Because there is still no room at the inn

By mrswoolybill
Have a very happy Christmas, and spare a thought (and maybe a few pounds) for those who are less fortunate than we are. Iím not allowed to give a charity link to the wonderful and important work that Crisis does, but Google can point you in the right direction.
Thanks for looking,

Tags: Street photography Photo journalism Black and white

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barbarahirst 14 27 12 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:00AM
A reminder to us all ,,,,, There, but the grace of God, go I
pluckyfilly 16 351 33 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:01AM
so sad Moira and we do not realise how lucky we are (notice Libby encarved top right of the wall) we had a Libby post on EPZ a while back - I wonder!!!
mrswoolybill Plus
16 3.5k 2563 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:05AM
Just as a footnote, I took this nearly two years ago, just round the corner from Borough Market, Mecca for Londonís affluent foodies. And I did slip some cash into his cap, but he didn't see me. I've been back since but seen no further sign of him - I do wonder what became of him. At the time I included the colour version in a reportage set on the market - some people understood the point that I was making.
Itís the sort of picture that Iím uncomfortable taking, and would only use for a genuine purpose - Iím happy to photograph people making fools of themselves but I worry about photography exploiting the vulnerable. I really hate the íHereís a shot of that wonderfully ethnic beggar who was always hanging around near the hotel kitchen, he was quite happy to pose for a few cents, just as well we havenít got smellovision though lolí images.
Peg did a b&w conversion for me at the time, I eventually got round to doing my own.
accipiter 13 61 England
23 Dec 2009 8:08AM
Good capture but very sad. Unfortunately human attributes dictate that there will always be 'no room at the inn'. There will always be a need to help someone. A
CarolG 16 199 20 Greece
23 Dec 2009 8:14AM
A sad time of year for these poor unfortunate people, well captured, Moira. Carol
23 Dec 2009 8:19AM
We no longer think of ourselves as lucky. You constantly hear people say "Oh I'm not lucky I never win anything" . The list is endless of how we are unhappy with our lot and fail to see how lucky we really are.
The poor and unlucky become almost invisible as we rush around feeling unlucky. It's easier not to see somebody who really is unlucky.
I'll stop now as this could become a rant.
Your image is thought provoking Moira as was your intent, lets hope that we all dig deep for charity amongst our Seasonal overindulgence.

helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:25AM
Don't know how the homeless survive in the current temperatures. I did a sleep-out with a group of people a few years back to raise awareness and money for a cente in Birmingham who help homeless people. It was in the summer and I was still freezing cold even in a sleeping bag and with a wooly hat on. One thing we could all relate to the next day, was how lack of sleep and the cold made us bad tempered. How quick we can be to judge homeless people's behaviour, when they are continually cold and sleep deprived.
Thanks for uploading this Moira
nickyv32 15 135 England
23 Dec 2009 8:41AM
What a sad desperate time it must be for the homeless right now, we quickly whizz to the thermostat if it is not quite warm enough indoors, belt it up a few more degrees, our thoughts are with them.......great touching shot

Nicky Smile
morpheus1955 16 3 2 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:44AM
Good morning Moira, this is a very poignant and thought provoking image. Perhaps while we are stuffing our faces on Friday we should spare a thought for those less fortunate, and a few £'s to assist them......

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

tony64 18 204 9 England
23 Dec 2009 8:57AM
A timely reminder Moira, I like this b/w version.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both you and Bill.

Richsr 15 91 223 England
23 Dec 2009 8:59AM
Very important reminder of those less fortunate then most Moria.
Regards Richard.
Sezz 17 619 15 England
23 Dec 2009 9:25AM
A poignant reminder Moira - the mono gives a sombre mood!

Sarah *
tigertimb 15 40 66 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 9:43AM
A sobering and timely reminder, particularly for this season
jools59 13 4 1 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 9:45AM
Yessssssss Moira..we all need to be reminded especially this time of the year.......a powerful image indeed.........My best to you and yours......Jools
23 Dec 2009 9:52AM
A very powerful image Moira
colmar 15 42 35 Scotland
23 Dec 2009 10:12AM
Powerful image and yes thought provoking thanks for sharing Colin
Rende 15 38 4 Netherlands
23 Dec 2009 10:18AM
Very poignant image Moira; beautifully taken too. Have a wonderful Christmas!
dmhuynh72 14 47 3 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 10:53AM
It reminds us there are homeless people out there left in the cold without food during this festive season, and how lucky we are.

Worked beautifully in mono Moira.

Best wishes
RobboB Plus
15 134 2 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 11:05AM
Well reminded Moira. Poignant shot too.


Joline Plus
16 38 59 United States
23 Dec 2009 11:52AM
A sad but true a famous Person once said, The poor are always with you.
jaktis 18 84 Sweden
23 Dec 2009 12:28PM
A thoughtful reminder of the hard reality

imagio 16 12 1 England
23 Dec 2009 1:17PM
A reminder of how blessed we are with a home and food in our belly, well done Moira

gary_d 14 576 13 Wales
23 Dec 2009 2:49PM
We pass a chap like this every week when doing our shopping, he is a lovely chap always has a chat with us but never asks for a donation so we always give him a couple of pound. We saw him today and gave our normal treat and he asked us if we could give it to an elderly gent around the corner instead as he is old as well as homeless. I thought that was such a lovely gesture. Needless to say we gave to the both of tham and the thanks we recieved was worth every penny.

Daisymaye Plus
14 25 24 Canada
23 Dec 2009 3:03PM
Very sad. And here we are in our nice warm houses while some are out in the cold. A good reminder to be thankful and give instead of taking. Best Wishes Moira to you and yours...........Sandy
bliba Plus
17 1 2 Austria
23 Dec 2009 3:53PM
very poignant and thought provoking

fine work

Best wishes

Scaramanga 15 60 6 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 4:37PM
CRISIS will be open all over Christmas both in London and Newcastle, if you can't afford to donate any money you can always donate some time. With all the photographers on here, I know in Newcastle they are hoping to run photographic workshops, and I know they have the facilities in London to do the same. Newcastle phone number is 0191 222 0622 and you would have to speak to Nick Sinclair who organises the volunteers. It is also pretty bleak at other times of the year too. Thanks and sorry for hijacking the post. Have a nice Christmas everyone, just be glad you are not in a tent(if you are lucky enough to have one) in Heaton Park or a wheelie bin on Brick Lane..
Cormy 15 3 England
23 Dec 2009 4:54PM
A very chastening image,Missus.Well done !!
MickyMc 15 8 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 5:11PM
A really thought provoking image. These people are homeless often because something has gone wrong in their lives, and that could happen to each and every one of us. I have met a couple of homeless people at Crisis in Newcastle and one man was very talented indeed. Hopefully with the help of those at Crisis life will be a lot better for him.
qosmio 13 2 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 5:34PM
Strong social comment.
danbrann 18 640 17
23 Dec 2009 5:36PM

Quote:A very chastening image,Missus.Well done !!

Quote:A really thought provoking image. These people are homeless often because something has gone wrong in their lives, and that could happen to each and every one of us. I have met a couple of homeless people at Crisis in Newcastle and one man was very talented indeed. Hopefully with the help of those at Crisis life will be a lot better for him.
23 Dec 2009 6:12PM
There but for fortune Moira. Thanks for the reminder.

Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
23 Dec 2009 6:24PM
made me cry Moira.... you captured this so well.....good to think !

RockArea 16 18 3 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 7:02PM
Thanks Moira. It's so easy to forget.

SandraKay Plus
15 233 4 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 7:35PM
How truly awful to be without a home in this freezing cold weather. A strong subject and composition, Moira.
glyndwr 15 103 10 Wales
23 Dec 2009 8:14PM
A meaningful seasonal upload.
Excellent work Moira.

Rach1970 14 14 1 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 8:37PM
Very thought-provoking Moira. And good timing.
Have a peaceful Christmas.
Roly 15 Wales
23 Dec 2009 10:21PM
It made me think.
AnneWorner 15 620 43 United States
23 Dec 2009 10:45PM
Seeing anyone on the street in this condition makes us think powerfully of our own lives, and how easily this could happen to us.
When I am in Norway, I seem to see homeless people everywhere. I have been one of those that have given spare change. Of the homeless that I photographed, I also paid a model fee of NKr. 100,-
I felt this was fair.
What the answer is here, I don't know. How do we resolve this problem in our 'civilized' society. I have more questions than answers. I've asked several where they sleep, how they buy food, how they stay warm in winter etc etc. One man told me he didn't want to dwell on or even think about those things! So, I guess living in the moment is the only thing to do?????????????
I was told by a 'street minister' in Norway that I shouldn't give money, that it would only be used for booze or drugs.
The other thing I don't know is this: in Norway, do these people get a government stipend of some sort? The young heroin addict I know, he gets paid over NKr 7,000 per month from the government. Yet, he never had money and begged on the street.
Is there any government help in the UK for these people?
IOW, do the socialized western nations have government help available?
Over here in the US, my impression is that there is no help - when you are down and out, you are on your own.
We also have another problem here, and that is people posing as homeless, begging on street corners. So, now most people even ignore those that might actually need help.
We have one homeless shelter here in Austin - ARCH - they take people in and they take donations. It is one of the charities we donate to. I would suggest that anyone who has a little extra to spare at any time of year, give to these places, as they do try to help get the homeless, the unfortunate back on their feet.
Sorry to go on - this is a real sore topic with me, and for personal reasons which I won't go into.
MickS 17 23 14 England
24 Dec 2009 10:14AM
Watcha Moira,
whenever I see this sort of pic it reminds me of when I was at the U of London in the 70s, the streets were full of homeless/jobless then, I never gave them money, the old cliche of, they spend it on drinks or drugs, is often all too true, I used to give food and drink, which was always appreciated. I had one old boy who said to me, this was in the 60s, 'gives us a shilling for a cuppa.' I told him I only had a fiver, he said, 'I've got change.' ! Smile
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
riprap007 18 1.6k 37 England
24 Dec 2009 10:53AM
you just hope that the accompanying Stella Artois box is not connected to the circumstances, if not then there is hope of change. A timely image.
Glostopcat 16 255 2 England
24 Dec 2009 12:22PM
A very powerful and thought provoking image Moira
mikbee 15 3 8 Scotland
24 Dec 2009 1:34PM
A sight that is more common here in the streets of Edinburgh day by day Moira.The problem is agrravated by the growing number of East Europeans.While charities do wonderful work with the homeless,a good starting point would be for the government not to let immigrants in, unless they have a job and a place to stay in the first place !!
24 Dec 2009 2:34PM
Congratulations Moira for bringing the poor peoples situation to our thoughts, agree with Mick, we were warned in 1967 from Enoch Powell what would happen plus the incompetent Government losing records of people coming in and going out, and some they dont even know have entered, cant blame the poor people bettering themselves but the situation should have meant records, well moaning over, Merry Xmas to yourself and Bill look forward to more future images.
costas 15 2 2 Greece
24 Dec 2009 4:29PM
Bravo Moira this is something we should be doing all year round, all the best.
MalcolmS Plus
17 1.2k 13 England
24 Dec 2009 5:51PM
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Moira, apologies for not always commenting on your shots, time doesn't always allow. They are always very individual and interesting and I like your take on life.

Barbaraj 15 450 England
24 Dec 2009 6:21PM
Thanks for the reminder.
david deveson 18 63 2 Italy
24 Dec 2009 6:36PM
I don't think you should worry about the valdity of taking this kind of shot... in fact I think you should.
Walking down the street most people bring out their blinkers and hurry by on the other side of the street.
Shots like this posted for all of us to see are impossible to ignore.
Maybe the next time the memory of the shot will make us stop and think.
Keep on doing it.
Thanks for all your intelligent comments throughout the year.
They are one of reasons I keep on posting on EPZ.
Zydeco_Joe 16 84 1 England
24 Dec 2009 7:48PM
You dont see much Phot Journalism on here so well done for showing.
Merry Christmas.
Zydeco Joe
norton 18 2 6 Jersey
24 Dec 2009 8:29PM
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.........

lostintime 15 13 6 Germany
25 Dec 2009 3:35PM
A shot that makes you pause for thought Moira. I think the angle works well in this case, as does the black & white.
All the best to you and Bill,
taggart Plus
18 47 15 United States
28 Dec 2009 4:44PM
Moira--- I always think-- give him some work to do--- even if just sweeping your walk-- and give him some pride as well as a hand out!-- A very thoughtful image!
TrevBatWCC Plus
14 13 19 England
28 Dec 2009 5:50PM
Very sad, we don't know how lucky we are at Christmas.
TrevB Smile
Terrytori 13 1 Canada
31 Dec 2009 12:10AM
Heart pinching.
Thanks for reminding me of my many blessings and the responsibilities that go with them.

with appreciation Moira


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