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Hello from sunny Crete
Welcome to my portfolio. I have joined to improve my photography and would appreciate constuctive advice and comments.

Thanks Rosalie
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I am English,born in London,lived in Hampshire,until we moved here to Crete 11 yrs ago.It's a beautiful island and a paradise for photographers! We've got 3 sons and 5 grandchildren living in England.

I first became interested in photography as an aid to my watercolour painting,but now with the advent of digital photography I enjoy it as a hobby too. It's amazes me that you can rescue photos that would have been in the bin in the "old days"
I enjoy looking at all the other photos on the site and am impressed with the very high standard!

I used to have a Canon SLR but now have just a compact Nikon Coolpix L1 and am delighted to find it can do just as much if not more than my traditional SLR.

As a novice,I'm always happy to have comments and advice. I've joined to improve my photography and get inspiration from other EPZers!


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