Getting The Bird: How To Photograph Birds With Long Telephoto Lenses



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  • Lady in red by Sillu

    Thanks a lot ! ☺️
    • 28 Nov 2021 4:15PM
  • Hay ball by Sillu

    How does the rim light came ?
    • 23 May 2021 7:02AM
  • Red dress by Sillu

    Thanks all for your coments !!
    • 22 May 2021 2:13PM
  • Starring by Sillu

    Thanks ! Smile
    • 13 Nov 2020 12:41PM
  • Miss world by Sillu

    We took that in woodland.

    I kept on the same exposure for the subject and back ground.
    Just a notch more for the subject exposure i brough.
    • 9 Nov 2020 5:34PM
  • High heels by Sillu

    First of all thanks for all your help !! Smile
    Dave what do you mean about unbalanced background ?

    Chase yes i am glad the way it turned out . yep it took me around 30 min as i was doing it Photoshop and arranged in camera raw filter , like first i painted the model and arranged the exposure then the shadows bk ground so on and so forth.
    i will try to upload the raw file.

    I wanted to bring the surroundings in the photo aspecially the bench.

    so in order to bring the model from the side and not have some leg seems biger then the other what should i do. ?

    thanks will answer the others soon as well
    • 19 Jun 2020 7:06PM
  • Colour by Sillu

    Quote:Technically, you are pushing things a bit with light levels - and I think we've mentioned the necessity of focussing very precisely at wide aperture.

    i didnt understand thia fraze very much.
    in terms of more light - the thing was that i didnt have a lot of available light so i used my speed light in the soft box and a video light (leds).

    i dont like using high power in the speed light as babies will get frightened sometime.

    i have the 90mm macro g lens and thats an f2.8 and a very sharp lens but the thing is i had a tight space and i couldn't use it :/.
    are you talking about the 85 mm gmaster ?
    • 28 May 2019 5:07PM
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