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Hope you like the images. More on my web site and other information.
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  • The manfrotto tripod that I have has a removable central column as well. I always found it a hassle and time consuming. I know a friend who has a Venbon hand you can unscrew the central column which is a lot quicker. I am jusy getting fed up waiting for Velbon to send it through.
  • Can anyone recommend a carbon fibre tripod where you can unscrew the central column to enable the tripod to go down to ground level. I dont want a tripod where you have to push the central colum up and have it flat on top of the head like some of the manfrotto ones. I have a manfrotto that does this and it is a pain in the butt having to do it. Much easier to unscrew the bottom part of the central column. Velbon do one like this but I have had one on order since March, and I am getting fed up waiting for it to come through, - if it ever does.
  • I went to a pop concert last week and took my camera along. I took some shots during the concert. No officials challenged me, although I know of another photographer who was, and he was told to put his camera away and told not to take images. Lots of people were taking video with their mobile phones. I was using an Olympus and 40-150 lens. What is the position regarding using these images in say, national camera club photographic exhibitions. They are not being sold for profit, but if accepted, then they my well be publishing in the exhibition catalogue.
  • Thanks for the help. I have sorted it out now after going into settings.
  • Has anyone had trouble with Canon printers ? I have always had Epsom printer but decide to change to Canon after the last Epsom packed up after 9 years trouble free printing. This canon printer is driving me up the wall. I go to print a 9.5 inch print on an A4 sheet of paper and it says that the paper widths do not match the print paper settings. Wish I had stuck with Epsom !
  • Can anyone give me some info on the model site - Purpleport ? Do all the models expect money payment, or are some willing to accept images for their portfolios as payment. I did join the site a few years ago, but I was getting over 30 emails a day in my junk mail, so I decided to close it.
  • HI Everyone, I broke my polarising filter at the weekend ! I looked at the price of a replacement and the Lee Wide angle polarizer is over 200 ! Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative that will fit that system ? . How can Lee justify 200 for a filter ! That`s extortionate ! It was bad enough forking out for a Big Stopper.
  • Hi , I intend to be going up to stay in the Lake District for a few days in November. I know a lot of the decent locations for photography but can anyone recommend somewhere to stay that is comfortable, but not that expensive ? It need to be somewhere I can get up early before dawn. Any suggestions/recommendations welcomed . Thanks
  • Hi, I currently have a web site at I (with a friend) put it together with Serif Plus Software. I have decide to revamp it and will change to another web site software. Any suggestions. I was thinking of Photium, Mr. Site or Clikpic , although I know there are loads of other web site software available now.
    It needs to be very easy to do, as I am not great with technology ! Help/suggestions needed. Regards Roger
  • I am based in Colchester
  • I will hopefully need to hire a 300m 2.8 lens for a sporting event in the near future. Can anyone recommend where is the best place to hire from ?
  • Thanks
  • Hello, I am going to Snowdonia next week and would like to take a shot of the single tree by the lake at Llanberis. I have seen some lovely shots of this taken and was just wondering which end of the lake it is ? Any help most welcome.
  • Thanks Phil. Booked what looks like a reasonably priced place in Blaenau.

  • Hello,
    I am intending to spend a few days photographing in the Snowdonia , Blaenau Ffestiniog region during mid October. Can anyone recommend a good but reasonably affordable bed and breakfast in the area. Also, any locations or advice on the area for photography would be welcome.
  • I have to go down to Pebmarsh area later this week, and while I am down there I was going to go around Ebenoe Wood to photograph fungi. I have been there before , but it was quite a few year s ago. Anyone have an tips on best areas to go ? I seem to remember parking near the church last time I was there.
  • Hi, Three of us are going away in a weeks time to Berwick Upon tweed for the week.We will be going to Farne Isles, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh, Holy Island and Lindersfarne. (Aiming to do a few days on Farne Isles)Anyone know of any other good locations whilst up in that area, or do we have them all covered ?
  • Maybe not then !
  • Anything really. Particularly like sea/coast , and did wonder maybe to drive as far as Birling Gap. Will photograph urban/city.
  • I have to stay down in the Southampton /Havant area for a couple of days while lecturing to camera clubs. Can anyone recommend any good areas or locations in that part of the country that are worth visiting photographically ?
  • Hi Roy, Damn good idea that ! Wish I had thought of it first ! If I cannot find any old biddy`s about, I will have to make do with a craggy old man, - are you up for a bit of modelling ?????
    Regards Roger
  • Hi , I am going to be staying in Wadebridge for a couple of days and wonder if anyone can recommend good locations in that part of the country for photography.
  • Thanks for all the help. I am obviously not alone in this. As you all say, can easily be corrected in raw converter. I was just a bit concerned that I had a `duff` filter.
  • WB is set to AWB. Shooting in daylight ,mid afternoon so should be O.K. I am shooting in raw so can adjust it, but just wondered if there was something wrong with the filter to give the blue cast. I was under the impression that Lee BS were supposed to be fairly neutral, -that's why I thought they were so expensive.
    Regards Roger
  • Hi Everyone,
    I bought a Lee Big Stopper some while ago and only just got around to using it a few days ago. All the images came out with quite a pronounced `blue` colour cast . Anyone know what I am doing wrong ?
    Regards Roger Hance
  • I have to do a short camera club lecture tour of the areas near Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock, in early December. Does anyone know of any places of photographic interest worth visiting during the daytime ?
    Regards Roger

  • Taken at last years Victory show.
  • Wow, thanks for all the help. Much Appreciated. Some of you northerner are really quite helpful. And there was me thinking you lot still killed and ate the natives !
    Many thanks Roger
  • For the Northerners, we are staying in Grassington, but us southerners have cars so we can travel !
    Thanks for any help. Roger
  • I am going for a short holiday in the Yorkshire Dales in a couple of weeks time. Can anyone suggest good locations for landscape photography .
    Regards Roger