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Activity : Photo Comments

sarah kruger

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  • Sunset Roof by BigCol

    Hey Colin, I don't know why this didn't get more votes - it's fabulous.
    Hope you're well.
    • 1 Nov 2006 12:23PM
  • Tootsie by samone

    Can I say - aw!
    Very nice photo and well taken.
    • 24 May 2006 4:04AM
  • Soft Blue 2 by SamM

    Beautiful image of a flower.
    Well done.
    • 24 May 2006 4:00AM
  • architecture by lee beel

    Wonderful lines, shapes & color. Well done.
    • 24 May 2006 3:57AM
  • Spikeme by hionikon

    I believe that's a secretary bird - correct? Lovely image and well timed.
    • 24 May 2006 3:49AM
  • Sennen Panoramic by matt_smith

    Beautiful scene.
    • 24 May 2006 3:48AM
  • Marry #5 by Kordis

    Nice natural portrait.
    • 24 May 2006 3:04AM
  • Perfectly Blue by chase

    Incredible colors, fantastic lighting and wonderful composition.
    • 19 May 2006 5:14PM
  • A Storm Awaits by ricochico

    Fantastic sky. What a wonderful photograph. So pin sharp and well composed.
    Well done.
    • 19 May 2006 5:11PM
  • tulips by beriah

    Soft and gentle. I like it.
    • 13 May 2006 4:45AM
  • Drip...... by GillyB

    Superb sharpness with wonderful colors & great dof.
    • 10 May 2006 12:42PM
  • Star Light by princezippy

    Really nice work. You feel very proud.
    • 8 May 2006 2:18AM
  • Reflection of Baby by sarah kruger

    Thanks everyone for your clicks and your really kind words. It is much appreciated and I'm glad you like the photo.

    And to answer a question from Kate, the reflection was an add-on. I don't think it would have worked had it been a real shiny surface because of seeing the flash in the reflection. But I was really pleased you couldn't tell the difference Smile

    Glad to see you're back Mags Smile

    Thanks again,
    • 28 Apr 2006 6:47PM
  • Mommy & Me by createfun

    Hey Donna,

    I saw your upload come seconds after mine. That was very funny, especially considering they are so similar, like you said. I recognised your daughter before I even opened it up Smile
    • 26 Apr 2006 3:18AM
  • Love & Adoration by sarah kruger

    Thanks Shane, that's sweet. And you're welcome.
    • 26 Apr 2006 3:16AM
  • Bud 2 by studiograham

    Very beautiful. What did you use for your water drops? Just been asking around to see what everyone uses.
    • 26 Apr 2006 2:24AM
  • Baby swim #2 by pedda

    It deserves the HC, well done.
    • 25 Apr 2006 3:34PM
  • We Are Family by Willyjeen

    I think this works very well.
    • 21 Apr 2006 1:50PM
  • Gate and Cliff by ade_mcfade

    I do like it, a click from me, but one thing I always remember my photography tutor saying about gates, leave them open for your reader to have somewhere to go - but always check for the bull first Smile
    • 10 Apr 2006 11:46AM
  • Orchid by mrsdaffy

    Hey Mags,
    Very eyecatching. Great dof. The border just finishes it off so nicely.

    Sorry not been saying much lately, just really, really busy.
    • 7 Apr 2006 2:11PM
  • spooky opera house by sarah kruger

    Doyles it was. Love their prawns - the views not too bad either Smile

    Thanks for the comments.
    • 26 Mar 2006 1:15PM
  • Saturation Blues by MartinWait

    Unbelieveable colors and great dof. Well done.
    • 26 Mar 2006 12:52PM
  • Clown in Anemone by sarah kruger

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    Hi Mags, how are you? I haven't spoken to you for a while. I've not had much time to spend on here so I've just uploaded a few and left it. Speak to you soon.
    • 17 Mar 2006 8:33AM
  • AC Cobra by sarah kruger

    Hi Colin,
    I guess I could always drive you mad by saying it is mine Smile but sadly it is not. It belongs to a neighbor. We had a great time by the lake photographing it one late summers afternoon, all polished and shiny. Really nice to be dirven around in though (even if it was only once).
    Thanks for the comments.
    • 4 Mar 2006 1:58PM
  • Baby Blues by sarah kruger

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments. I do take them in a helpful way (unlike some people) and will give it another go with the suggestions.
    Thanks for your tips and let me know what you think when I post it again.
    Many thanks again,
    • 2 Mar 2006 2:07AM
  • Grandfather by Argm

    Personally I would have cropped a little tighter on the right and top, but other than that, I think it's a great portrait. Well done.
    • 1 Mar 2006 4:36AM
  • Twisted climb by Mary_C

    Very unusual. I love how you have to look at it to work out what it is. The colors and lines really make it work so well.
    • 15 Feb 2006 3:16PM
  • 'Ice' by mrsdaffy

    Hey Mags,
    I think the white/black strip across her face really makes it. I love close ups like this. I'd LOVE to see the same shot with natural light (if available of course).
    • 15 Feb 2006 3:13PM
  • Sea Turtle by sarah kruger

    This was taken through glass. I wish it was taken underwater though Smile Thanks for looking.
    • 15 Feb 2006 3:09AM
  • Snowy Tree by sarah kruger

    Hi David, we don't normally get much snow around here either - Atlanta GA that is. Just noticed you've got the same name as my dad - small world Smile
    • 14 Feb 2006 3:52AM