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When i grow up i want to be a real photographer! Wink
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A quick view of SarahWilkesPhotography's recent activity.

  • Windswept by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Thank you
    • 25 Nov 2018 4:19PM
  • Red Haired Goddesses by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Quote:This is a gorgeous portrait - the ladies are all so pretty, with gorgeous hair! I'd love to know more about them (me being nosy again!). Are they all members of the same family?

    Hi I donít mind you being nosy 😂
    No they are not all from the same family although the mum on the ladder is mum to the girl dat on the floor with her hand by her face! I roped her in and she jumped at the chance to play dress up and pretend to be mum to all 😂
    • 23 Oct 2018 10:33AM
  • By The Grace by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Thank you all so very much Grin
    • 22 Oct 2018 12:28PM
  • Sextuplets by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Quote:Wonderful posing group ... why so sad?

    Because their hands are not perfect, they moved and i was so far back i didn't see! One looks bored to tears ha-ha I know it just could have been so much better!
    • 14 Oct 2018 12:43PM
  • Flower Child by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Thank you x
    • 9 Oct 2018 10:07PM
  • 3 Is The Perfect Number by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Quote:C'mon be fair on the rest of us, post a duff picture. I can't make up my mind if your photography is inspirational or soul destroying! ( Ok so really I know it's the first, but you are kind of making me want to take up knitting instead!!!Wink)

    Another brilliant picture, can we all come to play at your house.Grin


    GrinTongue Bwahahahah you made me spit my coffee out ha-ha! Sure come play at my studio anytime!!!
    • 6 Oct 2018 7:25PM
  • Its All About The Hair by SarahWilkesPhotography

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments! Means so much!
    • 5 Oct 2018 8:14PM

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