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  • Swan Lake Sunset

    This caught my attention as it reminds me of the cover for the latest Kate Bush album. Actually your photo is much better than that, much more natural!
    • 20 Dec 2005 1:36PM
  • *

    • 28 Nov 2005 10:25AM
  • It's a bit cold

    A sculpture just stood outside a building on one of the main streets in Stockholm Sweden. Other than that I don't know anything!

    Oh now you've got me wondering if it was a mime artist!
    • 27 Oct 2005 9:51AM
  • Splasher Sasha

    Love the shot, great title too.
    • 8 Oct 2005 1:36PM
  • Clevedon Pier sunset

    Stunning shot!
    • 7 Sep 2005 12:17PM
  • Fisherman's Friend

    Like it, a good picture/title tells a story and this works for me!
    • 6 Sep 2005 12:58PM
  • Why??

    Brilliant photo, very touching, thought provoking. Nice quality too.
    • 16 Aug 2005 1:39PM
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