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sarah kruger

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  • Commented on 'Bloody Bureaucracy!'

    I know this is on a slightly different scale, but when we lived in England, I once was looking for a wedding album for someone else. I walked in, saw what I thought she would like, and asked the sales clerk at her desk if I could take a photo of the album to show and she said it would be fine. Well, that's not what the security guard thought. Flexing his jaw muscles at me, he told me I wasn't allowed to do that. I obviously pointed out that I had received permission from a member of staff. He couldn't say a thing. He also couldn't make me remove the photos from my camera. I had a very similar situation here in the States when photographing a building from the street. They said they were worried because of security (I had my toddler son in his stroller with me). But again, they couldn't remove my photos. I guess what I'm trying to say is take your photos, discreetly, and if they approach you, apologize and be on your way. And I'm sure we'd all love to see the results.
    Good luck.
    • 6 Mar 2006 8:57AM
  • Commented on 'Nice Knockers?'

    Well, it seems like I may have touched on a bit of a sensitive subject.

    The main point I was trying to make, which I think Cathal summed up, is that if it's an aweful picture with knockers, why is the only comment worth saying 'nice knockers'. This is a photography site and we should be commenting on the photography - not the woman's personal assets.

    The photographer who doesn't accept constructive comments isn't interested in developing their photography skills. And the photographer who bites back over a bad comment on an aweful photo - well, they are just aiming at the wrong market and using this site for the wrong reasons. I signed up to this site for the comments and input.

    And as for Pete's comments - which I know he said were not aimed at me personally - but I love the site and I think it does incredibly good work. I am personally very happy with number of clicks I get. The viewers who like my style and subject of photography will vote for my photos.

    I thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. And you're right, attitudes will never change. Let's just hope that people keep the site more for what it is intended and keep the cheesy smut out.

    And one last think - I guess I unintentionally proved my point by the number of readers I got for this forum based on the title alone. And I thank you for the ones who were honest about that.

    • 8 Feb 2006 5:11AM
  • Commented on 'Nice Knockers?'

    Let me start of saying that I have absolutely nothing against nude/glamour photography. Honestly, I think if done well, it makes for beautiful art.

    The problem I have, particularly with some people using this site, is that you can have the most god aweful photo which happens to show a pair of knockers (and so many of these have not been put into the adult category), and suddenly the photo is getting all the votes in the world along with all the comments that go with it.

    One in particular comes to mind. It was an aweful picture of a woman who was just standing there with a stupid half smile on her face, no posing except for her obviously holding her shirt open at the bottom. The bg had been digitall altered, but you could tell there were horribly dark and heavy shadows. There were no nipples to be seen, but still, you get the picture (don't mind the pun). There was one comment posted which just simply said 'Nice Knockers'. Is that what nudety is about on this site? It thought it was supposed to be about artistically captured photography - not boobs.

    Maybe I'm being an overly sensitive woman on this - but if you want 'Nice Knockers', go buy a magazine!!!!!

    • 7 Feb 2006 3:52PM