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"You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams
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A quick view of sherlob's recent activity.

  • Mono Red Cabbage by Acancarter

    A terrifying monster...
    • 6 Dec 2022 11:17AM
  • Mayo Evening by SamCampbell

    It's nicely done, but is this a montage rather than a single shot image? It doesn't matter a jot if it is as like I say its nicely done. However, it has the feel of a montage to me.
    • 18 Aug 2022 7:55PM
  • Closed For Winter. by david deveson

    A fab photo that deserves its plaudits. However, hadnt this been POW once before? Congrats David.
    • 18 May 2022 1:37PM
  • Blyth Beach Huts by NDODS

    Not a fan of colour popping as it's usually poorly done and cliched. Here you have nailed it at the treatment emphasises the mood of the English seaside in the rain.
    • 14 Apr 2022 10:31AM
  • On the rocks by Osool

    1/100s isn't that long Wink Still a good image none the less.
    • 14 Jan 2022 12:46PM
  • Drinking Dragon by TonyPrower

    I'm glad you decided to hang around Tony.
    • 12 Jan 2022 12:10PM
  • Breakthrough by saltireblue

    Quote:I've heard of the power of the pen being mightier that the sword, but never of the power of the penis being mightier than the sledgehammer...Wink

    What a load of **** and bull Wink
    • 4 Jan 2022 9:36AM
  • Thanks Epz

    All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to ePHOTOzine staff and their families. Peter
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 9
  • Anyone else having a hiatus at the moment?

    I would say be kind to yourself. When we, or at least I go through these spells it tends to be linked to my mental health. Its a double edged sword your best work can co...
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 24
  • Ilford popup darkroom

    Just heard back from Ilford. They tweaked the design before launch and then Covid has played havoc with the supply. They are hoping to have them available for purchase in...
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • SLPOTY Interesting rule changes

    This may help with why the locations bit has been introduced, sad to see that he has had threats and abuse for this. .Non eligible locations - reasons why.
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 12
  • Mac experts please!

    From what you describe I think that this is a Permissions Issue. The mac system will lock files and/or folders and this invokes a security step if that linkage doesn't ma...
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 1
  • LPOTY 2021

    Thanks Pink - congrats! :D Are the images shortlisted in your portfolio? I'm not heart broken - I knew it was a long shot! Rather, not receiving an email confirming the ...
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 2
  • NAS Recommendations for Back up

    Hi SteveAitch--Happy New Year---I was actually thinking of doing a Photobook. I'm going to look for the Best images in each year. Mind you, if I stick to that no one will...
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 19
  • How often do you take photos?

    "I wish I could walk for 2 hours now. Dave" Well when I say walk it's more of a hobble and I might not cover a great distance. I have arthritis in my feet but ...
    by saltireblue | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 33
  • Starting up new Photography Workshops

    "I wonder if you have thought about how you advertise and describe your workshops as I suspect that the word 'workshop' will mean different things to different people...
    by JRMGallery | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 16
  • Thanks Epz

    All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to ePHOTOzine staff and their families. Peter
    by sherlob | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 9
  • Hi All

    "Welcome and Merry Christmas to you too wobmax. Happy to see another film camera user around. Check in the forums area, under forum categories there is one for fi...
    by wobmax | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 8
  • Tattoos

    Currently being discussed live on-air in the Nihal Arthanayake show on Radio 5 Live
    by sticker | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 43
  • Regrets

    Can I put the opposite viewpoint? I used Nikon kit for years and loved it. I moved over to MFT Panasonic kit a few years back (currently a G90) and have never regretted i...
    by saltireblue | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 11
  • Sigma 150-600 with Canon Extender

    I know my Canon extender doesn't fit my Sigma 120-300. I do use a x2 sigma converter with success and the IQ is good. That said the focal lengths and zoom ranges are pole...
    by ST | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 3
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine 'Photo Of The Year 2022' Revealed

    Congrats Pete it's a corker.
    • 1 Feb 2023 5:29PM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine Christmas Prize Draw Winners Announced

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to Epz for organising this.
    • 11 Jan 2023 9:54AM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine 'Photo Of The Year 2021' Revealed

    Congrats Jamie!
    • 1 Feb 2022 12:54PM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine Christmas Prize Draw Winners Announced

    Congrats all - well done to the team for setting this up
    • 12 Jan 2022 10:34AM
  • Posted on: Morally Toxic Camera Bags Are Convention-Defying Yet Perfectly Practical Accessories For Photographer

    I've had a bad day so this will sound like I'm getting my knickers in a twist over nothing, but there is enough "moral toxicity" around in society without naming a "trendy" bag range after it imho. I get the rationale given above for the name, but we interpret words in combination and not just in isolation. E.g. ass wipe.
    • 7 Oct 2021 5:16PM
  • Posted on: More Details On The Canon EOS R3 Announced

    I bet the price will be eye watering...
    • 3 Jun 2021 5:09PM
  • Posted on: ePz Member And MFT Fan David Thorpe Has Died

    My thoughts go to those closest to him I've read many a Lemmy post whist a member on here. He'll be missed.
    • 27 May 2021 4:20PM
  • Posted on: 3 Top Tips On How To Photograph Bluebell Flowers

    Is it me or are these images really not the best to illustrate this article? Come on epz - you have some wonderful images of bluebells within the gallery taken by a plethora of talented photographers - use them.
    • 2 May 2021 2:38AM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine Christmas Prize Draw Winners Announced

    Congrats to the winners. Sadly not one of your number this year, but I've no room to complain from previous prize draws. Thanks to the team again!
    • 7 Jan 2021 3:34PM
  • Posted on: XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro Review

    I've been very tempted of late to give one of the XP-Pen drawing tablets a go - albeit this one is likely too big for me (16" would be preferable). However, as I've never really gotten on too well with standard drawing tablets I don't want to waste my money and I'd prefer to have a go with one first. The rub here is where? I had hoped I could do this at Focus, but the plans are for a virtual exhibition next year. I'd therefore be keen to learn of folks experience with them. One review suggested drawing tablets were a mixed blessing for photo re-touching as it can be difficult to precisely adjust some elements (e.g. dodge/burn) as a consequence of the pen nib hiding what is been adjusted (this makes no sense to me).

    • 15 Dec 2020 4:18PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS R6 Review

    I'm not 100% sure what lens was used for the ISO tests, but there is a marked drop off in sharpness in the corners that is notable across the ISO images which makes some aspects of the comparison difficult IMHO.
    • 5 Oct 2020 9:34AM
  • Posted on: 40.8mp Leica M10-R Digital RangeFinder Announced

    Just remember that the 40.8MP does not refer to megapixels in the case of this camera, but rather its "monetary price" e.g. RRP 40800 Wink Now I wouldn't say no if anyone wants to give me this, but...
    • 16 Jul 2020 3:59PM
  • Posted on: Canon RF 85mm, 100-500mm, 600mm, 800mm Lenses Announced

    f11 is an interesting choice for the super teles. With the IS functions with the new bodies being reported 8stops then this makes some sense when holding the camera steady, and it certainly brings massive weight savings, but Im not convinced it will be fast enough in the field for many nature photographers. IS and lens weight help the user keeps the camera steady, but does nothing to stop movement in the subject. Often I find I have to push up the ISO on my system when using a faster tele lens in order to achieve the shutter speed I need to get a sharp image due to object movement. Logically, this means that Id need to push the ISO even higher with these new lenses and that would demand ISO performance far above what I already have with my 5D MkIV. Ill be interested in reviews of the new kit - especially from real world reviewers. The weight saving here could be a real boon - especially when travelling and on safari. Compared to my existing lens set up for a 600mm equ. I would save nearly 2.5kilo. That would be great, but not if it comes at the price of missing opportunities due to subject movement or poor noise control.
    • 10 Jul 2020 8:50AM
  • Posted on: ePz Member Angi_Wallace Wins NPS 'Photographer Of The Year'

    A massive well done Angi - very much deserved!
    • 24 Feb 2020 4:29PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Official

    Fab, but really 6.5K? It seems professional spec camera prices are increasing at an exponentially greater rate than inflation would predict. I suppose if you are a pro its an investment that may be worthwhile, but as an amateur aspiring to take images of a professional standard prices like these are just simply too high to be justifiable
    • 7 Jan 2020 10:57AM
  • Posted on: 10 Ways To Instantly Improve Photo Backgrounds

    The best lesson I have learned regarding this issue in wildlife photography is: the distance between the object and the background is as important than the aperture used. The greater the distance between the object and their background the better - allowing lovely bokeh without having to use massive apertures.
    • 26 Oct 2019 10:37AM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm GFX100 Sample Photos

    Astonishing resolution as could be expected. Likely to be totally unforgiving in regard to technique. E.g. f11 seems here to have given insufficient depth of field for where the point of focus has been set - looking at the top of the coloured pencils there is a blurring and lack of detail (I doubt this is resolution related).
    • 8 Aug 2019 4:00PM
  • Posted on: March Photo Month Week 2 Winner Announced

    OOOooo! Thank you.
    • 20 Mar 2019 7:10PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm GFX 50R Sample Photos

    As to be expected with the resolution of the sensor - wonderfully detailed, but totally unforgiving in terms of technique.
    • 9 Feb 2019 10:11AM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 5D Mark I Vs Mark II Vs Mark III Vs Mark IV

    Why not include the Canon 5DS and 5 DSr in this round up? It seems an odd omission...
    • 29 Aug 2018 10:28AM
  • Posted on: Third July Photo Month Winner Announced

    Woo Hoo! Ta very much.
    • 30 Jul 2018 6:52PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FT7 Review

    I suspect, like with watches, the depth guide relates to pressure. Eg a watch waterproof to 10bar has a waterproof rating of 100m (if I recall correctly). My point is that this depth is not recommended. Any movement under water acts to exponentially increase the pressure on the object being moved. Consequently, Id be surprised if the camera was ever intended for anything other than snorkelling.
    • 12 May 2018 2:24PM
  • Posted on: Is 3 Legged Thing's "Billy" The World's Most Versatile Budget Tripod?

    Budget in relation to their other products perhaps. I've always ruled out these guys on price - that and I'm not convinced about the stability of a 4 section tripod. I'm sure it's all very nice, but still that's a lot of cash for something I'd use and abuse. I'll stick to buying good second hand tripods for about 50 and then using them to destruction... sea water pretty much destroys all it touches.

    • 16 Sep 2017 3:59PM
  • Posted on: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Unveil Some Of The Most Amusing Entries So Far

    Agreed, but the fox image is priceless...
    • 7 Jul 2017 5:52PM
  • Posted on: 4 Top New Year's Resolutions For Photographers

    To get out more - whilst endeavouring to remember that photography is only one of the benefits of doing so.
    • 2 Jan 2017 12:23PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Review

    3629 RRP - Well at this price point I suspect a good number of enthusiasts are likely to be priced out of the market. Me for one.
    • 25 Aug 2016 11:31AM
  • Posted on: Smallest International Photo Festival In The World Now Accepting Submissions

    Just seen this on the Epz home page (24th April), I note this was published on the 14th April so was current at time of publication. NOTE: According to the terms and conditions of the festival (taken from there website) the deadline for submission to this festival was the 22nd April - so entries are now closed.
    • 24 Apr 2016 8:30AM
  • Posted on: 10 Top Tips That Will Make You A Printing Pro

    A rather misleading title here - this tips relate to important basics, good for those looking to start printing, but of little or no value to enthusiasts. E.g. There is no mention of colour calibration, print profiling, soft proofing, test printing etc. Each of these later processes can help elevate the quality of the final print.
    • 7 Apr 2016 9:57AM
  • Posted on: Take Astrophotography To The Next Level With The EOS 700Da Astro Modified Cooled Camera

    Daft question as I'm sure this has been tested, but won't the inclusion of a fan introduce vibration?
    • 15 Feb 2016 3:13PM

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  • Posted on clicknimagine's profile

    You know, you really are rather good at this photography lark aren't you? Wink

    A fabulous portfolio and a signature style. Keep them coming.
    • 24 Nov 2021 5:00PM
  • Posted on lblythe's profile

    Wonderful portfolio - I doff my cap.
    • 8 Mar 2014 8:41AM
  • Posted on Gp350's profile

    I've just spent a few minutes revisiting some of the images in your portfolio. I forget how diverse the images are - a fabulous collection. You use a strong sense of narrative in many of the images - something I admire. My favourites are the urban dance series - the narrative leaves the viewer to question what they are seeing. Keep up the good work!

    • 14 Sep 2013 12:03AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Hi Quoise - I've enjoyed my time browsing your PF. You show an interesting variety of topics/technique. I think you show a talent for many, but in particular portraits and still life.

    • 1 Jun 2013 9:36AM
  • Posted on Philip_P's profile

    Lovely work. A talented photographer resides here - of this there is no doubt.

    • 23 Sep 2012 7:21PM
  • Posted on Eviscera's profile

    Hi Dave,

    I love to come and visit your corner of epz once in a while. I can get lost within your creations. Good to see you posting another image today!

    • 8 Apr 2012 5:36PM
  • Posted on charlotte's profile

    Charlotte - you have a lovely portfolio which is very varied in its genre - but stuffed with fab compositions and executed to a high standard. I've enjoyed my time browsing.
    • 7 Jan 2012 9:49AM
  • Posted on dmhuynh72's profile

    Yung, I seldom leave portfolio comments - but today is an exception. You have a remarkable talent. Whilst I love the seascapes, I prefer the scenes that capture a mixture of portraiture and landscape. Simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    • 10 Jul 2011 10:20AM
  • Posted on cirrusminor's profile

    Well thats another photographer to add to my fav's list. Fab work here Tim, I'll be watching for more... Smile
    • 19 Oct 2010 1:19PM
  • Posted on frz67's profile

    A enjoyable portfolio Francesco. Many images stand as fine examples of how to carry out graphic composition.


    • 25 Sep 2010 10:19PM
  • Posted on TonyPrower's profile

    Super quality Tony - good to see some new blood with skills
    • 20 Sep 2010 5:30PM
  • Posted on WildLight's profile

    Hey Joe,

    Its not every day you stumble on a portfolio as good as this. You obviously love your nature and your photography. Long may that continue as you've a real talent.

    • 29 May 2009 6:16PM
  • Posted on baker58's profile

    Your flower work is exceptional.
    • 18 May 2009 6:59PM
  • Posted on BreadandShutter's profile

    Some lovely work. I love the underwater portraits - freshingly original (in my book the best compliment to get).

    • 17 Apr 2009 5:20PM
  • Posted on andy210966's profile

    Hi Andy,

    Just stopped by and a wee look at your rather splendid PF. An ecclectic mix! All images show care and some excellent post production work, but there are too many to click. I'll be able to keep a closer eye now your in my fav's. Thanks for your interest in the recent cathedral serise.

    • 15 Mar 2009 9:25PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    There is plenty to like here. Some shots show that you can think out of the box - something so many of us can't do. The wildlife shots are probably the strongest element - but keep on using that camera and keep on growing this PF.

    Best wishes,

    • 6 Sep 2008 10:08AM
  • Posted on garymcparland's profile

    You've gat a beauty of a PF here Gary - inspirational stuff! Welcome to my favorites list...

    • 10 Aug 2008 7:13PM
  • Posted on TheViking's profile

    About the most original PF on epz - simply staggering.

    • 8 Jul 2008 8:55PM
  • Posted on PLCimagery's profile

    Cracking Pf - full of lovely quality images. Looking forward to more...

    • 29 Jun 2008 12:45AM
  • Posted on Dave_Henderson's profile

    Just stumbled across your PF - some loevly work here - looking forward to seeing some more...

    • 27 Jun 2008 10:58AM
  • Posted on Piks's profile

    Mighty fine work there Steve. The series in the old Birmingham building, and the other with the patterned floor are truely excellent. It's refreshing to see a new style on the gendre of fine art.


    • 9 Jun 2008 4:10PM
  • Posted on richardwheel's profile

    Some lovely work here Richard. I think you rather under stated your abilities at Northscape Wink Adam
    • 8 Jun 2008 1:33AM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Lovely work Chris. It was nice to meet you the other week. Some of your landscapes are to die for. The Cornish coast serise is superb.

    • 8 Jun 2008 1:30AM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    Just caught up Fran - still lots to see and admire. The Cathedral shots are super and give Pauls a real run for there money. Watch out he won't be happy... Wink Wink Wink

    • 5 Jun 2008 8:40PM
  • Posted on rowarrior's profile

    Hi Katy - stopped by when you first started - my but your skills are growing. Must be all that time on the forums Wink
    • 14 May 2008 6:42PM
  • Posted on Phil_Morgan's profile

    Hi Phil,

    Just had a little wonder through your PF Some really impressive work. Love the low light landscapes - the birds a damn impressive too!


    • 29 Apr 2008 7:08PM
  • Posted on Mari's profile

    I'm playing catchup Mari - some lovely additions since my last visit. Please excuse me not voting on each shot, but accept this as a collective thumbs up!


    • 16 Apr 2008 4:56PM
  • Posted on pmorgan's profile

    Stunning PF Paul. Your work keeps on getting better.

    • 24 Feb 2008 7:23PM
  • Posted on TheViking's profile

    Still as fresh and as imaginative as ever - its been a while since I checked back here and your work still stands shoulders above much of the erotic portraiture uploaded here. Keep it up Wink
    • 22 Feb 2008 9:31PM
  • Posted on Jouo's profile

    Your PF goes from strength to strength. Boy I really must visit Finland. Rgds. Adam
    • 19 Feb 2008 8:58PM

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