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A quick view of SandraKay's recent activity.

  • Stark Landscape by SandraKay

    Quote:Wonderful black and white landscape scene
    UA tomorrowWink

    Very many thanks for the UA, Rob. It’s very much appreciated.
    • 13 Dec 2020 2:50PM
  • Hint of Gold by SandraKay

    Quote:Catch a falling star...

    Love it, Moira.
    • 2 Dec 2020 3:20PM
  • Forest Floor by SandraKay

    Thanks everyone for the clicks an comments and also a big thank you to Richard for the much appreciated Guest Editor Award.
    • 26 Nov 2020 11:45AM
  • Flooded Heathland by SandraKay

    Thanks everyone for the clicks and comments.
    • 10 Nov 2020 10:47AM
  • Down the Lane by SandraKay

    Quote:Yes. I remember Adlestrop—
    The name, because one afternoon
    Of heat the express-train drew up there
    Unwontedly. It was late June.

    The steam hissed. Someone cleared his throat.
    No one left and no one came
    On the bare platform. What I saw
    Was Adlestrop—only the name

    And willows, willow-herb, and grass,
    And meadowsweet, and haycocks dry,
    No whit less still and lonely fair
    Than the high cloudlets in the sky.

    And for that minute a blackbird sang
    Close by, and round him, mistier,
    Farther and farther, all the birds
    Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

    (Edward Thomas, 1916)

    I'm guessing that it has changed very little since.

    Moira, I didn't know about this poem but it conjures up a wonderful image of a time gone by. You are right, the village seems hardly changed at all. You can still hear the birdsong and apart from a couple of cyclists and a local sat by the post office with her dog, all was peaceful.

    Although trains still go through the village there are few signs of the station that was axed in the 60s. We spotted the station sign which is still there inside the town bus shelter. I've uploaded a little picture of this as a version just for interest but it's not my photo.
    • 5 Aug 2020 11:42AM
  • Spring Meadow by SandraKay

    Quote:Great photo Sandra, do you mind me asking where this is in Condicote, it's not far from Cheltenham? Rich

    Many thanks, Rich. I drove through Stow and I think we took the B4077 Tewksbury road towards Ford. There's a gorgeous poppy field on there not far from Swell and if you take the little lane alongside it you'll come across this wildflower field.
    • 7 Jun 2020 5:17PM
  • Beamish in winter by mrswoolybill

    Just seen this. Fabulous!
    • 20 Jan 2019 1:17PM
  • Secret Santa Presents

    Some years ago I got a necklace made of hazelnuts - in their shells - homemade by the giver. Well, it would have to have been, wouldn't it? Hmmm.
    by SandraKay | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on MileJanjic's profile

    An amazing portfolio, with your perfectly timed shots giving us a quick peep into other people's lives.
    • 25 Jan 2017 3:24PM
  • Posted on Satiny's profile

    Some beautiful shots in your PF. GrinGrinGrin
    • 19 Jan 2014 12:30PM
  • Posted on Aggers's profile

    A varied and interesting PF with some first class shots.
    • 22 Aug 2011 1:36PM
  • Posted on terry_cavner's profile

    Fabulous images Terry.
    • 11 Dec 2010 7:14PM
  • Posted on teocali's profile

    Just spent a delightful few minutes looking at some of your first-class shots. Excellent work indeed.
    • 4 Aug 2010 9:30AM
  • Posted on jools59's profile

    You have some interesting and original images, Jools. Excellent work.
    • 16 Jul 2009 11:53AM
  • Posted on JONTHELENS's profile

    A very fine PF, Jon. I especially love the market scenes.
    • 2 Apr 2008 5:36PM
  • Posted on imagio's profile

    I love browsing around your thought-provoking portfolio and find something different each time I click on one of your shots.
    • 29 Jun 2007 10:58AM

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