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A quick view of sezzy_boy's recent activity.

  • Gatun Locks Lighthouse

    Thanks pete. It's not at all edited (apart from resizing). So the colours are exactly as it was just before sunset. Panama is pretty spectacular.
    • 14 Sep 2005 6:29AM
  • Rainbow 2

    The white parts burning is my fault. I think I was over-zealous with the contrast!

    (my screen is a bit dodgy like that... Smile )
    • 8 Oct 2003 11:47AM
  • Up above the streets and houses

    You can email it to me if you want, Gareth...
    • 8 Oct 2003 7:09AM
  • Autumn

    Actually, this is great gareth. It's a shame it wasn't sunnier though cos those colours are fantastic and it would have really brought them out (why not try a bit of digital tweaking?).
    • 7 Oct 2003 2:38PM
  • Saddleworth Church in the Snow

    It was taken from Running Hill in Diggle.
    • 2 Oct 2003 7:41AM
  • hilighted

    It's a shame that the rainbow wasn't stronger: It really looks like a pile of gold at the end of it!
    • 1 Oct 2003 1:14PM
  • Harbour TV

    I'm also surprised no one has commented on it. .. Whoever took this photo is a genius! Wink
    • 1 Oct 2003 1:35PM
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