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A quick view of rowarrior's recent activity.

  • Yay, snow!

    Thanks guys. I was lucky she'd decided to wander about, so I raced ahead of her down the hill, and turned and shot handheld through the gap in the fence towards her. I think she was probably looking my way because she couldn't believe any eejit would run down that steep hill in the snow lol
    • 8 Jan 2010 8:50PM
  • Snow Henge

    Well it'd be rude to pass it by really
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:26PM
  • *

    Great idea
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:20PM
  • J O Y

    She doesn't look entirely convinced by the white stuff!
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:19PM
  • Life in the cold lane

    Looks like fun, if only I had someone to drag me around in a sled!
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:17PM
  • Between a rock and a.....tree ?!

    Looks like someone had a wander out into the middle of the lochan too - rather them than me!
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:15PM
  • In and out of Bristol

    Definitely interesting series, I think it may be a thoroughly depressing book though!
    • 6 Jan 2010 9:13PM
  • Rest in peace Lindyn, thanks for everything

    • Posted on lindin's profile
    • 11 May 2008 11:17AM