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By Sillu
hi there its been a while since i have post here ! ! how is everyone ? Smile

i used a soft box for this .
could someone tell me about the pose of the infant.
is the exposure good on the face ?

I took this photo shoot for free so i can promote my work on a local fb area

Tags: Still life Orange Young Calm Sleepy Infants Sleeping beauty

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dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1699 England
28 May 2019 4:27PM
Parents will probably love every expression... So in terms of customer appeal, I reckon it's OK.

Technically, you are pushing things a bit with light levels - and I think we've mentioned the necessity of focussing very precisely at wide aperture. Really, I think you need a brighter light source so that you have the option of (say) f/5.6 at 100 ISO and at least 1/125. If you are charging for yoru work, you need to be able to guarantee good results, and the technical side needs to be excellent, every time. At the settings you used here, you're a better photographer than i am to be sure of delivering the quality.

I own that lens, and it's not the most responsive lens in the Sony range: it's good value at under 200, but for quality and speed of focus, it's not a patch on the FE 85mm f/1.8, though that lens costs rather more.

Sillu 5 Malta
28 May 2019 5:07PM

Quote:Technically, you are pushing things a bit with light levels - and I think we've mentioned the necessity of focussing very precisely at wide aperture.

i didnt understand thia fraze very much.
in terms of more light - the thing was that i didnt have a lot of available light so i used my speed light in the soft box and a video light (leds).

i dont like using high power in the speed light as babies will get frightened sometime.

i have the 90mm macro g lens and thats an f2.8 and a very sharp lens but the thing is i had a tight space and i couldn't use it :/.
are you talking about the 85 mm gmaster ?
capto Plus
8 6.4k 21 United Kingdom
28 May 2019 6:24PM
If Mum and Dad like it that's a winner. I have done a mod based purely on my personal taste. Toned down the colour and gone for a softer look.
banehawi Plus
16 2.3k 4163 Canada
28 May 2019 7:24PM
Welcome back!

The pose for me is very awkward looking. I cant understand why the feet have been propped up higher than the head?

The colour scheme has the baby lost in a sea of yellow, so something less dramatic could work better, or de-saturate the blankets.

The focus on the face is good, and the detail is good also so that works.

But as mentioned, try to stop down the lens a little, - your success rate for focus can be very low using f/1.8

I would crop out the legs/feet area, reduce yellow overall. I have uploaded a mod to show what I mean.


pamelajean Plus
14 1.4k 2157 United Kingdom
28 May 2019 8:16PM

Quote:I took this photo shoot for free so i can promote my work on a local fb area

I am commenting as if I were a potential customer.

The pose is not appealing. In fact, I think the baby looks uncomfortable.
The blanket looks too tight and constrictive.
I think that something of neutral colour, soft and delicate, would give a much gentler presentation.
If these are the colours that you will use, they could benefit with toning down. Again, more soft and gentle.

But your focus on the baby's face is good.

dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1699 England
29 May 2019 5:27AM
Light levels - I agree - I'd be reluctant to use very bright lights, but you do need adequate light. Daylight may even be better - Victorian photographers used it a lot, with big windows facing north, so that they got plenty of light, but no direct sunlight. It's still a good way to work.

With artificial light you need to keep a soft, natural look, and I think I've written before about hte desirability of having modelling lamps. A speedlight is not going to hack it for professional studio work unless you are incredibly experienced.

I have the 85mm f/1.8 FE, not the G-Master: the FE is a third of the price, smaller and lighter, and pretty much as sharp. The 90mm macro may even be slightly better than the FE for closeups of babies.

My comment was about the speed at which the lens focusses: the 50mm FE is simply very slow compared with the 85mm.

As regards studio size and distances, you really need to be workign with enough space to use a portrait lens, otherwise you will risk excessive perspective effects - a big difference in size between the nearest and farthest parts of the subject.

paulbroad 13 131 1289 United Kingdom
29 May 2019 8:21AM
The pose isw very awkward indeed. Looks painful, in fact. The face is OK but back to the F1.8 thing again. In my6 days of child photography I used brolly flash, usually two and enough light to get f8 at least. Never had a problem. Animals don't generally mind, neither do humans.

Many home photographers are using direct flash on kids on camera and it will be very bright indeed. Just not a problem - and the eyes are shut here.

iancrowson Plus
10 215 168 United Kingdom
29 May 2019 10:51AM
The mods with the crops are a significant improvement. In my view the first warmer crop mod has produced a nice image of the baby. I can see why Willie removed some of the orange on his mod but it has left the face a bit cold looking on my screen.
The angle of the body is just too strange on the original photo
I personally don't see what is wrong with using F1.8, the eyes are in focus. Just more difficult to get a good result.
I have taken hundreds of baby and child photos the last few years of grand children. I have found bouncing a powerful speed light off the ceiling and wall to one side give reasonable results for a quick snap. There is a school of thought (see Mum's net) that suggests direct flash is harmful to babies. I don't know if this is true but if parents think so, best to not use it. I tend to look on line to find nice poses/props for the children.
As mentioned above natural window light is probably best especially with a camera that can give good results with higher ISOs. Movement is of problem of course with longer shutter speeds.
If the parents like the picture your there. I've seen loads of photographically poor baby photos that loving relatives love. - window light, high ISO
Good luck
iancrowson Plus
10 215 168 United Kingdom
29 May 2019 11:03AM
Here is another one with bounced flash off ceiling/wall,

Robert51 11 7 106 United Kingdom
30 May 2019 7:56AM
Hi and welcome back.

Looking at the image I thought I would pass on a processing tip for this type of image.
Duplicate layer, then open camera raw in PS. \take both the contrast and clarity sliders right down and hit OK.
Open a layer mask on this layer and paint black over the details you want to bring back. In this case the face.
This gives a softer glow to the background.

The mod is to demo the above process and nothing else has been done.

Hope this helps...

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