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Cold Winter

By ShotbyFemo    
Winter Theme Fashion shoot

Styling by

Makeup & Hair by

Models Laura Carter and Fallen Art

Assisted by Simeon Ogungbayi

London, UK Copyrights (2012)

Tags: London Winter Fashion Potraits Portraits and people Flash and lighting LONDON PHOTOGRAPHER Peter-Ben Femi Anifalaje ShotbyFemo

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almiles 12 38 102 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 11:47AM
Very high class image in all respects. I can't help feel the model on the left is more of a distraction than an enhancement to the mood although the idea of more than one face in the image is a good one. Maybe a third head to the left would balance it more?
ShotbyFemo 11 3 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 11:50AM
Thanks @almiles your critique is much appreciated. Will bear that in mind in the future! I see what you mean
4 Dec 2012 12:36PM
If you crop a bit off the left it makes a huge difference and removes the issue almiles has and brings balance. 1/3s rule on the nose.
ShotbyFemo 11 3 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 12:40PM
Thanks @Frordrangk
Focus_Man 11 481 631 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 1:02PM
Some degree of good quality shown here in terms of the faces and the faux fur. Compositionally there are a few things that bother me. Firstly, having the two models off-centre doesn't really work for me here, especially the smaller one who seems to be getting squeezed out of the RHS of the frame. So I guess I would balance them across the centre of the frame.
Secondly, to me there is an imbalance from top to bottom. Cropping off the heads gives me the impression of too much below although to be fair, the eyes are 1/3 the way down. Therefore to solve my problem, perhaps leaving more space to both the top and the bottom would be an improvement, showing the model's hair at the top. In the CG I do feel you could well loose your logo, it is a bit eye-catching which takes the viewers' eyes away from your intended subject.

ShotbyFemo 11 3 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 1:28PM
Thanks Frank @Focus_Man Points noted
iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 1:46PM
Obviously a good image. But as suggested above the composition is not quite perfect. That said I understand the image is in your style,
For me the main thing I notice when looking at the pic is that the faces of the two women have different shades, the one on the right has a slight (mauve?) tint and she does not look as 'fresh' as the other. The bigger model would make a great picture without the other.
You have a great website with some superb images.
ShotbyFemo 11 3 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 1:51PM
@iancrowson Actually it's the way they are light up, one has more light falling on her than the other thus creating the tint. I guess the composition is more of error than style actually.
I do have other images in the series but I thought this was the strongest. I am probably wrong and extra eyes always goes a longer mile.
THanks Sir. Much appreciated!
iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 4:44PM
You could post some of the others as Versions and maybe get some useful feedback. In my view you have some much stronger images of other models on your website.
As regards the light on the two models above, I think it should be the same on both as here there are almost two styles. One is much more glamour-high key than the other. I guess it depends on why you had two woman and why one is in a secondary position.
The fur looks great.
arhb 14 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 6:16PM
Interesting image - I like the composition.
The model on the left is stealing the light literally, and her eye contact is more piercing - more committed and dominant.
I've done a mod to lift the right hand model, but her eye contact is different, as are her lips/mouth shape - slightly negative.
What I've learned from this image, is the importance of posing two models together so they are equally sized,
but also the importance of directing them to express something mutual.
ShotbyFemo 11 3 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 6:36PM
@iancrowson once again thanks for the advice. Will endeavour to do some crops and see how it goes. Yea, was planning to share some other photos out here for critiques but this was the first up - I reckon it's been a great learning curve. There was really no idea creating these images to be frank with you but if I were to tell the story again.. it's more of love and envy together.. one dominant than the other - you are loved for what you wear (the bigger model) and you are the source of envy (the smaller model), if that makes sense.

@arhb thanks- I like your take on this too. I guess we all learn everyday and I am learning too to pay attention to these kinds of details in the future.
banehawi Plus
17 2.6k 4274 Canada
4 Dec 2012 6:39PM
Hi, - a nice shot. Dont have any issue with the shade being different from one to the other. A few observations after downloading; There is a strong Magenta colour cats affecting the skin of the models, - did you calibrate you light set up, or did you want the colour cast?

The rear models eyes are not as sharp as the front, a surprise to me at f/8, - and again, - is this something you wanted? The eye sahdow colour is quite understated, and can benefir with a little more saturation.

So take a look at the mod and see what you think.

I have adjusted colour balance to remove the Magenta cast on the faces only. I used the front models ear as a reference to eliminate any possible make-up bias, and used threshold and cirves first to set the black and white points; I sharpened the rear models eyes, and brightened the whites and catchlights to "bring her forward" so to speak.

Let me know if it works for you.


Sooty_1 11 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 9:02PM
As above really, for the points already noted. I do feel that the front model is engaging well with the camera, but the rear model looks somewhat indifferent. Maybe stylistically the rear one could look away, or perhaps they could turn slightly away from each other then both look into the camera. This picture only really suffers from 'almost symmetry'. For me, I prefer proper symmetry or proper asymmetry in portraits. This is too close but not quite symmetrical.

parob 10 3 74 France
5 Dec 2012 4:21PM
Yes Nick, you've got a point. Turning the rear model's head ever so slightly to avoid giving so much importance to her ear, then asking her to focus on an imaginary line that would intersect with the direction of the first model's absolutely enchanting gaze. This would probably avoid the unfortunate split caused by the fact that the second model missed her cue. In spite of the difficult coordination, I find ShotbyFemo's idea of plunging his models into a sea of fur absolutely great and expressive of a "Cold Winter."
paulbroad 14 131 1293 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2012 4:42PM
This is an absolutely cracking image. I really would not alter the composition at all. Very nice. There is a colour balance issue and I'm not sure about that. It is supposed to look cold and it does but there is a warmth to the cold, if you see what I mean. Not sure your chosen tint, because I feel sure you chose it, is quite the right colour. Less warmth, more cyan.

Really very good indeed.

pablophotographer 10 1.9k 414
5 Dec 2012 11:31PM

We can talk photos and technical aspects and minute details until the day after tomorrow.

When I had presented a picture of a private collection to a marketing professor in the University, after his initial amazement, he asked me, "what was your topic? what had you been asked to represent? where was that picture used ?"

Your picture is perfect as long as it does what you have been asked to do. (A winter themed fashion shot). It does convey a cold weather feeling, it may be used bto sell the furs(?) I like the idea that their head tops are not included, red contrasts the cool blue and it would distract, if not jeopardise the picture mood, if fully visible.

Good work,

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