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The profile photo to the right shows me, my long suffering wife Diana and our four dogs. I'm the one with the beard by the way! This was taken on a summer trip to Scotland during 2003.You can see the dogs are used to posing for pictures.Sadly only one of the clan now survives, but she is still goning strong.
I have been interested in photography for longer than I should really admit to! My first camera was a fully manual Zenith E, that will give you an idea how long I've been taking pictures. The Zenith was a great camera to learn on though. I lost interest in photography for most of the 90's hardly used any camera at all. My interest was re-establised in 2002 when I purchased A Canon G2 digital camera to take with me when I walked the West Highland Way. I have not looked back since.
I would welcome any comments, good or bad as I believe the only way to improve your photography is to let people see your work and and act upon any comments you as the photographer agree with.

To all those that have commented on my shot so far - Thank you, your comments are always appreciated.



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