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Y'ello Tongue

The word "yellow" comes from the Old English geolu, geolwe, meaning "yellow, yellowish", derived from the Proto-Germanic word gelwaz. It has the same Indo-European base, -ghel, as the word yell; -ghel means both bright and gleaming, and to cry out. Yellow is a color which cries out for attention
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A quick view of shanelaze's recent activity.

  • Pitta Fish

    Very clever idea and well done too! Smile
    • 3 Dec 2013 11:58AM
  • b&w vdub2

    I like the composition on this one alot. Another good 'vdub' image. Smile
    • 11 Nov 2013 2:13PM
  • vdub6

    Like it. how did you process it?
    • 10 Nov 2013 7:15PM
  • Mossdale Head

    Makes me home sick, I havn't been home to Yorkshire for nearly a year now Sad
    Can't wait to move back now that i've got this interest in photography - so many places to re-visit.

    Great work for a high contrast scene Sam.

    (Yorkshire) Shane Smile
    • 27 Feb 2013 7:13AM
  • Hudson

    This works really well. The car looks like it's using its sun-shade to hide from the rain. Great capture Wink
    • 18 Sep 2012 7:21AM
  • Love at First Bike/Light

    You old romantic you Wink
    • 18 Sep 2012 7:19AM
  • Harvest Sunset

    Stunning Darryl, just stunning Grin
    • 17 Sep 2012 7:16AM
  • Great PF Cassie. I wish I could get to your standard!

    Shane Smile
  • A stunning wildlife PF Tommy and some great captures. Smile

  • Such a colourful PF Leilani, I can't help but love it! Smile

    Shane Smile
    • Posted on Leilani's profile
    • 16 Jul 2012 8:27AM
  • Love your PF Joline. Smile

    • Posted on Joline's profile
    • 16 Jul 2012 8:24AM
  • Great PF. Exellent use of colour, light and composition. SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile (5 smiles out of a possible 5)

    • Posted on gazlowe's profile
    • 9 Jul 2012 7:25AM
  • Stunning PF K-T. So many great images. Smile

    • Posted on K_T's profile
    • 5 Jul 2012 11:40AM
  • Wow, great PF Matthew. Stunning use of colour and of mono. Smile

  • Wow! stunning PF Pink. I wish I had half (or even a quarter) of your talent. What a pleasure to browse through your images. SmileSmileSmile

  • Great PF Alan. I very much enjoyed browsing it. SmileSmile

  • I appreciate your comments on my images Chris, esspecially as you have such a stunning pf yourself.
    What a wonderful mix of subjects. Smile