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'I never have taken a picture I've intended. They're always better or worse.'
Diane Arbus (1971)
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A quick view of rosie42's recent activity.

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    Thank you for your comments, Peter and George...
    Hi David - delighted it appeals! Thank you for looking in...
    And thank you Carmen too - appreciate you dropping by!
    Good of you to provide feedback, Dennis...
    Hi Ron - will post the colour version for your comparison! Wink Grateful for your valued review, as always...

    Susie :o)
    • 23 Apr 2009 7:17AM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #10

    Thank you for your ongoing interest Joline...

    Appreciate you stopping by Kay and Gary...

    Hi Bren - did you order your book direct from Pardalote Press?

    Susie :o)
    • 18 Feb 2009 10:03PM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #9

    Thanks so much Shaks, Jane, David, Brendan and Suzi - and yes, as it happens, I have actually printed these images and poems together, on lovely Hahnemuehle paper with a cover and wire bound, as a one-off book...

    Susie :o)
    • 2 Jan 2009 11:55PM
  • zoo

    Well done on an effective and very imaginative capture! Great work...

    Susie :o)
    • 12 Dec 2008 2:34AM
  • Kaikoura

    Fabulous sky and clarity - a pleasure to view...

    Susie :o)
    • 12 Dec 2008 2:33AM
  • spiderman

    Well done on a delightful keepsake...

    Susie :o)
    • 12 Dec 2008 2:31AM
  • boat shed

    Lovely tones and effective vignette...

    Susie :o)
    • 12 Dec 2008 2:30AM
  • Just love your work Jill, always so imaginatively and sensitively captured ... in short, you're an inspiration! Respect ...

    Susie :o)
  • I particularly like the gritty realism of your portraits - they each tell an intriguing story and strongly engage me as a viewer - keep them coming!

    Susie :o)
  • Your work never fails to impress, Andy. Congratulations on a quality portfolio which is an absolute delight to view and an inspiration to so many.

    Also, sincere thanks for so often providing feedback on my posts; it says much that a photographer of your calibre invests the time to view and comment on a beginner's uploads. Respect ...

    Susie :o)
  • I've enjoyed browsing your varied portfolio - it's a pleasure to view ... keep up the great work!

    Susie :o)
  • I'd like to compliment you on your stunning portfolio and congratulate you on consistently high quality work which is a delight to view ...

    Susie :o)
    • Posted on lizziew's profile
    • 8 Jan 2006 10:55PM
  • Congratulations on an outstanding portfolio - love your b&w portraits; quality documentary work, well done ...

    Susie :o)
    • Posted on imagio's profile
    • 4 Sep 2006 8:59AM
  • I concur - you would have to be one of the most generous members in terms of the time you so generously provide in helping others with useful advice and candid critique (even lowly novices like me who have no idea what the burn tool is for! lol) I suspect you must've received an extra serving of the patience gene! Thank you once again, Matt - your kind assistance and fun grins are much appreciated and your cheery participation adds much value to the site ...

    Susie :o)
  • Only just discovered your terrific portfolio - have enjoyed my quick browse but shall return soon to take a closer peek!

    Susie :o)
    • Posted on Westers's profile
    • 1 Dec 2005 2:32AM
  • Your work is always a delight to view - your portfolio impressive and a source of inspiration ...

    Susie :o)
    • Posted on debster's profile
    • 12 Dec 2005 6:16PM
  • Yours is a fabulous portfolio featuring creatively impressive and well executed work ...

    Susie :o)