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Everybody I meet brings joy into my life, Some when they enter and some when they leave.
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A quick view of roelf's recent activity.

  • Bad Hair day

    Half the fun with street photography is having your eyes and mind wide open !
    • 17 Mar 2012 9:04PM
  • Infinite Skies

    I wonder what the pic would look like if the base of the jetty, instead of being centered was shifted to the right a little?
    Well Done !
    • 5 Jan 2011 4:10PM
  • Carpark 2

    I dont know if it is technically correct but I do like the way the two elements compete for your attention. My eyes keep shooting to the mirror while trying to concentrate on the barrier. I like it lots.
    click !
    • 27 Mar 2010 5:52PM
  • rain forest

    I know how hard this is to achieve, fun isn't it. Just a thought though, why not centred?
    • 17 Mar 2010 7:19PM
  • Keeko

    Katherine, in response to your blog request I am taking a peek at this photo. The subject matter is delightful and the its composure is not too bad either. well done !
    What really lets this photo down is that the highlights all seem burned out. By that I mean the white areas have all lost their detail. It often happens because your camera may be tricked by the darker areas of the subject or background. To expose these correctly the camera has overexposed the lighter areas. I see that you have a Canon camera. I know nothing about canon cameras but I am pretty sure you will have a menu option that will allow you to see the Histogram of this photo. If you use Adobe photoshop you can see the histogram under the levels menu. The histogram is just a graph that displays all the brightness levels from absolut black on the left to pure white on the right. i suppsoe the ideal photo would have the graph just touching the left and right sides. This means that all brightness levels can be seen in the photo. I suspect you have used the camera in automatic mode. If so the you you should force the camera to meter on the lighter areas of the intended photo. I think you can do this on most cameras by focusing an a lighter area and then locking the exposure with AE-Lock. You could also try editing the levels in a Photo editing program such as photoshop. But by far the best advice is to set the camera to manual mode, making lots and lots of clicks and using the inbuilt camera tools work out the best solution yourself. Tis will of course maybe meen digging out the camera manual again and going through again and again !. There is a lot of info on the web about the histogram as it is a very important photography tool. I hope this has been of some help to you.
    Keep Clicking !!
    • 3 Mar 2010 12:14PM
  • Dry flowers

    I love this image , it's superb, well done
    • 27 Feb 2010 7:22PM
  • British Museum

    Superb !
    • 21 Feb 2010 4:57PM
  • Those eyes! wow !
    More More More !
    • Posted on HelenO's profile
    • 4 Jan 2010 9:14PM
  • just came across your gallery, i think it is really good as is your site. well done
    • Posted on LINDAW's profile
    • 17 Dec 2009 10:33AM