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  • Hi. Thanks for getting back and for your help. It is probably down to me, but it just won't bring up the sub menu you mention. It just goes straight back to the main display screen.
    As mentioned, it all started when I placed a Hoodman over the screen. It may have pressed some buttons that I didn't know were being pressed. It's not the end of the world, and I also have the Fn button doing the same thing.
    Thanks again, and I may just live with it, or I may contact Nikon UK.
    Happy shooting.
  • Hi, and thanks again, I tried that and it just brings up 'PLAYBACK' and not preview. It is set to the camera and not video.
    It all started when I put my Hoodman viewer over the screen and I seem to have pressed something.
    The DoF would be nice to have back, but as my most used lens is my 24PC-E, I can stop this down on the lens itself. Also, with how long it takes to set this lens, I use Liveview and check at 100% to ensure sharpness throughout...
    I do miss my DoF though...
  • Thanks. I tried that and it doesn't have 'preview' at the top. All I have is the option for 'playback' or 'none'. OR. Pre + command - which does nothing! fx, shutter spd/aperture, 1 step spd, choose non CPU, D lighting, Exposure delay or none.
    I have a 24-70 2.8 lens on the body.
  • HELP! My pv button no longer gives me the DoV preview. When I go into the menu I have an asterisk above the f5. Is this normal? I can't get the DoV back...