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Thank you one and all for visiting my portfolio.
I am an occasional "snapper" these days and only upload, unedited shots that I like.
Accordingly, I'd like people to be brutal in their opinions and feel free to post their, "versions" (still mine though)!!
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  • Large Red Damselfly by Alan_Baseley

    Excellent image!
    • 12 Jun 2015 7:29AM
  • Wet Crested Grebe by robberridge

    Bloody hec Don, I'm nowhere near that insightful under pressure, when it comes to photography but I clearly see your point. Thanks for the tip.

    • 31 May 2015 5:58PM
  • Mountain Peaks as seen from Nainital... by debu

    Great shot! I was seeing that exact view when I was in Nainital back in 2001. Thanks for the memory.

    • 20 May 2015 5:39PM
  • Indian Silverbill by kanwarmunish

    Why would anyone question Darwin (or maybe more importantly Wallace) with a face like that?
    Nice one!

    • 25 Mar 2015 3:55PM
  • Oyster Catchers in Flight by NeilSchofield


    • 20 Mar 2015 3:19PM
  • Frosted Landscape by douglasR

    Fantastic! Cheers.
    • 7 Jan 2015 8:58PM
  • Damsels by robberridge

    Thanks Keith,
    It certainly is a learning curve. I have found a really good spot to catch these beautiful damsels but the lens is so long. I'm going to take my tripod next time as the mono pod moves around too much and it becomes more of a numbers game.
    Also, I inadvertently disabled voting on this one, my mistake! Sorry to the 5 people who may have wanted to vote.
    • 30 Jul 2014 6:51AM
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  • Posted on Alan_Baseley's profile

    Great PF Alan, really enjoyed looking through!
    • 6 Jul 2014 3:54AM
  • Posted on pronabk's profile

    Superb PF!! I can only dream of achieving results like you. Thanks.

    • 8 Nov 2012 7:39PM
  • Posted on Pricegrah's profile

    Fantastic PF. Love the Goosander!
    • 25 Feb 2012 9:32AM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    I've not been taking shots for very long and am constantly looking for inspiration. I think your portfolio is the best I've seen so far!
    Many thanks for your inspiration.

    • 20 Feb 2012 8:36PM

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