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Hi all,

Welcome to my little part of Ephotozine,

As you can probably see I tend to snap a bit of anything and everything. Wink

I've only really started to try to take more than days out and holiday photos since April 2012 when I got my first DSLR camera so still on a sharp learning curve at the moment.
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A quick view of SH87's recent activity.

  • Fungi No.1

    Cheers for the feedback Paul,

    I've now uploaded an new version with the image desaturated slightly

    • 2 Jan 2013 9:46AM
  • Lake

    Hi Markus,

    I like this shot, but for me there is too much sky.

    Personally I would have made this into a panaramic shot lossing some of the sky and the lower section of the bushes but retaining the reflection of the hills in the lake. I've uploaded a quick mod to show this.
    • 21 Dec 2012 10:24AM
  • City Sunset

    For me personally I would like to see a combination of the composition of V1 and the colour tone of V2.

    The composition of V1 draws my eye to the city much more than the V2 composition does.

    • 19 Dec 2012 7:36AM
  • Smokie

    Lovely shot.

    For me i would have like to see a bit more of the road in the fore ground.

    • 6 Dec 2012 7:39AM
  • Catch me if you can...

    What a great capture.

    The only down side for me is that the two people trying to handle the horse are cut in half, I personally would have like to see both of them fully.

    • 6 Dec 2012 7:34AM
  • Burning Thistle

    Love the concept of the shot,

    Personally I would have cropped some of the stem off of the bottom of the shot to lower the main subject onto the lower line of thirds.

    • 5 Dec 2012 9:20PM
  • A broken watch

    I must admit that when taking this shot I hadn't really considered the lighting which was a big mistake on my part, the only light was just a standard ceiling light, no flash was used.

    I will have some further attempts using the tips and advice given.

    Many thanks
    • 19 Nov 2012 1:10PM

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