to the eye level (whether it is up or down) of any subject is (usually) ideal.

    composition wise, i might have maybe given a little bit more space to the top of the frame, but thats really nit picky and a matter of personal preference (as are all of the areas i have discussed really)!

    ok, well, i will leave you to it, and i hope this has been of some help to you!

    all the best, ads :o)
    • 14 Jan 2007 2:29PM
  • The ol' E.H by keara

    hi keara.

    this shot is good, but it may be improved from a slight adjustment to the composition that puts your dad a little to the right in the frame. the theory is that the offset main subject will make the viewing eye roam around the image more, making it more appealing.

    often people criticise a "central" composition (where the main subject of the image is placed in the middle of the frame), but that doesnt mean it's wrong to do so, and if you like this shot how it is then thats great!

    the other thing you might want to consider for this shot is a boost in contrast, and give it more saturation, or color. just as a comparison, you might want to make a monochrome version as well, as this shot carries an "old school" feel with that magnificent car.

    whilst rules are meant to be broken, it is important to have a solid understanding of the rules, and then you can know for sure when and why you are breaking them :o)

    welcome to ePz, and i hope you have fun pursuing your interest in photography!

    ads :o
    • 14 Jan 2007 7:27AM
  • Absolute Focus by whipspeed

    ripper shot sarah,

    but should you be using this lens?? do you find it too heavy?? i thought maybe your husband could use it better :o) LOL!!!

    ermmm, the man on the bike looks like he means business, you have communicated this perfectly with your image.

    first class, ads :o)

    p.s., how is andy by the way? :o)
    • 13 Jan 2007 6:31AM
  • Foggy by rickie

    hey mate,

    great shot (as usual), how far does he lean this thing over???


    ads :o)

    p.s, motorsport sure isnt popular in ePz land is it?? lol
    • 9 Jan 2007 12:56PM

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