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Welcome to my Photography Portfolio. I am very happy that you are here and very pleased to receive your comments, advice, and critique in order for me to improve.
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  • Birds

    The cafe is called " Chris's Cafe " and is on the A40 between Stokenchurch and High Wycombe, they feed the birds daily about midday with the scraps from the mornings cook...
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  • Arabian coffee

    I think i finally did it, saltireblue. thankx for your guidance and support.
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  • Posted on: Free ePHOTOzine Plus Membership For 1 Month!

    merry christmas to everyone. wishes for a happy new year 2018
    • 25 Dec 2017 9:40AM
  • Posted on: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Mark IV Sample Photos

    I believe Sony has done a great step forward on the RX 10 IV.
    Its a great Bridge camera with a class on its own.
    and really I am considering buying one next February,
    as a wise man said :"" its better to have a smaller camera
    with you than a large camera on the shelf ""
    The 1" sensor is not so bad its just a bit smaller than micro 4/3
    but the goods are much more, the 25-600 lens at 2.8-4 aperture
    a bright lens at almost all the range it is what a traveler wants
    even street photographer, and sports photographer.
    Yes It is a great camera and I am serious about it,
    maybe earlier than February it swill be mine/ GrinGrin

    • 12 Nov 2017 5:13AM

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  • Posted on JanetAS's profile

    Hello Janet.
    Great work
    Keep discovering
    Savvas Stavrinos
    • 22 Mar 2017 3:25AM
  • Posted on franken's profile

    Really a fantastic image.

    ///savvas stavrinos///
    • 3 Feb 2017 6:42PM
  • Posted on FrancisChiles's profile

    Great work. Keep shooting
    • 22 Jan 2017 10:36AM

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