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Sun's rays breaking the Morning's Mist

By Selby
First time using this site. Looking to have some sort of evaluation of my image to give pointers on how to proceed generally with my photography. Without some sort of outside opinion that is constructive and knowledgeable you cannot evaluate what you need to do generally to improve.
Shot 10.32 am on a misty day hoping to portray the ambience of the fog and utilising the road to establish distance perspective.
General feedback and guidance appreciated..

Tags: Landscape Countryside Misty morning Landscape and travel

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chase Plus
17 2.5k 668 England
9 Nov 2020 5:00PM
Hi Graham and welcome to ePz and the Critique Gallery section.
A very friendly site, I hope you enjoy being here and learn from others.

It's always good to look at the peeps work on here, take note of the time of day and the settings used, that is always helpful.
As this stands I am not really seeing the definition or detail here, I know it's misty but the bushes on the right look rather mushy.
It would be helpful to know what post processing you have done to this.
Did you shoot in Raw mode ?...that would give you the biggest latitude for post processing work.
The view is ok, taking us to the back of the image and around the corner, wondering what comes next.
chase Plus
17 2.5k 668 England
9 Nov 2020 5:18PM
I did do a very quick modification to your image but this is quite a small file at 458kb, it is difficult to avoid jpeg artefacts.
All I did was adjust the white balance using the Camera Raw filter within Photoshop which helped remove the magenta cast to this.
I did attempt to help the sky along but failed really, especially as I said, with such a small file, it's difficult.

You don't have to resize your images to post on ePz, leave that to the site, it will do magical things with the algorithms.
I also converted the colour profile to sRGB which is the one recommended for viewing images on the web.

To view modifications click on the blue modifications tab at the bottom of your image.
I hope to see more from you.
dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1967 England
9 Nov 2020 8:43PM
Welcome from me, too, Graham.

As Janet says, this doesn't look terribly sharp, and that may partly be because of the small file size (save and upload at maximum quality), and there may be an effect from having the lens nearly wide open. Stopping down a little more will give the best quality - around f/8 or f/11 would be good, and will allow greater depth of field (front to back sharpness).

I really like the increasing haziness along the road, and the negative exposure compensation has retained detail in the bright sky: all good.

A really good idea will be to look around the main gallery and see how others shoot similar scenes, and the quality they achieve. By all means come back to us with specific questions - and please post more pictures! That's a good way to learn - keep shooting, keep looking at your own pictures critically, and keep seeking feedback!
dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 835 England
9 Nov 2020 9:14PM
Welcome from me too.

That's a very short exposure, even shooting into the light. You could have shot at f/11 for optimum lens performance and to give you plentyo depth of field.
That said, I suspect very heavy jpg compression for the image at either the taking or uploading stage (or both) as artefacts are clearly visible with a high degree of softness.
Some ide of your settings and procesing would be useful in diagnosing this and to find a solution.

I like the idea behind your image and the composition though I reckon some alternatives would work as well if not better, for example having the road start from one or other side of the frame. Numerous possibilities to explore at the time of capture, always something to bear in mind.
Selby 2 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2020 10:19PM
I have created a jpeg from ACR directly from the nef file. It is Modification 2. It should give a better understanding of image at capture pre crop and other edits.
It would seem to be that I have let you all draw your conclusions by not supplying the required knowledge - Recently, I changed to shooting in Raw mode but processing still needs to be improved, I'm a very slow learner.
All the replies are very helpful and much appreciated as one only learns my their mistakes - Flickr viewers do not provide any helpful critique on pictures sent in.
I left it to the last paragraph but the most importance part of my message is thank all the Critique Team for their efforts in attempting to make me into a better photographer.
banehawi Plus
18 2.9k 4333 Canada
10 Nov 2020 4:26AM
Welcome, and thanks for uploading the less modified file.

Ive uploaded two versions of modifications as example.

You over-processed that first upload, and its possibly compressed quite a lot. Crop for sure, but dont re-size, leave the image large and upload it.

What software are you using to convert raw and process?


chase Plus
17 2.5k 668 England
10 Nov 2020 11:17AM
Thanks for uploading the original which is a much better image to start with.
Willie has uploaded 2 mods which are so much better than your original, much less processing is the way ahead.
dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 835 England
10 Nov 2020 12:03PM
Thank you for getting back to us Graham. It's good to get a conversation going and get a better understanding of where you're coming from.
Your straight conversion is much more promising in terms of a final result, and Willies mods demonstrate that. Overprocessing, and indeed underprocessing, happens when people are learning and we've all been there.
Keep pposting here and asking questions.

As this image is about strong shapes and lines, it would work well in mono so I'll do a mod just to show a different interpretation.

And it's very nice of you to thank the Critique Team.
dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1967 England
10 Nov 2020 2:02PM
Yes - thank you for getting back to us, and for the straight file.

Very definitely, the more you can tell us about your intentions, what you did and why, and your own thoughts on the result, the better. As Keith (dark_lord) says, conversations are good here, too: It's really hard to get communication absolutely right the first time, and you get into our top ten percent immediately by saying thank you!

Aperture priority is generally my choice, and here I'd be looking to stop the lens down a bit for greater quality and depth of field, as I suggested above.

And keep taking pictures!
pamelajean Plus
16 1.8k 2275 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2020 5:03PM
I, too, would like to welcome you to EPZ and its Critique Gallery, Graham.
You have come to the right place, we are here to help you become a better photographer.
You have received some good advice above, and it is gratifying to see that you responded to our request for the original, and also that you joined in the conversation.

Thank you for supplying the Exif Data and for filling the Description Box with your reasons for uploading to this gallery. We look forward to seeing more of your work and assiting in your progress.

You composed this with the idea of perspective and a vanishing point in mind, and that is a big plus, because you considered the scene's potential before shooting, but mostly wanting to capture the morning mist and the sun trying to break through it. The sun was exposed well simply because of that mist, so that was a fine idea.

I'd like to have seen at least one side of the road starting from one of the bottom corners.
Your original shows that you started with a good photo, but your processing lets it down.

Misty scenes are always atmospheric with a touch of mysticism or eeriness, the detail being obscured the further the eye moves into the scene. Some of the foreground needs to be strong and clear to counter that misty background, and you did have that in your original. When shooting a scene like this, look out for something strong to use in your foreground, even if it's just a tree.
The mist will lower contrast, but don't try to change that, or you will lose the romanticism.


Selby 2 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2020 9:53PM
Being a monthly subscriber to Adobe, so the software which I use to convert Raw and to process it has to be by Photoshot 2021 - which I'll never master. Smile
Dudler, aperture priority is also usually my choice - my main fault being that I generally forget to adjust the lens stop from taking a flower to shooting a landscape - just my age!
Dark_Lord - thank you for your mono image - it told me that colour was the best choice for an Autumn picture - perhaps, seeing most things in the 30's/40's in mono, taught me to appreciate the colours that the eye sees. I did appreciate the fact of the interpretation to mono was solely due to the image being about its strong shapes and line.
Pamela, your third paragraph perfectly fits that which was in my mind at the time of my taking the shot - pity my processing spoilt the final result - but I assure the Critique Team that the message sent will remain in my head, for ever.
The first lesson has been very appreciated - I will send further images from time to time for critiques to find whether or not if my skill as a photographer is improving.
Thanks, once again, for all giving their honest opinions on the picture.

dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1967 England
11 Nov 2020 2:32PM
Graham, I'll let you into a secret. I haven't mastered Photoshop. But there are a few bits of it that I can handle competently, and I add a couple a year.

Levels, Saturation, Dodge and Burn make a good start. A lot of people will tell you that you need to learn this or that, but it's not necessarily true for you, though it may be for them.

And for both camerawork and processing, it helps a lot to have a set process that you always follow, and can modify a little at a time. A good idea with your camera is to reset it to 'walking about' settings that will probably do for most things - maybe 400 ISO and f/8, with daylight white balance. Take the shot, check it with histogram view, and take another frame or two if needed.
Saastad Plus
3 16 17 Norway
12 Nov 2020 6:33PM
Hello Graham.
You have got so much help with your photo, so I will only give you a tips.
It has helped me a lot when it comes to learning a program.
I have used learning videos on YouTube. You can play them over and over again.
They have helped me a lot. Maybe not for you, but you can take a look.

Selby 2 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2020 6:16PM
Hello, Arne
You are perfectly correct - the Critique Team did give me great advice on the picture which was submitted for them to analyse.
Each making the same point which convinced me of the need to improve my processing skills - especially, when Willie (Banehawi) uploaded two versions of modifications made from the jpeg supplied, directly from the nef file, and both were far superior to the image which I had supplied for their advice.
Arne the Critique Team has given me guidance towards the road to Progress now, your tip about learning videos on YouTube may enable me to overcome any obstacles that I encounter along the road thank you.


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