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A quick view of RobDougall's recent activity.

  • Still Life : Apples, Sweet Peas and Snail

    Thank you for the UAs and for the comments. I really appreciate them
    • 19 Mar 2018 8:15PM
  • Still Life : Autumn Berries

    Thank you for the much appreciated comments and to Ron for his UA. Camera is Canon 5D MkII, f22 and bracketed exposures.
    • 18 Mar 2018 2:20PM
  • Still Life : Winter Squash, Borlotti Beans & Garlic

    Thank you to PhilT2 and RSK for their UAs and to those above who commented. Rob
    • 18 Mar 2018 8:25AM
  • Winter Morning, Treyarnon Bay

    Thanks Joe
    • 16 Mar 2018 5:36PM
  • Fennel & Sweet Peas

    Thanks for the comments and for the UAs Pamelajean and Otinkyad
    • 16 Mar 2018 3:03PM
  • Kite Surfers, Saunton Sands

    Thank you for the comments and to Mike for the UA

    • 14 Mar 2018 2:04PM
  • Ever Changing Light

    Congratulations! Well done.
    • 12 Mar 2018 4:45PM
  • Just had a browse through your striking collection of portraits. They really are stunning, as is the processing. I'll return to have a closer look at your back catalogue. Rob
  • Dropped in to your new gallery in Wells at the weekend to admire your work and Gareth's - and there's a great pf here too
  • Spent a very pleasant 20 minutes looking through your pf and at your website. Inspiring stuff! Well done
  • Just had the great pleasure of looking through some of the pictures in your portfolio. Apart from the quality, one of the things that I particularly liked was the variety of the subject matter. I am very envious of the 500mm f4!
    • Posted on MarkT's profile
    • 18 Jan 2010 8:42AM
  • Really enjoyed looking through these. They are terrific. I particularly like the vivid greenbackgrounds - and of course all the shots are so sharp. I bought the 100mm Canon macro that you've so successfully here a little while ago but haven't had much chance to use it for macro - it makes a great portrait lens though. You've inspired me to have a go now though when i get the time
  • Had a look through your pf yesterday having been impressed by your latest upload and am returning now to have another look and to leave this comment. So many outstanding landscapes here. You must be so pleased with them.
  • I can ceratinly endorse all the comments above. It's a really impressive pf, Ollie. If I could give more than one click I'd give all those that are just short of 30 the RCs that they deserve.
    • Posted on olbell's profile
    • 25 Jan 2008 7:59AM
  • Prompted by that wonderful shot of the Bald Eagle to have a quick look at your pf - what a revelation! Your work is outstanding. I'll be back to look again
  • Fascinating pf - I really enjoyed looking back through it. Great work
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 13 Sep 2007 9:32PM
  • Some beautiful landscapes here, John - many of them seriously underclicked I think. Enjoyed a browse through your pf