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  • Christmas Draw Prize ???

    Are prizes from the Christmas prize draw still being sent out? According to the list I won a Tripod, but have heard nothing since?
    by Robak | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on andrewrit's profile

    Excellent storm images head up a great portfolio.
    The 1940's ones must have taken a lot of work.
    All the best
    • 11 Jan 2008 7:39PM
  • Posted on pmorgan's profile

    Inspiration indeed. "My Sunshine" is just extraordinarily beautiful.
    • 10 Jan 2008 5:58PM
  • Posted on fentiger's profile

    Great Portfolio, Albert. I particularly like Winter Rose, Colours of Autumn andDefences Breached.
    Well done!
    • 6 Jan 2008 9:41AM
  • Posted on bliba's profile

    Absolutely beautiful work.
    I shall keep looking.
    • 25 Nov 2007 6:15PM
  • Posted on nolongeramember's profile

    Wonderful work. I have much to learn but then that's why I'm here. Thanks also for your comments.
    • 6 Jul 2007 6:16AM
  • Posted on HUMIE's profile

    I feel honoured to have received such a wonderful compliment from someone who has such a talent as you have. Thank you!
    • 23 Jun 2007 9:02PM
  • Posted on Tooth's profile

    Thanks for your comments on A41 Hemel. I've tried burn brush using midtones 23% on the overblown sky and it worked a treat. Thanks for the help.
    • 14 Nov 2006 6:29AM

Limited to latest 30 results.