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  • Processing The Simple Way...

    This is a subject that falls into two camps. Those that think that everything should be done in camera and those that think that software like PS can be used for far more than small touch ups. Those that see my work know I'm one of those people that ...0


    5 Mar 2022 3:32PM  |  Read


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  • Has the fun of photography been taken over...

    Has the fun of photography been taken over by the mobile brigade. Like a lot of us older picture takers on this site I grew up learning all about speed, F stops and focus range. Along with the many other do's and don'ts that many well meaning peo...0


    24 Aug 2021 2:09PM  |  Read


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  • When is our images over saturated ?

    Ever wondered if the colours are a little to strong or one colour is ? How can we check this and even fix it. Here is a classic pin up which by there very nature were always over saturated but will demo what we can do. 1. Open image. 2. Open an ...0


    13 Aug 2021 8:35AM  |  Read


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  • The tie in between images, songs and one liners.

    This is something I have to admit I do a lot and I was wondering is others are so inclined. I will often see an image and a song, lyric or song title pops into my head. This is very much the same feeling with one liners from tv or films and I was won...0

    25 Jul 2021 8:27AM  |  Read


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  • Is It Time To Start Shooting In The RAW...

    As much fun it may be to shoot naked this doesn't need for you to take all your clothes off. This is about taking the step to shoot in the RAW format and time to ditch the JPEG. For years like most I shot in jpeg which allowed me to shoot more images...0


    19 Jul 2021 3:40PM  |  Read


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