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A quick view of Sanityfound's recent activity.

  • Angel Of Light by ABurke

    This photo is almost surreal in its first appearance, the yellow bar seems added later, separated from the angel of light. I love the shimmer you've added and the bright colours - its something a bit different to the every day "statue" photo Grin
    • 28 Nov 2009 6:40PM
  • Blue Hosta by Ammonyte

    Love the different lines/angles/directions in this one, stunning you Grin
    • 7 Jul 2008 7:37PM
  • Cold Mountain by jakabout

    Awwws looks like you guys had a blast as always Grin Looks like one and all behaved!
    • 17 Jun 2008 11:32PM
  • Mission of Youth by Sanityfound

    She's a cutie pie isn't she! She says love youuuu Smile
    • 5 May 2008 9:10PM
  • Rowardennan Papathon by Paul_Barr

    Awwws have fun you lot and have one, two ok ok a hundred drinks for this Kruger out in SA! oooo can't wait for the paps heh heh Wink
    • 7 Mar 2008 7:57AM
  • The Egg man calls home... by Sanityfound

    ... she stole it when you weren't lookin! Shouldn't forget such a masterpiece on the washing line my dear!!! Smile LMAO
    • 3 Mar 2008 7:22PM
  • In Mourning... by Sanityfound

    Thanks guys!
    • 21 Feb 2008 7:59PM
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  • Explain Your User Name

    "Just my name and year of birth, sad really! Thought about CanonTog but it was too late and I can't change now. EPZ were kind enough to let me change twice so can't r...
    by Camairish | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 472
  • Pics of you from the 70s

    That's because you've blocked them out, Col..... .....good times ;)
    by Pete | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 114
  • Bar D'Newbies

    Yeah a couple of weeks off the ole jungle juice and a course of antibiotics and Im in no fit state. Just joshing ok, Im as sober as a judge..... Lee :)
    by stevieb | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 139
  • South Wales Meet - 12/13 January

    Hi all! I'm posting this from my mates house as my internet is down again! :( Thanks Boyd for the organising and the lifts - really appreciate your generosity and h...
    by bohemia | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 621
  • Chinese New Year Meet - Manchester - February 10th

    No worries Goggz - I'm even slower since it took me longer to find a 'good' one Ho's Bakery There's a mono version just for Mark
    by BigCol | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 268
  • EPZ Pole Dancing!

    I love this... It's something that seems so insignificant, but brings so much joy to so many people! ;) ...and that's just the belly!
    by jeanie | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 10
  • To many Kids portrait togs!

    " I know as well as you that a DSLR is more versatile than a compact but my point is that when it comes to the Business side of photography its what the clients THIN...
    by User_Removed | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 202

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