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  • Thanks guys, i'd be interest in your service pentaxpete.......yeap was £17 at Jessops, or it may of been £17 for colour 120 film, and a £10 for B &W.

    As mention for develop and scan i would say that is expensive given tha the Cananoscan 9000f is more than an average home sanner, however i'll bear that in mind.

  • My grandad has recently given all his old film cmera's which range from the brownie (i've already got the nack of using the 120 film reel, as oroginal was 620) to 35 mm film, and slide camera.

    To cut a long story short i have a Plustek scanner to transfer current film and transparencies to digital then i found a load of 620/120 roll and bought a Canoscanner 9000F.

    Given that i have the equipment to turn a developed film into print, i would like to start developing the film my self, as it was a £17 to have 1 120 film developed with prints.

    What i'd like to know is what equipment and chemicals i would need, and would i be able to do BW as well as colour.

    I have done film processing when i was at school, that was like 15 years ago and my memory is lacking.

    Thanks for any advice

  • hi Neil, like bernard above i have photoshop 7. I had tried overlaping the layers before but i didn't find it was a perfect enough of a match but that could be because i only allowed the minimum amount of picture to overlap

  • i wonder if anyone can share techniques required to take some panaromic shots. From what i have been lead to believe you need expensive software.
    Surely there are other techniques, as photography has been around longer than pc's.

    If been hit with the bug as i have a phone with a camera (sony satio) and it makes it easy to do a panaromic photo and has given me the bug, naturally the phone doesn't take to the quality of an DSLR.

    Thanks for any advice

  • I have a HP Photosmart C6180 PSC&Fax. and almost to the date of it being 3 years old, the scan function doesn't work, just scans everything as black.

    Given that i like the HP brand i looked on the website for a scanner (i thought just a scanner as the rest of the functions work fine on my C6180)

    After looking on the site i saw a G4050, and was amazed scanners can now scan slide's (although i gather this isn't rather new technology any more)
    It sounds great as i have digitalized about 5k 35mm pictures of my grandma's collection on my C6180 scanner, with results that i'm happy with, and thought it might be time to start on my grans slide's.
    I need the quality of the slides to be good enough to make a movie for my grans 80th in april.

    After starting to look at the price on amazon of £192 i thought it seemed good value however i can't find many reviews for the product. Also amazon then goes on to recommend the epson v750 (looks attractive) and canoscan 8800f.

    Now i don't know what to do, the last forum topic i could fine was 2008 to something similar. However only really mention the canon, epson, and a nikon, to which these scanners have been discussed since 2006, so are 4 years old now, so i guess the HP G4050 is a newcomer?

    Ant advise would be great thanks
  • Grey Moon Rising i think your pics are great, the wof pics are amazing, as well as the landscape with the 1 chap in.

    Photogeek, thanks for the camera price buster site, looks like i won't need to use ebay after all which pleases me, i think i shall go for the A-700, use my current lenses, and get sme filters.

    Thanks Guys
  • Peter

    Can i ask which model you have upgraded to peter?

  • I have sold some free shares from work, in order to buy some more equipment. I have posted this in the Sony area as that is personally the brand that I like to deal with.

    I'm interested in what people thoughts are on how I should spend this.
    I currently have a DSLR-A100 with 18-70mm and 75-300 mm lenses.
    My thought is to maybe get a DSLR-A700 and the HVL-F58am flash; this can be done online with in my budget.
    Another body is a must, as Iím going to do my friends wedding so would like my A-100 as a spare.
    I do love wildlife /landscape photography, and wonder weather getting the A-350, and a lenses, and some filters would add more benefit to my collection, I see the Sony ND Filter is £50, (Iím sure I read it was a filter of 8.0, which is why I guess the price)

    Peopleís thoughts and advice will be appreciated as I am hopeless at making decisions with a large sum of money!
  • Wow theres alot of passion on this subject, and i understand all the basic and complex functions on my camera, to the degree that i feel i have out grown my basic alpha 100.

    And whilst i like what i like, there may be many people that feel my work is awful, however all my friends and family love my work. And for the seem friend i did her daughters christening, which is why i guess she's asked me to do her wedding.

    I'm guess i need a little more confidence because as i have said taken photo's of people is not my favorite subject, that doesn't mean i'm not capable. I think maybe it's a case that my expectations may just be far higher than what my friends are.
    So i shall take the advice of going to locations first and finding out what my friend wants. as i have the gift of the gab with people i'm sure i'll take a traditional but relaxed approached.

    Thankyou everyone for your thoughts, and opionions.....i will take on board all these responses.
  • Thanks.....i think, maybe i'll post the pics for some critique on here, i know i can't really get out of it as my friend is doing the whole wedding for £3k.
    My mum;s wedding photography was £3k alone, but i must addmit never before or since have i seen such stuning wedding photo's, not even at my brothers wedding in 2008 (mum's was 2002). But i guess you get what you pay for?
  • Hi all, one of my best friend's has asked me take pictures for her at her wedding, normally Iíd be cautious as photographing people is my least favourite subject, but knowing that she doesn't have a lot of money I could hardly so no. I have struck a deal that she gives me some money towards any equipment I might need.

    My camera bag contains
    Sony alpha 100 camera
    18mm-70mm lens
    75mm-300mm lens
    UV filter.

    What Iíd like is any suggestions of additional equipment I should purchase to get some good enough result for an amateur. I guess a Flash is a defiant especially being in March and outside shots could be limited to weather.

    Also any of tips on techniques would be cool.

  • I have currently about 40gb of pictures on my current pc, however it's very slow even with certain upgrades so i'm looking to buy a new pc desktop and wonder what people recommend.
    i have a budget of about £1k, and would need something that can process files quick, and use editing software with out pc slowing down or freezing.
    Any ideas.....My favorite desktop atm is leaning towards a hp m7775.
    Any feedback would be cool

  • Thanks Mattw for the clarity. i had no idea that all those lenses would fit?

    Have you ever tried any lenses 2nd hand or off ebay? or would you be careful with these 2 thoughts?

  • Quote:Sony prosumer body?

    ps don't mean to sound think but what is this?
  • My point was about the
    Quote:argos to sony
    is that all retailers from these 2 sell the bodies and i dare say any between. I've been into jessops and again they may have 1 lense on display. but really you'd expect to be able to get all sony accessories/ lenses from a sony centre surely?
  • I have a sony DSLR-A100 because i suppose my loyality to the brand influenced me to choose this camera.
    In the beginning i had the body with a 18-70mm lense, and as i'm learning more and getting more experienced i've decided i want to increase my equipment for this camera.
    My frustration is all the shops i go to from Argos to sony centre all seem to sell the body, but as for getting lenses this seems to be a different matter.
    It's ok if you want to get the lenses off the internet but i like to look at my potential purchases before i buy them.

    First of all does any one else have this frustration
    Secondly why are Sony pushing the body so hard and yet not the lenses.

    I'm also interested in any other thoughts about this camera ;0)