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roelf's Blog


Everybody I meet brings joy into my life, Some when they enter and some when they leave.
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  • A very expensive snowball

    I read in the paper yesterday here in The Netherlands of a A 28-year-old woman from Amsterdam who was fined €60 for throwing a snowball at a stationary tram. She was walking through the city enjoying the snow with friends when she threw a snowball a...

    24 Dec 2009 8:35AM | Read


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  • Wow! How did they do that ?

    Every day I look at the photos being displayed and I look in awe at some of the remarkable offerings being submitted. That landscape, that bird on a twig, all fantastic and mostly deserving of the number of votes offered. So... thinks I, I can do th...

    6 Dec 2009 10:35AM | Read


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    I have just found another site that should keep you entertained. First of all you will need access to your employers colour printer and his stock of A4 paper, because you certainly couldn't afford to use you own! The Rasterbator link is a program ...

    9 Nov 2009 6:07PM | Read


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  • Painting with light

    OK heres the setup; The photography can only take place within 4 days of a full moon. The camera is digital, film set to ISO 100, f stop 5.6 with an exposure time between a few seconds and 30 minutes. Required accessories include a couple of torches...

    9 Nov 2009 5:07PM | Read


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  • Nude Photography

    A friend of mine takes a lot of portraits of models, sometimes they're in bikinis or lingere. And of course I asked him if had ever taken photos of the models in the nude. He replied, "No, the studio floor gets cold, so I usually leave my socks on."

    28 Sep 2009 2:00PM | Read


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  • Diana and The Great Wall Plastic Factory

    Do you remember taking your first photograph and the camera you used. The year was 1965, american troops had just landed in Vietnam, Liverpool won the FA cup and Goldie the London zoo eagle was recaptured after 13 day of freedom. But much more impor...

    24 Sep 2009 11:43AM | Read


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  • The 3.3 million dollar photograph.

    Every Sunday morning  i pull myself out of bed, fall downstairs and head for the coffee machine. Cup in hand i then pick up the TV remote control, hit page 555 on the text to check ,through bleary eyes, my lottery numbers. Unfortunately, and to no su...

    16 Sep 2009 7:18PM | Read


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  • Buying from china on ebay

    I had been looking around for a while for a "break beam" shutter release for my pentax K10D, you know the sort, the shutter is triggered the moment somebody or something crosses and breaks an infra red beam. Well after various attempts at making one...

    29 Sep 2008 12:32PM | Read


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  • Inspiration; seeking your thoughts and ideas !

    Inspiration ,“arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity” Aaargh ! It’s gone …. Don’t know where, I just know that my Inspiration has all dried up. I am not saying for one moment that I am a tortured soul and that very soon I wi...

    29 Aug 2008 11:06AM | Read


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  • A slightly rude photography joke !

    I make no appologies if you've heard it before... and I hope it doesn't offend too many people.. ... ;-) The Jones didn't have any children and decided to use a proxy father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. J...

    26 Aug 2008 5:45PM | Read


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  • Last of The Summer Wine….. The Lyrics

    Did you know that Last of The Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy programme in Britain and the longest-running sitcom in the world. Based in and around The beautiful town and countryside of Holmfirth West Yorkshire, it tells the story of three ...

    25 Aug 2008 9:46AM | Read


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  • Do the Dutch smell ?

    Do the Dutch smell ?. I only ask because there is a company here in the Netherlands that, has invented a machine that bar owners can use to bring back the smell of cigarette smoke, after the smoking ban. Apparently there is a need for an scent ...

    16 Aug 2008 8:14PM | Read


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  • Gimp Portable and Open Office

    I don't need to tell you too much about GIMP. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation program, and is perhaps the best open source graphics program going for Free!. Yes absolutely free. Just search Ephotozine for more information. You can also vist ww...

    13 Aug 2008 2:52PM | Read


    Views : 307

  • That Word – Photograph.

    We all know the word, nowadays we don't often say it, invariably we say “photo” or that horrible word “pic”, but just where did the word photograph come from? It is in fact based on the greek words “phos” meaning light, and “stylus” meaning paintbr...

    12 Aug 2008 8:49PM | Read


    Views : 230

  • Smokers Church

    I live in The Netherlands just south of a city in The province of Noord-Holland called Alkmaar. Just as in the Uk a smoking ban has just been recently introduced in all public places including bars and Cafes. I read in the local paper tonight of a c...

    11 Aug 2008 9:32PM | Read


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