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  • Panorama Questions..

    Excellent! I just bought a set of macro rails! Should do the trick nicely. Now... off to find my Nodal :)
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  • Camera Raw 4 Colour profiles..

    Personally I dislike CR in whatever version, It just don't cut it with my NEF files (D200) like the Nikon programs OR Capture 1. I now use Nikon Capture NX, as Nikon a...
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  • DXO Optics..

    Have been trying it out and the results can be stunning but this varies from image to image. It'a ability to process RAW knowing your camera and lens limits can make the ...
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  • "Blown out Highlights"

    Here's the method for combining multiple exposures (as succinctly as possible). Open the relevant images, 'select all' on the one you want to see uppermost and copy. Go t...
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  • Borders Question.

    I use PS CS2 with the OnOne Software plugin, PhotoFramePro 3.0 which I'd highly recommend. You get about +5000 frames, you can combine them use blend modes on them and us...
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  • Raw workflow.

    Cool - I tried a batchy thing last night and you kinda drag the ones you want to convert into a little box at the bottom of the conversion tab. powerful tool and eas...
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  • Posted on richardwheel's profile

    I think it's about time I commented on your PF Richard.. You are a master of capturing quality light and I admire your processing skills..Superb work and an impressive portfolio..keep it up..regards, Rob. (from down under)..
    • 14 Dec 2006 11:41PM
  • Posted on MikeBonsall's profile

    Great PF there Mike..I particularly love your seascapes of late, really showing how great the 5D is..oh and of course your Gili island shots which brought back memories for me..keep em coming, it's all worth the effort when you get winners like these!...cheers, Rob.
    • 21 Aug 2006 2:21PM
  • Posted on StevenHanna's profile

    Fantastic PF...love your seascapes..Your action shots are awesome as well. regards, Rob.
    • 20 Sep 2006 1:34PM

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