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A quick view of shakeyhands's recent activity.

  • Mrs. Downy Woodpecker

    Beauty Smile . We have herds of Downy's this winter, by far my favorite bird!
    • 27 Jan 2019 9:50PM
  • After School

    Perfect Capture !
    • 21 Jan 2019 5:20PM
  • Full Moon

    Thanks Pam, It takes patients and practice. The moon moves faster than it looks.
    Hey Jennn , I sat out and froze my a** off waiting to for the eclipse then the clouds rolled in lol
    • 21 Jan 2019 5:18PM
  • Venus Chloe

    Happy Sigh!!! BlushSmileSmileSmile
    • 16 Jan 2019 12:43AM
  • Male Downy Woodpecker

    Thanks Dave..
    Sorry Jenn, Nope, I drilled them. I have a few of these feeders around the place.
    • 9 Dec 2018 12:52AM
  • Blue Jay

    Thanks Everyone . With a little help from LR Dave Wink GrinGrin
    • 6 Dec 2018 10:02PM
  • White-Breasted Nuthatch

    They are fun to watch. . I saw a Red-Breasted Nuthatch yesterday also, first one in a very long time. Only got 1 almost usable shot lol
    • 6 Dec 2018 7:01PM

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