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My firsty of portraits

By Sillu
This is my very first set of portraits that i took.. i have more but i only choose four..
I used the flash to eliminate the shadows from the face.

Tags: Portraits Blue Portraits and people

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KarenFB Plus
14 5.5k 179 England
6 Feb 2017 10:23AM
A lovely image in itself, but with a few tweaks I think it could be even better. Smile

First of all I took it into Photoshop Elements 9 and clicked on 'Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Levels' and made the image brighter. At first I cloned off the writing at the top, removed the half a boat on the bottom and the bouy (which I found a little eye catching)............but in the end decided the pretty lady deserved a bigger part of the image, so I cloned off the top, left and right. Smile

All minor tweaks, but I hope you find the image improved. Smile
Sillu 5 Malta
6 Feb 2017 1:01PM
Waw karen just woow !!
You brought the colours to life !! Even the buoy was got to be removed !!
Wonderfull modification Smile
banehawi Plus
16 2.3k 4163 Canada
6 Feb 2017 3:46PM
Loaded a mod.

Time of day could have been later by an hur or two. Image appears flat and has an odd appearance. It is underexposed a lot, and appears like a tourist brochure shot rather than a shot of a pretty girl. It can also be seen as a shot of your large logo with some boats and a girl added in.

The very large logo is a bad idea, make it smaller and not a distraction.


mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2267 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2017 4:01PM
The light was harsh, you did pretty well. This has a sunny, carefree feel, which is what I need at the moment!

As Karen says - she deserves a bigger space in the frame. In particular, cutting off the arm just below the elbow and having a bit of cut-off hand at the bottom looks awkward. She needs all her arm and hand to complete the angles of the pose. I'm not sure if you were aiming for a picture of the model or of the background, and I suspect that you couldn't decide either...

As it is, I'd crop a lot tighter, to include just head, shoulder, hair and a bit of background.

I shall go and give this a whirl...

Robert51 11 7 106 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2017 4:16PM
Great shot if as stated above a little harsh.

The mod I have tried to soften the image down and tone down the colours a little.

paulbroad 13 131 1289 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2017 4:17PM
You really should not put such a big logo on and you are advertising a shot as your best work that has significant technical failings. The idea is good, but it does look like she has been pasted into the frame. The whole frame is washy and flt so I am a bit at a loss to what you have done and the EXIF is incomplete.

The mods go some way to correct the problems but the starting image has resulted in less than natural tones in the images with increased contrast. I suspect the initial exposure was somewhat under and you have tried to recover it.

Make sure your technique is A1 before you start to advertise yourself.

Sillu 5 Malta
6 Feb 2017 5:35PM
Thanks for the help guys..
yes I am seeing that the picture is a bit dull ( I need to stop edit photos on my mobile with snapseed )
as on my Samsung galaxy s6 the colours looks wonderful but from my laptop that a whole another story..
The logo was on this programme snapseed and I could not make it any smaller.. I will do another one..
so does it make any sense as I am using my kit lens maybe that's why the photo looks flat ?!?!
if this is not the case what should I done to make the photo pops up ?
Benhawi I've seen your mod and yes yours is better (exposure) ..
mrswoolybill my aim was for both background and model (my fiancÚ ) I saw ones on a review that to make the most most out of my kit lens I need to zoom all in , in that case mine is 70mm and make an aperture of 5.6 the biggest aperture I have..
Paul broad can you be more specific what I need to do so the photo don't come like a copy paste model..

Sillu 5 Malta
6 Feb 2017 5:37PM
What should I do in order the make more exfil ?
Sillu 5 Malta
6 Feb 2017 6:21PM
Mod upload
dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 695 England
6 Feb 2017 7:52PM
The kit lens is perfectly capable, especially if there's plenty of light, as it is here.

The issue is the processing and you've identified that yourself as the weak point. Serious viewing anf editing requires a decent monitor which is also calibrated. Laptop screens are not brilliant on the whole but better than a phone.

Your V6 is better than your original in terms of contrast and colour but rather bright as Karen's mod is more what I'd expect to see.
Of course, if you're looking at it on a non-calibrated screen it may be difficult to judge. I'm on a laptop myself at the moment but it is calibrated.

It's a strange review that says you need to zoom in to get the best out of it. I suspect there's more to it than that and it would be interesting to see the context of that.
Nevertheless, for a portrait, the longer focal length and wider aperture are good settings.
paulbroad 13 131 1289 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2017 8:51PM
You need to get the tonal range right. As I have no idea how you have managed this fla effect, it is difficult to be specific, but just look at the mods and the contrast ranges achieved by others from your work. They are not starting from the best point, the original, but have managed to boost tone and contrast.

it may be your screen is set too high in contrast which will result in you producing low contrast output, and that is what we see?

dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1699 England
7 Feb 2017 5:34AM
Edit on your laptop, not on your 'phone. There is godo free software available (Gimp2) which will give yo uall the control you need.

Simply, don't include any logo. They always get in the way.

I am interested by the EXIF data. Your subject is in sunshine, it appears, but the exposure is more suited to a cloudy day.

In fact, was your model posing in the studio, in front of a canvas backdrop with a painting of the harbour scene behind her? The perspective, if you look closely, suggests that the harbour was shot with a wideangle lens, nto the long end of a standard zoom (and 70mm is the right setting for portraits).
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2267 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2017 8:02AM

Quote:In fact, was your model posing in the studio, in front of a canvas backdrop with a painting of the harbour scene behind her? The perspective, if you look closely, suggests that the harbour was shot with a wideangle lens, nto the long end of a standard zoom (and 70mm is the right setting for portraits).

I had wondered about this. My first thought on opening the image, to be honest, was a replacement background, but it would be difficult to get that stray bit of hair top right of hair so convincingly overlaid! I decided in the end that the background disparity was down to flash on the model and some telephoto foreshortening. But I too would like to know where exactly this was shot!
Sillu 5 Malta
7 Feb 2017 9:17AM
Hi dudler,
No that was shot in a harbor not in a studio.
can someone tell me what i should have done in order to make this photo looks where i took it ( in a beautiful city not in a studio)
And i was 70mm dont know why it came look that way)..
And i uploaded a mod
Sillu 5 Malta
7 Feb 2017 9:29AM
Woolybilly what should i've done ?
I was out side no backgrounds or replacement there
dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1699 England
7 Feb 2017 11:00AM
To really anchor your model in the place, show her feet on the ground, her hand on a railing, and her shadow on the quayside. These are hard (but not impossible) to fake.

The other thing is to have a middle distance, not just the girl near the camera and a distant background.
Sillu 5 Malta
7 Feb 2017 1:20PM
Thanks dudler.
But i don't want to fake things .
For example i shot this on a real harbor and those are real boats..
dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1699 England
7 Feb 2017 6:59PM
I understand that now - but it doesn't look as real as a shot where she is standing next to a mooring bollard, or leaning on something on the dockside.

Hence my suggestions earlier today.

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