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A quick view of RobboB's recent activity.

  • Dun Briste (the broken fort) by PMWilliams

    What I like about this is that the rock outcrop looks like the piece that fits the gap in the rock and has simply drifted away. Wonderful
    • 13 Jun 2022 11:52AM
  • Closed in by rontear

    Oh yes, great minimalist shot Ron
    • 5 Jun 2022 7:40AM
  • The Sparrow on the Stairs by BURNBLUE

    Superb photograph Simon. Love the natural feel. Also ISO of 2000 says it all about the excellence of GFX kit.
    • 28 Apr 2022 6:26PM
  • "whispering waiting" by karlablo

    Love this. I would be tempted to add a subtle ND grad in the sky to balance the dark tarmac in the foreground and draw the eye to the shelter itself. I would also mono but thatís just me.
    • 27 Apr 2022 7:45AM
  • Liminal Lapping by RobboB

    Quote:Hi. I remember reading the interview of an established photographer ages ago who was making a living from aerial pictures of geological formations on Earth's crust. He was using a Hasselblad 500C/M and film.

    His advice regarding camera shake to counteract the vibrations of the helicopter is to shoot at the widest of your aperture so you have fast shutter speeds. And "since you shoot looking down you don't need great depth of field".

    I have forgot his name but I still remember his advice which I thought it is relevant and useful if you do this kind of shooting often.

    I find the lighter part of the frame more interesting than the dark, so I would crop the left side, zoom in slightly and keep the right side of the picture framed as a square.


    Thanks Pablo, yes the downdraught from the rotor blades is the thing to battle with. I never use shutter priority but i did for this with 1/1000th as the required speed. I like your square crop idea but i also get drawn to lots of negative space. I will try square as you suggest though.


    • 22 Apr 2022 7:45AM
  • Mountain Peaks by RobboB

    Quote:Have you been at that Halzephron Inn again?, got to go easy on the local wallopWink Nice waterside image, probably not much changed since I camped nearby in the early 1990's, and RNAS Culdrose not far away for my interest in flying machines. altogether a top place, thanks for stirring the dimly glowing memory embers.

    Hi Nigel. We did have Sunday lunch there! We were staying in nearby Mullion Harbour so it was easier to access the beach from the small car park located above Poldhu Cove. Wonderful place
    • 23 Nov 2021 5:52PM
  • Low Tide by Legend147

    Wonderful minimalist photo
    • 10 Aug 2021 2:58PM
  • Lpoty '17

    "Lots of great photos, thanks for the thread and link. When looking at 'A Frosty Morning' by Paul Cronin (I hope I have remembered that correctly), I recalled seeing ...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Lightroom help

    I move the older ones of to external storage every few months, If i open up LR and need the photo's moved i'll see thumbnails and it will try and find the images. I can e...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 14
  • That New Years' Eve Photograph

    Thanks madam
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 37
  • Merging Exposures

    The Photomatix HDR software allows a simple exposure merger without being mapped, plus of course there is the option of ding it manually in PS. A quick YouTube search wil...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 5
  • The Relative Merits of Camera Processing Software

    "BTW, where 5K DELL monitors are sold currently? Maybe in a couple of years..." I'm going to go further and say the way things are going in a couple of years 8k ...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 36
  • Black Skies in B&W

    Many thanks all. The technique from thewilliam above works a treat. Never ceases to amaze me how many different approaches there are in digital processing to achieve the ...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 6
  • A new kind of zoom

    I know they say this is new technology but I remember seeing an interview with Ansel Adams from the 1950's and what he used to do was walk in the hills with his camera an...
    by RobboB | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Posted on: Gentle Coloured Seascape Has Won Our 'Photo Of The Week' Award

    Thank you so much ePhotozine! Made my week.
    • 20 Dec 2021 2:21PM
  • Posted on: Colourful Seascape Wins 'Photo Of The Week' Title

    Thank you very much ePz, that is a very pleasant surprise and well worth getting my feet wet for!
    Happy Christmas one and all!
    • 21 Dec 2020 12:54PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm GFX 50R Sample Photos

    I took the plunge and traded in my Canon 5DSR and lenses to get this with the 23mm and 32-64mm. Although the lenses in particular are very expensive (although see below) I have been so pleased with the results. Fuji talk about images having a 3D quality. I took that as marketing hype but the RAW files are very special to work with and they do have an unmistakable quality that I have not experienced before, even though my Canon was the same number of pixels.

    A new angle for me has been getting into some legacy lenses which I have not done before. Even Fuji talk about this as a great option as there are so many great lenses out there. I bought one of those FotodioX adapters and got a Mamiya 645 150mm f3.5 for £50 from the West Yorkshire Camera Co. The Fuji 120mm is £2500 but the Mamiya is superb. I know its only manual focus and the GFX lens I know will be world class but even so, a saving of £2450! I now have an 80mm macro on the way for £125.
    • 12 Feb 2019 8:48AM
  • Posted on: Top 43 Best Wide-Angle Landscape Lenses 2020

    Quote:These listings would be of greater value if they were sorted into sensor size, so anyone who has say m43rds doesn't have to wade through a whole load of lens which are not applicable; additionally, continually stating FF equivalence is a total nonsense, it is no benefit to anyone whether beginners, those with APS-C cameras or those with FF models - it only serves to confuse.

    And if they did that they could also accommodate the probably growing number of medium format users that will occur over the next few years too
    • 16 Jan 2019 10:52AM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-T3 Vs X-T2 - What's New?

    I thought the image processing engine has been upgraded? That could mean a big difference.
    • 9 Sep 2018 7:20AM
  • Posted on: Dramatic View Of Mount Rainier Wins USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year Competition

    Pleased to say that my Chrysler Building image was awarded Highly Commended in the Urban category.
    • 1 Nov 2016 10:20AM
  • Posted on: How To Create Panoramic Memories Like Lois Conner

    Would have liked to have learned more about panoramas Sad
    • 25 Apr 2016 9:51AM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm Announce Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

    Brilliant idea. I want one
    • 27 Sep 2013 1:36PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm Fujinon 23mm f/1.4R Lens Announced

    This is genius:

    The versatile focal length equivalent to 35mm in 35mm format means you can enjoy both a wide-angle and telephoto approach by using your own feet to adjust the distance or angle with the subject matter.
    • 5 Sep 2013 11:16AM
  • Posted on: Retro-Styled Instax Mini 90 From Fujifilm

    I'm liking the look of this. If price is right I'll get one too
    • 26 Aug 2013 11:39AM

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  • Posted on Chinga's profile

    Hello Isabel

    Some great travel photos in your portfolio. Keep up the good work
    • 31 Dec 2013 7:19AM
  • Posted on lblythe's profile

    Some wonderful images here. I like their originality and I bet some of these would be wonderful printed (and large). Great work
    • 15 Jul 2013 9:24AM
  • Posted on Chant57's profile

    Really like your portfolio and some interesting genres represented too
    • 14 Mar 2012 9:25PM
  • Posted on theorderingone's profile

    Super music shots Gary. I have just tried some music shots and looking at your portfolio has taught me many tips. Great work
    • 23 Jul 2011 10:20AM
  • Posted on elaineparker's profile


    Thank you for your feedback on some of my photos. Much appreciated. You have some great work too, I particularly like North Pier, Buttons and Rusted Chain.


    • 11 Aug 2009 5:39PM
  • Posted on nanpantanman's profile

    Great portfolio Kevin. You have a distinctive eye for composition. Really well done.
    • 10 Jul 2009 6:58PM
  • Posted on dmhuynh72's profile

    Cracking portfolio Yung. Really good work

    • 10 Jul 2009 6:56PM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Really great portfolio Chris. Particularly like the B&Ws

    • 10 Jul 2009 5:59PM
  • Posted on AngieLatham's profile


    Superb portfolio with an intriguing mixture of styles: all very well done. Inspiring stuff.


    • 17 Apr 2009 3:16PM

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