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A quick view of russftl's recent activity.

  • Natasha Kalashnikova by russftl

    I think Easter is cancelled this year anyways.
    • 26 Mar 2020 4:41PM
  • Ellie Mae by richardlund

    We've got Ell i studio at some point in the near future if this virus buggers off in time!
    • 24 Mar 2020 10:47PM
  • Future Fluorescence 2 by robhillphoto

    Where's you get your light sticks from? It's something i've looked into in the past but I couldn't find a solution i liked for a decent price.
    • 23 Mar 2020 3:06PM
  • Natasha Kalashnikova by russftl

    The cue rest pic is another pic for another day!
    • 16 Mar 2020 11:38PM
  • Louisa Lu by russftl

    If that's what I wanted, that's how I would have shot it 😉 It's one of a bunch from this set up to keep it fresh and differentiate. Rules are for books and need breaking or everyone who reads them will shoot the same way.
    • 11 Mar 2020 1:07AM
  • Rebecca and Baby by russftl

    Nah, she was well behaved through out. I wanted the juxtaposition between the editorial look from the mom and the laughing baby. I have plenty of them both laughing and looking at each other too.
    • 11 Mar 2020 1:03AM
  • Clearance Zone by russftl

    It's all part of the scene. A perfect image is a boring image. I have a lingerie version with a slightly different narrative with all the above, but polishing provocative narratives takes away its raw admittance.. unless you're David Lechappalle and over saturate and over photoshop everything.
    • 1 Mar 2020 5:31PM
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