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RonnieAG's Portfolio.




IreneClarke 8 1.4k 2 United Kingdom
21 May 2016 9:40AM
Wow beautiful colours love your PF - I think it may even inspire me to sort mine out - just need to find some time - thank you for voting on my canal scene which was the prompt to look at your PF and I am so glad I did - brightened up a dull Saturday morning. Irene
Jocelia 11 2 1 Australia
26 Mar 2016 7:53AM
Hi There Ronnie,
I have been missing for a while due to heavy commitments in the home and family.
After getting back on to the EPZ site , it is quite different.
I just wanted to say that I do admire your captures and photography, your are marvellous.
Happy Easter for 2016 to you and your lovely family. from Jocelia.....Grin
Chinga Plus
12 123 3 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2016 10:58PM
Dear Ronnie,
Your images are very inspiring. Hard to find better and such diverse portfolio, you have a great sense for a composition and ambient.
I particularly love your mushrooms and your Wall Art captures. Respect!
You have a fantastic portfolio. So many wonderful photos to look through. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's Ronnie. SmileSmile

6 May 2015 9:47AM
You have a terrific collection of wonderful images in your album Ronnie
1 Apr 2015 9:49AM
Lovely portfolio, Eileen
15 Sep 2014 3:57AM
superb images ronnie
Bantu 9 7 1 India
10 May 2014 10:00AM
Beautiful Portfolio.

Mollycat Plus
9 21 2 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2013 12:57PM
Love all your work. Hope someday to achive near your standard.
oll1e 16 57 2 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2013 5:17PM
super portfolio of flowers and landscapes ,keep up the great work Wink
silverfoxey 14 17 2 United Kingdom
11 May 2013 11:21AM
Hi Ronnie,
You have a great selection of pictures, and will get back and look again when I have more time later.
avacreates 11 448 1 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2013 2:15PM
such a beautiful PF
Meheecho 10 275 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2012 12:14PM
Finally got round to viewing you PF and what an amazing and varied selection. Your flower and landscapes are superb.
Thanks for my first ever comment on EPZ!!
snappersue 14 11 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2012 7:41PM
I found the time to look through your portfolio. You have a good selection of varied photos. I really like your flower ones. I have decided to try something different for a while, hence the landscapes and will be trying out some b&w. Will look in again soon. Sue
12 6.1k 130 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2012 6:38PM
I have just been taking time out to flick through your ever expanding high quality Portfolio. "Probably one of the very best, a real tribute to you."

Regards Nathan
22 Aug 2012 6:07PM
Hi Ronnie, I have just been looking at your PF and it amazing. Wonderful flowers and cute teddies. It's a privilege to view it!

I am learning so much from being on ephotozine and it is all thanks to people like you!!

Best wishes

Hilmar 11 Ireland
21 Jun 2012 6:09PM
Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my photo today and I am glad you did as aside from your valuable advice, it has given me a chance to view your wonderful portfolio. As a beginner I will in future be referring to your shots for inspiration, they are really amazing.
canonfan 12 7 United Kingdom
9 May 2012 12:15AM
Hi Ronnie. A stunning Portfolio. Perhaps one of the best I have seen on this site. You live in a beautiful area of Scotland. The Trossachs being one of my favourite areas. You have given me inspiration for my next visit.
marktc Plus
12 101 15 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2012 10:12AM
Ronnie, an absolute stunner of a portfolio. Top notch flower photography.
robertt Plus
17 151 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2012 7:36PM
Hi Ronnie, Superb portfolio, Best flower fotos I have ever seen. You have a way of getting the coloures to perfection.

mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2012 9:45AM
Ronnie, your PF is an inspiration. My passion is flowers/macro with, and you are giving me such wonderful teaching - little do you know.Thankyou !.

Cor 14 Belgium
31 Mar 2012 10:43AM
The master of flowercreations, that is what You are. Wink
Kind regards.
garymcparland 16 343 3 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2012 9:17PM
Hi Ronnie, thanks very much for all the kind comments you have made on my images, really appreciate it . Gary Smile
mikesavage 20 299 2 England
25 Mar 2012 11:45PM
You've got some top flower shots in here, and no mistake!

Irishkate Plus
12 45 122 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2012 5:38PM
Thank you for your votes and kind comments.
Enjoying looking at your portfolio.GrinGrinGrinKate
EddyG 12 5 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2012 5:30PM
HI Ronnie,

You posted a comment on my page and I thought Id better look you up Excellent portfolio so diverse and with real quality.
Thanks for the critique by the way --- I am taking it on board after all who in their right mind would ignore advice from someone with such passion.

Eddy G
12 Mar 2012 5:55PM
Just wanted to compliment you on a fantastic portfolio - wonderful images - well done.
mikemullumby 12 1 3 Australia
11 Mar 2012 2:14AM
Have to agree with the other comments here Ronnie, although i am not really a flower fan as such, i do still appreciate their beauty, i envy you people when you get all those beautiful autumnal colours, we don't get any in my part of the world, still we can't have everything can we.
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2012 9:04PM
Hello Ronnie,

Your images here are wonderful. So diverse too. I have just posted my first image as per your instructions - thankyou. I knew how to do it after all BUT I learnt a lot too !

Have a great week my friend and thankyou for your valued support !

14 Feb 2012 5:34PM
Hi Ronnie, just want to say thanks for your interest and comments.

Have have an awesome collection of shots ! Some brilliant work here.

reaper4252 11 2 9 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2012 12:14AM
A stunning collection of images
Cracking variety and such quality
Really makes me want to get out and press the button
nikshot 13 9 1 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2012 10:02AM
What a rich collection of superb images, inspiring stuff Ronnie.

17 Dec 2011 7:42AM
You've come a long way since you joined EPZ Ronnie, so many wonderful images, flowers, landscapes and some ventures out and about, all done with your usual very good quality. Keep up the good work and no doubt 2012 will bring new skills as well.

Tom-Melton 15 2 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2011 2:48PM
A stunning and varied portfolio ,and a superb collection
strokebloke 14 493 17 England
10 Dec 2011 3:52PM
Quality images all: I'm immensely impressed.
Work to aspire to.
Delbon 15 4 England
9 Dec 2011 3:21PM
Lovely variety of shots which go to make a very interesting PF - some real quality work - excellently presented

richmowil Plus
14 510 3 England
9 Nov 2011 10:23PM
A good collection of vibrant images - really like them
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2011 5:05PM
31 Oct 2011 10:01PM
Fabulous portfolio, really stunning phtographs. Many thanks for stopping by my early-stage portfolio and commenting, cheers!
GaryMoffat 15 9 Scotland
30 Oct 2011 11:47AM
Great portfolio Ronnie, very impressive.

I particular like the macro shots something that interests me very much at present, possibly make a macro lens purchase soon.

Best Regards,
ajh2008 11
27 Oct 2011 12:40PM
amazing photos in this porfolio Smile
banny 14 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2011 5:21PM
Thank you for your comment on my photo I'm very flattered.Love your portfolio by the way you have some great images.
Regards Andrew
30 Sep 2011 10:05PM
HI Ronnie thankyou for your comments on my photo of mayo and clew bay it was much appriciated, I am new to all of this but I really enjoy it I have been going through your portfolia and I so enjoyed at looking at your photos especially the one of the ship sailing up the clyde.G.
Delbon 15 4 England
18 Sep 2011 10:51AM
At last had time to visit your portfolio Ronnie - well worth the wait - a lovely selection of images beautifully done and presented - excellent

Kind regards
HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
5 Aug 2011 9:47PM
Amazing Portfolio
really enjoy looking at your varied p/f Ronnie- very aspirational- Thank you for taking the time to look at my novice shots- appreciated-Michaela
27 Jun 2011 5:59PM
your photos are amazing i just inspire to take some like these
snag 12 18 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2011 2:08AM
Hi Ronnie,

Just wanted to say how much I admire your portfolio, particularly the way you include so many different types of image, using so many different techniques. It is a real inspiration to someone who is just begining their photographic journey.

bagman 12 65 United States
25 Jun 2011 3:39PM
with such superb high quality photo ,s how can one impove one,s work.
exceptional ,stunning photos and range of work you have to vary pleased.
keep up the amazing work.
19 Jun 2011 10:19PM
Thanks for your comment.
Your gallery is amazing!
Natzdad 14 29 2 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2011 5:15PM
A really enjoyable trip through your portfolio,beautiful colours .......Mick
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2011 7:40PM
Great work well done
jer 15 6 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2011 7:53PM
Hi Ronnie
All your images are beautiful,i really love the flowers full of colour and very sharp,the black background makes the picture very well done to you.
Regards Jer
Rebecca31 17 6 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2011 9:30PM
I'm loving you flowers Ronnie, i too love to take pics of flowers, often visiting the local garden centre to practice getting some close ups etc. I;m learning all the time since joing the epz and find all comments very helpful! I know where to come when I need advice on flower shots! Keep at it Ronnie, they are so beautiful!
wolf1 13 9 United Kingdom
29 May 2011 10:16AM
You have a very nice portfolio here Ronnie, your flower images are great.
18 May 2011 7:25AM
Your folio is a splendid display of excellent photography, the flowers stand out beautifully against the black background which is the perfect foil for the wonderfully crisp colour of the blooms. Keep up the great work Ronnie, you're a star my friend.

ardnas 12
15 May 2011 8:50PM
Thanks for your comments Ronnie. Had a look at your portfolio and as very impressed by the beautiful images, so colourful and clear.
2 May 2011 9:16PM
Hi Ronnie,Thankyou for your comments,I think I have learnt a lot since joining epz simply by looking at more experienced photographers work like yours and others.
20 Mar 2011 7:44AM
Your folio of images is both colourful and beautifully lit, each flower is allowed to shine through in the natural light you use so well. No oversaturation or false colours, just lovely delicate clarity and detail.
It's good to see the row of awards building above your front page, I'm also sure you will see a lot more to come Ronnie, so well done my friend, more power to your elbow.
john_starkey 12 2 3 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2011 12:09AM
Hi Ronnie,i would just like to say thank you for your very kind remarks on my stonechat image,i don,t think i will be posting many more as i feel this site is a bit clicky,and images that are not very god get lots and lots of votes and comments saying they are good when they are clearly not,i have tried to honest where people have asked for C&C and i get rude pm,s anyway take care and thanks once again,

7 Mar 2011 6:28PM
Thanks Ronnie, looking ay your portfolio it seems that you like flowers very much, like myself it seems you like to try and get a different prospective.
Bill Paskin.
Mozzie 12 Australia
20 Feb 2011 7:19AM
Thank you Ronnie for your comment. I have enjoyed looking at your photos. Mozzie.
gloccy 12 Scotland
18 Feb 2011 8:48AM
thanks for the positive comment ronnie, especially nice seeing that its come from a specialist in that field.
10 Feb 2011 1:06PM
Ronnie your album is beautiful - you are too modest. I will be looking to your pictures for ideas on composition and colour and have whiled away a pleasant half an hour enjoying these wonderful shots. Lizzie
stokesy 12 8 Scotland
3 Feb 2011 6:47PM
Hi Ronnie, thanks for comments, you may have noticed my avatar with the kilt, I was convinced after seeing yours my wife said see! get it on there, Ive only just joined so frid. will be "xmas robin" and sat. "cheeky chaffie", see what you think, im loving the camera club and has taken me 3 years to enter comp. Ive set up some props for the birds in the garden but need some light, patience is a new thing I really have to learn and accept, take care, ronnie {stokesy}
stokesy 12 8 Scotland
2 Feb 2011 6:49PM
Hi Ronnie, ronnie here {stokesy} thanks for your comments I live in dunoon by the way you are doing well I see in the scttish field well done , Ill be putting in the same scene tommorrow only frozen in the snow I willbe back in the autumn as it will be at its best then with the colours, I only discovered this site this year way up the hills on aprivate estate, take care, ronnie
31 Jan 2011 2:07PM
Lovely galleryRonnie. Thanks for your comments
joss 16 8 England
24 Jan 2011 5:45PM
What a lovely album! You have a wonderful eye for composition and I find your landscape images quite inspirational! A pleasure to browse...
kesh 12
16 Jan 2011 6:00PM
Burkhard 12 10 South Africa
10 Jan 2011 3:21PM
Hi Ronnie, super collection of images !! Well done ! I see you are using the D 7000 and the 18-200mm . How do you find the lens as I have just purchased the D 7000 body only ? Are you happy with it's performance and would you recommend it ? Regards Burkhard.
31 Dec 2010 8:50AM
All the scenery uploaded by you are exotic and pleasing. You are lucky to visit such wonderful locations. Thanks for the fine captures and for sharing - Raja.
26 Dec 2010 7:01PM
Thanks again for comments, on my photo A misty morning on Derwent Water.
24 Dec 2010 6:26PM
Thanks for your comments on my photo of Buttermere in the Autumn, as a novice I am most impressed with your portfolio.
7 Dec 2010 1:12AM
Great photography Ronnie
27 Nov 2010 3:59AM
Thanks for the vote click on my sunset image which led me to your portfolio: A real pleasure to browse.

Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
18 Nov 2010 10:23AM
I've just had a look through your work Ronnie, and you have some wonderful images, thoughtfully taken and such good quality.

Many thanks for all of your support on my work, its much appreciated Smile

dasher 13 1 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 11:44AM
Thanks for your comments on Impatiens.I have just looked through your portfolio very impressive!
phil99 16 45 6 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2010 4:25PM
I don't always find the time to comment on your images and just at the moment haven't even had time to even look . I have looked through today at your full portfolio and found it of outstanding quality. Your landscapes have improved immensely since you joined the site and your flower shots are some of the best on the site . Congratulations Ronnie . You should be very proud of your work....Regards ,Phil
MartPics 17 7 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2010 1:35AM
Great portfolio, love your landscapes.
10 Oct 2010 2:34PM
thanks ronnie for kind comment on my goldfinch pic. you have some
super images in your portfolio which i have just browsed through.
all the best ---- graham
JanieB43 14 49 6 England
25 Sep 2010 4:25PM
Beautiful portfolio Ronnie - I like the florals especially.

tashi 12 2
24 Sep 2010 5:55AM
This is certainly an excellent pf. Very inspiring too.
You've done full justice to the roses.
cmorton 12 1 Scotland
18 Sep 2010 12:49AM
well done on the published images - great news.
jackitec 14 16 Spain
17 Sep 2010 5:13PM
Hi Ronnie, I always miss your uploads so I had a look at your portfolio,
I just wanted to say thanks for your passed comments and that you have a great portfolio and some fine photos, your style is a little like mine I just love flowers, I am a fellow Scot like yourself and I am from Gourock, anyway keep up the good work,
acousticmist 12 10 1 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2010 10:26AM
A brilliant portfolio and some beautiful captures.....Martin
Trout_Man 14 1 30 Wales
12 Sep 2010 10:16PM
Just been catching up on your portfolio Ronnie, been off for a while, your flowers are amazing such a high standard Smile Geoff.
9 Sep 2010 5:25PM
Your PF is a joy to open Ronnie, the colour just grabs your attention,
excellent photography,
Vince52 13 Wales
7 Sep 2010 10:39PM
Fantastic photos, really like the flowers. Thanks for comment.
Kezz 16 1 England
4 Sep 2010 6:55PM
A stunning PF think your flower photography is excellent. Well done.
31 Aug 2010 5:04PM
Hi Ronnie
Thanks for the nice comment on Charlie. Loving your flowers Smile
Suehh 16 39 6 England
24 Jul 2010 7:45PM
Some very beautiful work from you Ronnie - I always enjoy seeing your images.

22 Jul 2010 12:51AM
These photos are just amazing, especially the flowers and colours Smile

harrattp 16 11 4 England
5 Jul 2010 2:30PM
A cracking PF Ronnie some quite superb flower shots. Take the plunge and buy the macro lens, you will deffinately get some usage from it and I will wager it would be your most popular lens for usage.

Cor 14 Belgium
5 Jul 2010 9:38AM
Lovely places and flowers, lovely work +++++
John51 13 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2010 11:22AM
Some stunning images in your portfolio Ronnie. The range and quality of your floral photographs has to be admired. John.
Ben10 13 1 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2010 11:27PM
Thankyou for the comments you have left on my photo's it gives me a sense of achievment as i've only had my D500 for a just over a couple on months now. There is a picture of a Water Iris on my portfolio that you make like, i'd also like to read your coments. Thanks again.

User_Removed 13 48 1 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2010 6:49PM
Great Photographs Ronnie, love them all.
Dureja 13 1 India
13 Jun 2010 3:45AM
Ronnie you have a wonderful porfolio where each and every picture is an exception. Great work and dedication to photography!

Loved your portfolio.

31 May 2010 11:58PM
Thank you for your kind comment on my rose pic, you have a stunning gallery
26 May 2010 11:16AM
thankyou for your comments, looking at your photos inspires me to work at improving as you show what brilliant results can be acheived karen
11 May 2010 12:37AM
Thanks for the comment on my image Smile yes I agree I could spend days shooting in Queens Park and always find something new

Can't wait to see the next uploads!
Ingleman 16 9 4
10 May 2010 7:42PM
Thanks for your comment on my plant shot... I see what mean with all the colours and details which plants offer. You have a spectacular collection!


Outlander 13 103
3 May 2010 8:50AM
Flowers not my cup of tea, but i can see its yours,absolutely top notch Ronnie.
milky 19 5 Wales
20 Apr 2010 2:51PM
Excellent colours, nice work on image well done--------Milky
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
14 Apr 2010 11:08AM
Ronnie, You have a really good port folio here and so many varied shots, you have a real 'knack' with the colours
Well done
rockfish 13 1 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2010 2:12PM
Hi Ronnie,
What a great PF. I'm thinking of doing more flower photos and I find yours inspiring, not that your landscapes are less good. Beautiful work and so well presented.
iotum 13 Scotland
30 Mar 2010 8:14PM
Hi Ronnie
Thanks for the nice words about my Schiehallion shot. Love your portfolio. Great to see the spring colours but it looks like we'll be taking snow scenes for a wee bit longer.

Mstphoto Plus
14 402 1 Scotland
24 Mar 2010 4:47PM
Hi Ronnie
Just had a wee peek at your pf - a lot of amazing images.
Judging by the amount of votes your images get, others must think so as well.
I'm delighted if I manage to get into double figures so I have a long way to go to catch up.

Hardin 14 Malta
24 Mar 2010 7:24AM
Many thanks for the comment
Oliverpants 14 2 2 England
7 Mar 2010 7:30PM
What a fabulous Varied PF you have. I particularily like your landscapes. Thanks for all you kind comments on my work. Ann
morpheus1955 16 3 2 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2010 12:40AM
Morning Ronnie, firstly thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words on my PF, Having looked at yours, you have some amazing images, beautifully taken and presented, which inspire me to say the least.

TrevBatWCC Plus
14 13 19 England
21 Feb 2010 6:35PM
Hi Ronnie

Many thanks for your comments on my Portfolio, and glad you found my giraffes image amusing! With all this bad weather around, it's not much fun going out with the camera, so it gives me the opportunity to dabble around in PS, which I enjoy.

I've had a look at some of your images in your Portfolio, and very nice they are too, excellent quality. Keep up the good work!

Trev Wink
jonrayner 15 8 2 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2010 5:38PM
Hi Ronnie, thanks for your comments on my tulip, it is much appreciated. It is truly a compliment when looking at your work. There are some amazing shots here, I would be proud to have shots half as good as some as these.
Keep up the good work.
jasonrwl Plus
13 1.1k 11 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2010 1:07PM
Many thanks for your encouraging comments on my PF Ronnie.
rgarrigus 15 25 7 England
21 Feb 2010 12:17PM
Hi Ronnie,

I am so interested to try to make some decent floral imagery this year and your PF is one I will be referring back to frequently both for inspiration and ideas. Sincerest thanks for your encouraging words on my latest upload. You are certainly one of the nicest people here on EPZ and your encouragement is massively appreciated.

Best of light to you mate!

Bob G.
20 Feb 2010 8:33PM
Many thanks Ronnie Yes i liked V4 of Anderson the squirrel also keep up the good work on your PF i have much to live up to but its all good and fun to boot click click click
Alvar 16 23 2 France
18 Feb 2010 6:17PM
Thanks Ronnie fro your kind comment.
Amanita05 13 11 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2010 7:41PM
Ronnie!, Thanks Very Very much for commenting on my PF!
Believe it or not, You are already on my list of Favourites!
It's not easy keeping up with everyone at the moment due to work committments, but I have certainly enjoyed my time here so far!
Your still life photography in particuler is Excellent! I Just love the flower shots! Your composition is spot on too with the rest of your Photostream!
Certainly look forward Very much to your forthcoming uploads!
All the Best for now!


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