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roelf's Blog


Everybody I meet brings joy into my life, Some when they enter and some when they leave.
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  • The Funny side of Christmas shopping

    Just before Christmas I was shopping at a toy fair her in Noord-Holland I glanced to my left and caught sight of a queue at the doll counter; they were waiting for the shelves to be restocked with Mattel dolls. As I looked I realised that in the qu...

    25 Dec 2010 4:40PM | Read


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  • The worlds worst Meteorologist

    Good news at last, I have a job again. A job the interests and stimultes me, back in the sector for which I was originally trained. But that is not the reason for this submission. I want to tell you about an old friend of mine called Erik who was a...

    24 Oct 2010 4:57PM | Read


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  • Boyracers

    Now I don't consider a my self to be a vengful type of person, but I did chuckle a little when I read in the local dutch paper of a young boyracer who was stopped in Amsterdam driving at 108kph(68mph) which was 50 kph over the speed limit. His excuse...

    29 Sep 2010 3:59PM | Read


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  • Pub Photography.... Beware !

    After the fortnightly meeting of our local camera club I walked home with my camera bag slung over my shoulder. Passing the pub I thought,'mmm, just one won't hurt', and so in I popped for a lovely dutch beer. Sitting just next to the bar in a corne...

    28 Sep 2010 8:08PM | Read


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  • The Panty Stitcher and the Diesel fitter

    If for some silly reason you had read my last blog you would know that I was recently made redundant. Well, as coincidence would have it a coworker of mine, Rob, also met that very same fate as I discovered when we met at the local dutch unemploymen...

    26 Aug 2010 1:31PM | Read


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  • Redundancy Survey

    I was made redundant two months ago. Bad news for most people I suppose, but I ain't complaining. Why?, well I have painted the house front to back, took an extra long summer holiday, and have finally been released from a mundane job that I didn't pa...

    26 Aug 2010 11:05AM | Read


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  • Teepee or Wigwam ?

    I am really getting hacked of with it all, yet another visit to the doctor. You know how it is. I honestly thought I was going mental, sometimes feeling like a wigwam, sometimes feeling like a teepee. Wigwam. Teepee! Wigwam! TeePee!!,Wigwam!! “It's d...

    27 Jul 2010 7:13PM | Read


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  • My cross eyed dog

    I had been watching my wonderful dog "Jacky" playing just recently and I had the impression that she might be a bit cross eyed !, strange I know but an owner notices these things. So of we went to the vet."I think my dog is cross-eyed, is there anyth...

    23 Jun 2010 10:11PM | Read


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  • A visit to the Doctor

    Don't you just hate when you get a couple of lines from a song implanted in your grey matter after hearing it on the radio. You spend the rest of the day singing it. It happened to me a few weeks ago and it got so bad I had to go to the doctor. I tol...

    18 May 2010 7:55AM | Read


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  • 15 Minutes of Fame

    We've all been there, on hearing of the antics of some celebrity, or playing the air guitar to acompany some well known music track on the the radio, just what would it be like to to have that 15 minutes of fame as predicted by Andy Warhol ? Being n...


    1 Mar 2010 7:34PM | Read


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  • Constuctive Critique

    Today I submitted a photo of the Mont Blanc range, and Im must say I was pleased with it. As always I look forward to the clicks and comments of other Ephoto members, especially when it comes to constructive criticism. This is the photo I submitted...


    21 Feb 2010 3:21PM | Read


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  • Tales of The Unexpected !

    Two years ago while on an overnight crossing by ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle my wallet was stolen by one of the waiters onboard. You know the story , everything gone, money, cards, driving license etc, a right pain to say the least. I couldn't pr...

    12 Feb 2010 12:18PM | Read


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  • The Big Picture

    Edward Young once said “Procrastination is the thief of time". Well he may be right, but in my opinion an even greater thief of time is a visit to The Boston Globes "The Big Picture" web pages. The time just flew by strolling through its wonderful ph...

    6 Feb 2010 3:23PM | Read


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  • Lowered standards on EPZ

    I wish to register a complaint. It has come to my attention while reading through various blogs recently that the standard of written english is not up to the high standard that this site warrants. "there" instead "their", "to" instead of "too" to me...

    31 Jan 2010 1:14PM | Read


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  • Night Photography, But only when it's dark !

    So there i was, cruising the world wide interweb and I happened upon yet another great site. Now I could try to explain what it is all about but they do a far better job themselves; The Nocturnes is an organization dedicated to night photograp...

    25 Jan 2010 8:59PM | Read


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