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Welcome to Scotland, the bonniest country I know, Lochs, Mountains, wonderful reflections. Have a wander through my pages and see if you find anything to whet your appetite for a visit to my homeland.

I'm a retired professional and still learning every day.

Thanks for all your support in the past and maybe in the future too.

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Scottishlandscapes's Portfolio.




prabhusinha 15 5 5 India
13 Oct 2016 4:54PM
I was missing this stunning PF so long since I joined EPZ. I am following you.
dudler Plus
19 2.1k 2018 England
29 Mar 2014 11:24AM
A portfolio that never disappoints. A long series of lovely views, beautifully shot.
Gruditch 9 16 England
6 Feb 2014 5:54PM
Some lovely images Dougie. I'm up to the Highlands again at the end of March, your portfolio has wetted my appetite.

Regards Gary
ronboy 13 2 Scotland
25 Oct 2013 4:37PM
You've done God's country proud in this portfolio. Congratulations
AnneB50 11 118 18 Scotland
14 Nov 2012 2:39PM
Brilliant portfolio Dougie, I'm a Scot myself but sadly no longer live there. Regular visitor though and just returned from a recent photography workshop in Assynt though. Truly inspising! Anne
rhousham 16 435 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2012 9:34PM
Love this portfolio, I come back often - there is always some great landscapes.
abeeror2 10 23 Australia
2 Jul 2012 11:19PM
I use to live in the highlands and you certainly do Scotland proud with these amazing photos! Cheers!
braddy 13 37 Scotland
28 May 2012 5:03PM
Great PF with a good mix of iconic and out-of-the-way vistas. Majestic reflections (I have a bit of a thing for reflections!!)
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
15 Apr 2012 8:05PM
Such an exciting PF. Landscape master !!! Wonderful.

Pam GrinGrin
Cor 14 Belgium
8 Mar 2012 8:23AM
A TOP P.F > 10+
luceombra 11 27 5 Italy
8 Feb 2012 9:44AM
I see here a fantastic portfolio full ob outstanding lanscapes. Congrats
28 Jan 2012 12:28PM
Hi Dougie thanks for your comments on my 3 photos very excited to receive them, I can not believe you like them after viewing your portfolio your photos are amazing.
lynks 15 England
6 Dec 2011 2:41PM
Fabulous portfolio.Wink
24 Nov 2011 9:33PM
Inspirational portfolio
oneill 15 155 Ireland
18 Nov 2011 10:21PM
a fantastic p/f just wish i was there, over here in ireland we have much the same dougie,,only you master the camera better,my friend.
fraser 19 631 14 Scotland
14 Nov 2011 2:55PM
I can't believe I haven't posted a message in here before Dougie! Such a wide variety of landscapes and a collection to be proud of. You continue to inspire and motivate.

Tynnwrlluniau Plus
13 112 40 Wales
11 Sep 2011 4:56PM
What a brilliant PF, Dougie. All those gems add up to one substantial treasure trove! A joy to view.
MartPics 17 7 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2011 10:39PM
Fantastic portfolio!

Daisymaye Plus
14 26 24 Canada
2 Jul 2011 1:24AM
A stunning pf Dougie. You bring Scotland alive for us who have never been there. Making me want to visit one day. Superb images, all of them.........Sandy
AdiDat 12 1 India
22 Apr 2011 6:18AM
Simply Wonderful!
Great Work Man!
I'm spellbound...
Lusitano 13 1 Wales
7 Mar 2011 6:35PM
Definetly be visiting your page in search of inspiration...your landscapes are superb.
31 Jan 2011 6:07AM
Beautiful photographs, the light is wonderful and I loved the little candle. Thank you.
JohnRShort 19 25 United Kingdom
25 Dec 2010 11:05AM
Great portfolio Dougie , if I could live anywhere it would be Scotland, probably the Western Isles. Spend two weeks Island hopping every year and as long as you don't mind 14 degrees and a bit of rain no better place in the world.

Hope you have a great Christmas and Lang may your lum reek

Gourdon 13 Scotland
30 Nov 2010 11:37AM
Absolutely gorgeous photographs! i spend a lot of time out of Scotland but your work makes me wonder why! Oh - the climate...
jackitec 14 16 Spain
29 Nov 2010 1:45PM
Just enjoying your portfolio, being a Scot living in Spain I will be back often see your landscapes as I do miss the scenery, keep up your excellent work,

tashi 12 2
7 Oct 2010 9:02AM
Absolutely fantastic! This is another pf that's a book by itself. Had heard so much about Scotland and now after seeing your pf, I do agree about Scotland being one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Thanks for sharing all these lovely shots. Yes, I really enjoyed going through your pf.
samlw68 12 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 6:16PM
A great portfolio
NC5 12
23 Aug 2010 3:58PM
enjoyed looking at your work.
12 Aug 2010 7:33AM
Wow stunning photographs, and as Craig99999 says, one of the best landscape pf"s,,
Canadiann 13 2 Canada
10 Jun 2010 6:21PM
A really beautiful and interesting Pf. I enjoyed looking around at your collection. Have been to a few of the places on a trip home a few years ago. This was a wonderful reminder of our time in Scotland. Being born and raised in Derby I really miss the British Isles gorgeous countryside. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us. Maybe one day in the future my work will improve to this standard, but for now have to keep plugging along.
8 May 2010 8:20PM
Fantastic Gallery, want to go to Scotland and shoot some fantastic landscapes
Craig99999 14 19 1 United Kingdom
8 May 2010 6:33PM
Got to be one of the best landscape portfolio's. Absolute brilliance and what a location you live in.

HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
19 Apr 2010 3:27PM
Beautiful PF. I need ti visit
Cor 14 Belgium
19 Mar 2010 9:03AM
Superb PF.
xstevex 15 89 1 England
17 Jan 2010 8:08PM
Yeah must admit you live in one of the most photogenic places on earth and you capturing them well with the camera.
Ive enjoyed looking at these images
Thanks for shareing them with us.
15 Jan 2010 7:37PM
What an outstanding portfolio, this is really really good work You've captured the beauty of Scotland 100%. Absolutely stunning!

michaelcombe 13 46 2 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2009 5:21PM
Just stumbled across your portfolio.

Some absolutely amazing shots, some great inspiration for my next trip to Scotland in the New Year.
Diane_McCudden 14 16 1 Isle of Man
14 Dec 2009 5:48PM
Dougie, I have just been looking at your website, Wow, what a fantastic collection of images you have. You must be very proud of all your hard work. You're an inspiration. Thank you for your recent comments on my images. Diane
1 Dec 2009 4:17AM
Hi Dougie!
Everytime I visit your PF,it a learning experiance,and your comments & suggestions are like gold dust.....Thank you for sharing my dear friend!
fraser 19 631 14 Scotland
21 Nov 2009 5:19PM
Love the clarity and colour in your photographs. One of my favourite landscape pf's.
TheWanderer 13 20 2 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 1:22PM
I think your landscapes are the best I have seen on here.
Blundez 16 3
12 Nov 2009 12:25PM
A wonderful portfolio, thoroughly enjoyed looking through it unfortunately ran out of time at page 13 due to having to get back to work... I visit the West Highlands every couple of years so have to take pot luck with the weather, so it is great to see a different side to the country and its many moods. Thanks for a lovely treat.
RonnieAG Plus
13 154 119 Scotland
10 Nov 2009 9:43AM
Thank you for your welcome to EPZ and your kind comment on my first image submitted. I love browsing through your portfolio and I would have been very happy to have taken any of your photos. Look forward to heading up north again soon.
Regards, Ronnie.
firzhugh 18 13 New Zealand
7 Nov 2009 9:52AM
Hi Dougie, you have a really amazing portfolio. I love Scottish landscapes and you really have a wonderful selection.
Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to add in your shot, vey nice indeed. I definatly dont look at enoungh landscapes with telephoto lenses and that was a timely reminder of what I am missing. Thanks again
Alex at Lochaberlight
TeeCee 14 4 Scotland
28 Oct 2009 8:20AM
Dougie, thanks for your kind comments, we do get around, the in-laws are in Nairn, so its an adventure every time we come up from Selkirk to see them, and such a beautiful place to go to, the Highlands are on your doorstep up there, fantastic......

Your pf is amazing, the colours and light you capture are so beautiful, it gives me inspiration to travel further !

Kindest Regards
alighalam 14 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
23 Oct 2009 12:34PM
Dear DOUGIE, You have very special beauty portfolio, showing your
advance expert for to find very strong composition & post modern
light capturing method, result is your beauty PHOTOS. SUPERB.
Best Rgds, Ali
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2009 3:51PM
Have just spent a very enjoyable time browsing your portfolio with a hot cappucino in hand, and what a way to spend time. Until last week I had never been to the Highlands, having just spent 6 days in the region,I now recognise a good few of the places. The scenery is stunning, it must be wonderful to have such sublime scenes so close to you. Your ability to capture these scenes and do them justice is evident throughout your portfolio. Thank you for a whistle stop guided tour.
9 Oct 2009 2:28PM
Hi Dougie, have just had time to look at a few images in your portfolio so far and theyre fabulous :o)
Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
21 Sep 2009 8:21AM
Hi Dougie, i've been off the net for a while now and have no hope of catching up with everyone's pics, so i'll just leave a note for you here to say how much I admire your fine Scottish landscapes, I feel like i'm having such an enjoyable guided tour around Scotland when I see them.

alighalam 14 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
31 Aug 2009 7:11PM
Dear DOUGIE, You have very special beauty eyes to see the world
around for capturing excellent images & PHOTOS.
Best Rgds, Ali
28 Aug 2009 8:41AM
Hi Dougie ! Thank you so much for sharing such amazing work with us,over the years I have learned a lot from admiring your images,thanks a lot for spreading so much joy...
G6DDS 13 231 Scotland
15 Aug 2009 12:49PM
Fantastic portfolio Dougie.
I really need to get out more and visit the many beautiful places around me.
Eloren 13 2 United Arab Emirates
12 Aug 2009 2:56PM
Your gallery is truly beautiful and worth the visit! You capture the beauty of the Scottish landscape very well Smile

Looking forward for more eye treat!

Do you use any filters (ND, polarizers..) for your shots?
Alan_Coles 17 182 11 Wales
7 Jul 2009 11:55AM
Excellent Portfolio, your use of the light is excellent.
RAUL 14 Italy
3 Jun 2009 9:33PM
Wonderful portfolio.
Rachel99 14 1 2 United Kingdom
8 May 2009 6:12PM
Sounds like excellent advice. Thank you Dougie
Rachel that's very kind of you. I tend to use one lens most of the time, I rarely change lenses during a shoot. Your zoom will cover a lot of ground and your legs can do the rest moving forwards and backwards also up and down. Concentrate on the images and what you're seeing and not the lenses and camera.

Best of luck hope you have a great time, look forward to seeing your work.
Rachel99 14 1 2 United Kingdom
8 May 2009 5:12PM
This is a stunningly beautiful portfolio Dougie. Landscapes to die for. I am off walking in the Peak District at the end of the month and obviously want to take some landscape shots. All I have is the 18-55 mm lens that came with the camera. Any tips for how I can take the best possible landscape photos would be very welcome.
User_Removed 16 11 11 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2009 7:56AM
Hi Dougie

Followed your comment on jrps HDR image and found your pf. Now that I've found it I will keep popping back to have a look. Great Pf and website.

I look forward to seeing some of your HDR images.

Kind regards

Chris C
peterzed 16 15 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2009 12:50AM
Hi Douglas, thanks for all your comments they are much appreciated coming from such a good photographer. Thought I'd let you know how impressed I am with Lightroom 2, it costs a heck of a lot for a piece of software but I'm pretty certain I am going to buy it. It makes things so simple, all the things you wish you could do to save time. I have dowloaded a trial version for a month free trial and I love how much you can change without actually degrading the quality of the photograph.

I'd recommend you have a go and have a look through the tutorials so you can get the most out of it. My favourite thing is the ability to 'add' a grad filter effect. Simple but effective.

All the best and keep them coming.

Lucy_Locket 15 35 England
6 Mar 2009 8:07PM
I have no idea how I've missed seeing your beautiful images before, take this as a click for all of them! Just stunning.
Lucy Smile
13 Dec 2008 10:06PM
There is something very special about your Gallery. Your image are so true in colour and texture.
They also show the beauty of the Scottish landscape.

Fantastic work to look at.

Neil_Higgins 16 35 3 England
17 Nov 2008 1:18PM
A treasure trove of natural landscapes, i've always enjoyed your work during my time on EPZ, and your enthusiasm for landscape photography shines through in your portfolio, keep it going Dougie Smile
whiteswan01 15 13 England
7 Oct 2008 7:23AM
wow a stunning portfolio makes me more determined to visit scotland
10 Sep 2008 7:35AM
Hi Douglas! Have been missing your beautiful images lately,hope everything is fine.
peterzed 16 15 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2008 11:34AM
Hi Dougie,

Thanks for all you comments recently. Your quality photos just keep coming. Makes me pine for my retirement in only 34 short years.

Better get back to work, keep those pension payments going.

Guillaume 16 119 2 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2008 1:18PM
A beautiful portfolio of Scottish landscapes so very well captured. A real feast for the eyes.
chesh 19 45 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2008 10:01AM
Your pictures are always a great source of inspiration, Douglas. Long may you continue.
Ray42 15 3 England
11 Jun 2008 8:26PM
A great port folio as said above very professional and has completely sold me on the beauties of Scotland
Footsore 15 9 United Kingdom
31 May 2008 10:16AM
Have just spent a bit of time browsing through your gallery. Always a pleasure to see your pictures. Your images are a great advertisment for what Scotland has to offer scenically. All the best .

pennyspike 20 2.1k 29 United Kingdom
11 May 2008 10:45PM
What an impressive collection of landscapes.
I'm visitaing at the end of the month so I'll be looking carefully at your pictures for inspiration.
2 May 2008 6:46AM
what a great P.F.Very professionals.I can learn a lot by just m\watching your images.
6 Apr 2008 2:10PM
What an enviable collection of masterpieces! Will be visiting again soon.
jinstone Plus
17 8 1 United Kingdom
6 Apr 2008 8:15AM
Superb selection of photograpghs, keep up the excellent work.
edwood 15 3 Scotland
4 Apr 2008 6:39PM
outstanding portfolio.
28 Mar 2008 10:17AM
Amazing images - great presentation.
Take-a-View 19 293 5 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2008 7:57AM
Just meandered through your PF and you have some fantastic images. Particularly like the mono ones; very inspirational.

HebLight 15 14 England
3 Mar 2008 5:49PM
Used to 'meet' you on another photo site (forget the name) some years back when you first started posting and left some nice comments on my images. You have come a long way since those early days, my friend, while I have stood still! But then you live in the most beautiful part of this country and have inspiration on your doorstep. Great portfolio - will try and look out for your images.
luxaeternam 15 21 1
21 Feb 2008 2:30PM
An intimidatingly good portfolio! (Note to self : must try harder)
Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of viewing these breathtaking landscapes.
Smile Lucy
Assyrian 15 132 Scotland
15 Feb 2008 2:16PM
I could honestly sit and look at this work for hours. Utterly impeccable!

Bodiewil 15 46 Wales
8 Feb 2008 4:53PM
Thought I take an hour or so and go through you portfolio Dougie, several times lately I have referred to your work as masterful... believe me it's more than that. You have an unbelievable eye and talent for photography, every image is a real pleasure to view. You are a inspiration to me as a landscape lover just starting out on the long passage of learning..... Beware I may be picking your brain... Thanks for sharing your work

porty2003 19 97 Scotland
30 Jan 2008 9:22AM
A collection of great images showing the beautiful scenery of Scotland at its best [Argyll in particular,but i'm biased!!].
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2008 3:36PM
Fabulous scenery, excellently composed and captured. A pleasure to view, a feast of treats for the eye. An excellent inspirational portfolio.
edwood 15 3 Scotland
12 Jan 2008 7:00PM
brillyant portfolio,thanks for the comments ,much appreciated.
19 Dec 2007 2:14PM
Your portfolio is wonderful. It is clear why you are the "Editors Choice". You have such a good eye. Lovely photos and your presentations are just flawless. Enjoyed everyone very much. Looking forward to seeing more.
Dave87 16 42 5 England
14 Dec 2007 9:37PM
A boot load of ace photography. A master of photography. A PF full of super work.

gregbarker 16 4 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2007 8:29AM
Some turly stunning images and locations a portfolio to be proud off
v8dunc 16 333 4 Scotland
29 Nov 2007 6:04PM
Hi Dougie ,thanks for the recent comments,they are much appreciated,no doubt i will run into you on the hills one of these days

Cheers Duncan
moheim 15
16 Nov 2007 4:37PM
Hi Dougie, I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. It looks like I've got plenty to learn from all the great photos on here. Yours too, you've got some fantastically atmospheric shots on here.

29 Sep 2007 10:29AM
Dougie, if I wasn't a Scot, your photographs would make me want to visit the country. Wonderful and very inspiring.
5 Sep 2007 12:53PM
Some lovely images in your portfolio !
JohnParminter 16 1.3k 14 England
31 Aug 2007 6:24PM
A very inspiring PF Dougie, will no doubt be making future views.
Barrynic 16 16
27 Aug 2007 7:10PM
A wonderful collection of shots Dougie,I find them very inspiring.
Many thanks
uggyy 17 2.1k 9 Scotland
29 Jul 2007 12:18PM
Just managed to catch up with your recent images and enjoyed the lot... Keep on clicking bro and a pleasure to see your work.

Guernseydan 16 37 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2007 9:28PM
Some lovely photos of my favourite part of the world! A pleasure to add to my favs and look forward to more work soon.

All the best

Alison_S 17 339 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2007 7:40AM
Thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all your latest uploads this morning. You're a real inspiration Dougie.

v8dunc 16 333 4 Scotland
30 Jun 2007 8:18PM
Thank you for your comments on my pics,and yes the name on the (loch ba)shot is incorrect,lochan-nah-achlaisse.
Stunning portfolio
Cheers Duncan
geegee 19 29 England
25 Apr 2007 7:29PM
A pleasure to view Dougie, keep them coming to uplift me until I can return to this wonderful country of yours.
Many thanks.
25 Apr 2007 6:21AM
I think the images in your gallery are outstanding, I am new to this forum and have only just getting to look around.

One thing that I have noticed about your images is the use of cloud , to me an landscape image without cloud is like eating a meal without salt.

Thank you for sharing your world.
Warren from South Africa
brownsilent 16 7 2 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2007 9:36AM
Fantastic pf. I am quite often here on this space, your pics show me again and again why I love Scotland, especially the north-west, so much. Thanks for taking me to these places.
Johanna xxx
BertieP 16 25 Scotland
14 Mar 2007 8:05AM
This is now a `favourite' for me. The treatment of the locations is super
Take-a-View 19 293 5 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2007 7:48AM
A stunning portfolio of landscapes
30 Sep 2006 10:54PM
Thank you Dougie for both the inspiration of a dazzling portfolio and the encouragement of your comments.


imagio 16 12 1 England
28 Aug 2006 5:44PM
Hey Dougie fantastic portfolio, compliments from you I value greatly.
draxwayze 19 74
11 Aug 2006 6:54AM
Landscapes par exellence. Some of the best I have seen.
devine 17
9 Jun 2006 11:51AM
Been to many of the places you photograph, i am inspired i will keep trying thankyou ..well done.
pierre 19 62 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2006 10:11PM
A beautiful portfolio,Peedephoto has hit the nail on the head perfectly,great stuff
Maddie 18 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
20 Apr 2006 6:15AM
a beautiful portfolio Doug, fantastic work, i value your comments very much.
pfheyes 19 254 1 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2006 10:24PM
Doug, you are an underrated photographer on this site if you base it on click counts alone, but it proves that the dreaded blue heart is not a accurate measure of quality in its own right. You have an obvious love for the landscapes around you, and an eye for the light that illuminates them. Your images are beautiful, grand, and as inspirational as the landscape itself, and leave me hankering to return to these places. Need I say more?

7 Apr 2006 4:56AM
Your portfolio really captures the grandeur and beauty of the Scottish landscape, Dougie.
wyatturp 17 2 England
1 Apr 2006 10:38PM
Hi Doug just had a look at your PF super pics had fun,looking ,nice work ,take care.
vickyrking 18 13 Wales
29 Mar 2006 11:17AM
Fantastic portfolio Dougie; so many shots that I really liked I didn't know where to start clicking so thought I'd leave a note here instead! Beautiful work and you're in my list of favourite photographers now.
Camairish 17 1.4k Scotland
1 Mar 2006 1:39PM
Do it Dougie, buy the XPan! Just read your comment on one of Simon's pictures and I think in your hands the results would be stunning,
jules41 19 197 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2006 3:19AM
What a wonderful pf you have here Dougie,your shots are amazing,the clarity and detail are superb.One to add to my favourites i think.
excellent work
julianevans 19 39 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2006 6:32AM

To me, your images portay the natural beauty of your country's wonderful scenery and transport the viewer to these magical locations.

All the best

CollY 17 14
29 Jan 2006 2:39PM
A stunning portfolio Dougie, really beautiful images. A pleasure to scroll through.
Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
28 Jan 2006 11:32PM
A beautiful collection of Scottish scenes, so well captured and presented. I am so grateful too, Dougie for all the positive feedback you leave on my shots, its a real boost.


Mari Smile
Alison_S 17 339 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2006 12:47AM
Wonderful collection of images. I could sit and look at them for hours. You've done Scotland proud!!
IanO 20 195 Scotland
6 Jan 2006 5:03AM
Yes indeed, a wonderful portfolio, and one to aspire to. What a wonderful country we live in Dougie!
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
6 Jan 2006 2:26AM
Stunning portfolio Dougie.

You really must venture over to the East shores one day for a blether and a wee cuppa Smile))

gwyn h 19 432
16 Dec 2005 11:19PM
A portfolio that has been a particular favourite of mine from the outset. In my opinion you'd be hardpushed to find a better collection of wonderfully varied images of Scotland anywhere. A mere glance at your showcase should be enough to entice the viewer inside for a better look. Simply excellent work.

All the very best.

16 Dec 2005 11:46AM
The scenery of Scotland is comprehensively covered in this beautiful collection of photographs.
Excellent work, an inspiration to get out there and get 'clickin'.

All the best

Paul_Barr 18 544 Scotland
14 Dec 2005 10:54AM
A fantastic showcase of Scotland's scenery Dougie. A pleasure to view.


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