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15/12/2013 - 7:58 AM

sunrise shine through

sunrise shine throughBeautifully photographed and processed. From purely a personal point my eye keeps being drawn to the piece of sky in the centre of the composition that is blown out. I would have considered shooting lower and cutting out the sky, or cloning or burning. Regards
11/12/2013 - 8:15 PM

Complex interior

Complex interiorGreat location. As above I think the composition could be better balanced. For example the vertical strip of wall on the left IMHO should be cropped out. Looking at your kit and settings you should have been able to get a razor sharp image with an iso of 800 or less. Unless of course your processing was intended to produce a slightly soft image. I would have liked the opportunity to see the original file. A nice image that would be perfect for HDR conversion.
27/05/2013 - 7:11 AM

Cliffs at Combe Martin.

Cliffs at Combe Martin.Perfect composition and beautiful saturated colours. From a purely personal view the image may have been slightly over sharpened which has left some haloing where the sky meets the cliff and there maybe a sensor / lens dusk speck in the sky. None the less an amazing picture. Regards Russell
23/04/2013 - 7:21 AM


_903231700I really like the processing on this shot. Bright vibrant and heavily saturated colours bring it to live. Personal thing I may have given the central image more space, I think it maybe cropped too tightly at the edges and at the top where the top of the spire is cut off. Easily remedied, regards
19/01/2013 - 7:14 AM

Tasty Profiterols

Tasty ProfiterolsGreat subject and very well taken. Nice colour. Looking at the shadow I assume you used flash. I might be inclined to try less power, use of a reflector to reflect the light back onto the subject or placed on a table near natural light. I mention these things because I am experimenting with light and it makes a huge difference. Regards Russell
Your Starter For Ten ( mastermind)Daryyl. Great to see you are back in doors! I like both images because the coloured version has a limited colour palette so as such not to be so different. Strong composition, sharp and dramatic. Like a film set. The use of the chair prop really works. A few considerations. I think the top of the window could be set further in to the image to improve its balance. There is a lot of spare space around the image and I wonder whether an over lay of a rule of thirds grid allowing a re-composition and ultimately some further cropping might improve the overall composition. A smaller square or even a portrait orientation might even be considered. I have mentioned this before but you work is taken in some really difficult locations with regards to available light and exposure. If you are not considering full HDR maybe reprocess your original (RAW) image three times -2. 0. +2 and merging in PS to extend the tonal range and recover some of the details that have been blocked.


Dark Green Fritillary on KnapweedVery well captured. Good strong composition and natural colours. It doesn't detract but might be an issue if printed there appears to be evidence of either over-sharpening or the need for some work on digital noise. The background whilst presenting a lovely bokeh effect could IMHO do with some noise reduction. This is common with hand held shots where a high ISO has had to be used to secure a fast shuttered speed and therefore a sharper image. It is a regular trade off which is only made easier the more expensive the camera or if it is full frame. I generally have to tackle noise in most of my shots even when taken at ISO 100. Regards
12/08/2012 - 7:24 AM


tulipFlowers are my favourite subject. Lovely composition and nice colours. Tulips have a lovely long stem so you might like to move the flower higher into the image showing more of the stem. If the leaves or other buds are not attractive cut them off the subject or remove them in photo-shop or other processing system. With your choice of background you either have to be careful and have a jet black background or a colour that compliments such as a pastel colour. Your background shows some unusual patterns. Regards
08/08/2012 - 3:18 PM

Rocks on Dornoch Beach

Rocks on Dornoch BeachLovely composition and perfect crop. Although no actual focal point the image has depth (almost 3d) and interest. If shot in RAW I might be temped to revisit the original and by use of the exposure, recovery, fill and blacks sliders, attempt to recover some fine detail in the rocks and in the sky. Small points and not deal breakers. Regards
06/08/2012 - 8:09 AM


BloomFlowers, my favourite subject. I like the saturated colours but it does depend what finish you want. For me the flowers on the right are strong and interesting enough to carry the composition so personally I would have lifted them from the bottom right and placed either top left or more central and done away with the second bloom altogether. As for background, if the detail in the background distracts you from the main subject then I think it could be more blurred. If it compliments and completes the composition I would leave some detail. In yours the only thing that distracts is the stem of the second flower so if removed or repositioned that problem would be resolved. The real question is do you like it and if you do then job done. Regards
21/07/2012 - 7:09 AM

The "Koley Market"

The "Koley Market"Interesting social image. Lots of colour and lots to look at. I would image shot handheld and yet you managed to get to get the effect from the street lights normally associated with narrow apertures of f/20 +. I don't know how many shots you have of this location but it may help to concentrate on a main feature, such as a stall, card game, small group or a hard feature like a structure to enable the viewer something to focus on. Very busy and very interesting. Regards
01/07/2012 - 6:08 PM

Old Steamer No. 9225

Old Steamer No. 9225I really like the subject and composition. The flat cap of the driver matches the scene completely. I like the fact you have gone for the processing style you have. For me because the background is modern and not terribly attractive I might have been tempted to go a step further and either blur the background (Gaussian blur) to draw attention to the main subject or convert to black and white, sepia tint with a vignette. Regards Russell
19/06/2012 - 7:12 AM


CarnationWhite on blue really works for me. I don't know what lighting you used but maybe a silver / white reflector / card low on the left might have lightened some of the shadow a little or again depending on the set up -1 exposure compensation may have darkened the highlights on the right. White is v difficult to capture correctly and as for lighting ugg! Great subject and well taken. Regards
16/06/2012 - 8:01 AM

Window Reflections

Window ReflectionsYou find some great locations and your indoor shooting is very strong. Like all of this particularly the light reflection / shadow on the left wall. I don't know what processing you use but this would be perfect for combining 3 images exposed at -2, 0 +2 and then merging in PS Elements 9 or above or even Photomatix Pro HDR. You would then get the full dynamic range from highlights, midtones and shadows. There are many tutorials about re this. I personally think your style of work would be really suited to that type of processing. Regards Russell
04/06/2012 - 7:12 AM

Tiny Flower 2

Tiny Flower 2Nice separation between the flowers and the background. I think the background could have been slightly darker to make it less distracting and as the four flowers are so close it might have been nice for all four to have been in focus by using a narrower aperture. You have kept to the rule of thirds so composition wise I wouldn't alter.
19/05/2012 - 9:46 AM

Yellow Flower

Yellow FlowerKate. Viewing your image on my laptop (which is regularly calibrated) and the colours look clean and vibrant. After a few submissions and maybe a test print you will be confident the colour is to your taste. Most new computers are factory calibrated and are normally about right. Plus consider where you put your computer and when you process because nature and ambient light can make you screen look too cool or too warm. Really like this image, as said clean and vibrant. Nice background complimented by the colour and style of the framing. Lovely
21/03/2012 - 6:57 PM

Chillenden Windmill

Chillenden WindmillI really like the image. Great saturated colours. I may have been tempted to alter the composition slightly to either include the flax flower and Mill but not the gate or the Mill and gate and not the flower. It may have made the mid ground slightly less busy. I do like the concept though as it makes the flower look taller then the main subject. Smile
20/09/2011 - 7:58 AM

Greenwich and Canary Wharf

Greenwich and Canary WharfYou have a brilliant portfolio and I was half expecting a model to pop up. I know this location and this is a lovely shot. Just an observation had you considered cropping the foreground out and losing the fencing. Smile