Thanks very much for taking the trouble to look in on my gallery, all votes and comments are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Rich.
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A quick view of RTR's recent activity.

  • Red Arrows at Dawlish Airshow

    Its quite difficult to get an original image of the Red Arrows, but I think you have managed it here by singling out the three aircraft. The tight crop works and I dont think on a shot like this there is any need to give room for them to fly into. I tried to do a mod but couldn't get what I wanted. Your colours seem to be a bit off?, too cool and blue (look at the white stripe of the aircraft). The only other thing I would suggest is to increase the brightness of the whole image in levels as it seems a little too dark overall. Hope this helps.

    • 21 Jul 2015 9:37PM
  • Linnet on Bramble

    • 6 Apr 2014 7:24PM
  • Treecreeper

    difficult birds to catch these... too fast! nice shot. Try cloning out the branches top and bottom with a tighter crop perhaps?

    Rich Grin
    • 2 Mar 2014 10:27PM
  • Mach loop 27-09-13

    Must get myself up there one of these fine days.......
    Great shot. Rich
    • 29 Sep 2013 7:55PM
  • Red Arrows

    Nice crop, shows the subject matter off well......

    • 29 Sep 2013 7:50PM
  • Jupiter 3 moons

    I would love to have this in my portfollio. Cracking shot. Rich.
    • 13 Sep 2013 8:29PM
  • Jupiter's moon - transit of Io casting a shadow

    Spectacular, people really have no idea how difficult such images are or you would get the appropriate amount of votes. As winter approachs I will attempt some more shots with my scope but do struggle to avoid any sort of shake with the limited gear I have. Rich.
    • 13 Sep 2013 8:27PM

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