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A quick view of Romejo's recent activity.

  • ~

    thank you very much, guys!
    • 7 Oct 2015 8:19PM
  • The Tempest

    Thank you very mucch guys!

    Tanya, very honored by your words Smile
    • 5 Oct 2015 6:39PM
  • Third

    Thanks very much, friends. Peekay: To be honest, I have all those associations I mentioned but... they don't seem to strive in a singular direction. I feel different things and the picture is not meant as being religious, sad, hopeful. For me it is rather something in between and like life itself its atmosphere is not to be evaluated by a black and white thinking.

    I like what you said.

    Tanya: I also can't decide betweem them because they are too different - I like them as three thirds and this is the first time I feel that strong connection between different pictures of mine. Thanks for your great feedback.
    • 23 Mar 2015 11:41AM
  • ~

    Thank you very much Smile

    Ha, the down edge is to be blamed on cropping. 10k people saw that picture and you are the very first to see that. Wow Smile
    • 16 Mar 2015 11:56AM

    Thanks, friends. I read every word of your feedback Smile

    All the best
    • 15 Dec 2014 4:04PM
  • Kingdom

    Appreciate your feedback, people. Thanks Smile

    Tanya, I rather thought about letting the dress entirely go out of the frame. However glad you like it.

    Kindest regards from the terribly cold and rainy Germany. Smile
    • 10 Dec 2014 12:51PM
  • Tender

    Thank you for your kind words, Anne! Smile
    • 2 Dec 2014 6:42PM
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