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"You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams
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A quick view of sherlob's recent activity.

  • Sir Ove Arup 2

    I find this somewhat macabre. It reminds me of the historical displaying of heads of those convicted of treason. Perhaps I've been reading too many historical novels lately!
    • 24 Oct 2020 11:48AM
  • Experimental processing (for me)

    Hi John, sorry but I prefer Janet's (Chase) mod. Out of interest - take a look at Topaz AI Mask. I downloaded the 30day trial version to have a play with complex star scape masks. It worked really well (albeit I couldn't then get my star stacking software to recognise the blooming mask I had created!)
    • 7 Oct 2020 10:12PM
  • The Games People Play II

    This works much better imho Janet. It's also taken me back 30+ yers to when I bought mind trap!
    • 7 Oct 2020 10:06PM
  • The light on the Tyne 2

    Close to inward from me Moira. But to be honest, I think it would be even better in Mono.
    • 6 Oct 2020 4:00PM
  • The Games People Play

    I'm not convinced by the contrasting colours in this one Janet - the bold colours appear at odds - somehow too new in contrast to the books and chess set. Conceptually, it creates a narrative, but aesthetically I'm not sure...
    • 6 Oct 2020 2:55PM
  • The Pinking Machine

    Pinking machine - had to look that one up. Lovely image through...
    • 2 Oct 2020 8:30AM
  • Noblesse oblige 2

    I truly hope you have this printed and on the wall. It is rather splendid. They say a good portrait should capture something of the character of the sitter - this does - and in spades. It also captures your character as a photographer. Love it.
    • 20 Sep 2020 7:14PM
  • Wonderful portfolio - I doff my cap.
    • Posted on lblythe's profile
    • 8 Mar 2014 8:41AM
  • I've just spent a few minutes revisiting some of the images in your portfolio. I forget how diverse the images are - a fabulous collection. You use a strong sense of narrative in many of the images - something I admire. My favourites are the urban dance series - the narrative leaves the viewer to question what they are seeing. Keep up the good work!

    • Posted on Gp350's profile
    • 14 Sep 2013 12:03AM
  • Hi Quoise - I've enjoyed my time browsing your PF. You show an interesting variety of topics/technique. I think you show a talent for many, but in particular portraits and still life.

  • Lovely work. A talented photographer resides here - of this there is no doubt.

  • Hi Dave,

    I love to come and visit your corner of epz once in a while. I can get lost within your creations. Good to see you posting another image today!

  • Charlotte - you have a lovely portfolio which is very varied in its genre - but stuffed with fab compositions and executed to a high standard. I've enjoyed my time browsing.
  • Yung, I seldom leave portfolio comments - but today is an exception. You have a remarkable talent. Whilst I love the seascapes, I prefer the scenes that capture a mixture of portraiture and landscape. Simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
  • Well thats another photographer to add to my fav's list. Fab work here Tim, I'll be watching for more... Smile
  • A enjoyable portfolio Francesco. Many images stand as fine examples of how to carry out graphic composition.


    • Posted on frz67's profile
    • 25 Sep 2010 10:19PM
  • Super quality Tony - good to see some new blood with skills