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A quick view of scuttlefish's recent activity.

  • moonlight by scuttlefish

    Thanks for the comments. The horizon, Ben, is directly in front of those town lights. The waterline on the left of those lights is the curvature of the land mass leading out to the lights. The land (mountains) you see is the isle of Bute in Scotland. Because it was so dark at the furthest point that night, I used the town lights for horizon reference knowing it was at water level.

    The reflections shape, I attributed to the very low angle of the shot. I have three more shots that all have this phenomenon to them.

    On a side note, compositionally, I would dearly loved to have the moon on the left third of the photo and the lights on the right third but I ran out of beach to compose it how I wanted.

    I had to grab that shot between showers. Forecast for that night was for three inches of rain in that region and hanging about with no shelter, cold and wet, hoping the clouds would part to reveal the moon in the perfect position, was not an option for me, LOL.
    • 26 Sep 2005 9:24AM
  • Identify please by scuttlefish

    Many thanks for the I.D. Julian. Butterfly species, latin name of Gonepteryx rhamni according to Google. Thanks for giving it a name, much appreciated.
    • 8 Aug 2005 12:11PM
  • Bournemouth sands by scuttlefish

    Many thanks for the comments. I tried utilising the slowest shutter speed possible to spread out those waves but I couldn't get it any slower than this.

    Sarah, enjoy your hols, it was fun for my weekend down there on a mates 40th birthday bash. And I still managed to slip in some photography time between sessions Smile

    John, thanks for your reply. The anchor of the front groin had some people lurking around it who didn't seem in too much hurry so i purposely omitted it by zooming in to 70mm. I try to keep people and cars etc out of my pics whenever possible because they can date them. The waves and the colour of the troughs were my point of interest for this shot.

    Andy and Daphne, thanks for your comments. The horizon I took for granted without checking. No, I didn't wade out for this shot, I rested the camera on the railings of Boscombe pier due to high winds so I took horizon as level in this instance. I can see what you mean though Andy.

    Thanks to all for commenting, it's nice to know that I'm getting closer to achieving a good picture
    • 25 May 2005 9:32AM
  • Last Warmth by smourt

    You have a fantastic portfolio Stephan but if I can be critical without offending then I would have to give this one the thumbs down. Don't get me wrong: of all the photos uploaded daily by the many, this is one of the top ones but of the photos in your 'folio, then it's not so good.

    The shallowness of the water and the two objects that protrude from it make this shot very messy in my opinion. Unlike your other pics, this one suffers from a lack of decent foreground detail.

    I don't know the location so maybe there was nothing you could do about foreground but I do think more use of the shoreline on the left of the picture could improve this no-end by creating a depth of lead in to the scene.

    I can see your'e a committed and talented photographer so maybe you have a couple of other variations of the scene in the bag but as this one stands, it doesn't hold its own compared to the rest of your work.

    My thoughts are that the more professional and accomplished the photographer is, the more critical the critique should be so please don't regard this as a personal attack.
    • 22 May 2005 10:48AM
  • The Island by goatster

    Great photo, I like the silky look, the rock and moss interest and the colours. I see why you chose the frame to complement it because of the colour in the water but I think it's going to be a contested issue. I'm not sure if it works to the best advantage for the picture.
    • 14 Apr 2005 12:51PM
  • Water step by kengreen

    Hi Ken, exposure spot on and subject a good choice but, to me, it doesn't really have that X factor. It's my view only and others will disagree but I think a longer shutter speed if possible should have been used. It would have given the water a more 'silky' look rather than the unkempt 'horsehair' look.

    There is very little else apart from the rock in top left to hold ones attention. A rock in the foreground with a lot of sharp detail or a leaf etc would have improved your picture and would hold attention, so next time you are there, have another look around for a different view point.

    I'm not familiar with your camera so I don't know if it can take filters. A blue density filter would improve the colours and also give you a slightly longer exposure time.

    I hope you see this as a fair critique and not an attack. I'm only amateur myself but that is how I think I would have gone about the shot.
    • 13 Apr 2005 1:12PM
  • Terracotta by alansskyrme

    Strong, simple shot. Well thought out and framed. Good natural colours
    • 12 Mar 2005 12:12PM
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